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10 Biggest WTF Comic Book Moments From 2018 –



Across the many decades of comic book stories, both in Marvel and DC, there have been numerous ‘WTF’ moments; Bane breaking Batman’s back, Norman Osborn leading the Avengers, the nineties – these are but a few of the countless events that have managed to shock and delight comic book readers in equal measure.

Though, in terms of single years, 2018 has been jam-packed with WTF moments more than most. Whether they be for better or worse, enjoyable or not, all them have managed to surprise readers in one way or another.

With failed weddings, shock deaths and even more shocking endings, here are the moments in 2018 where the medium forgot to pull its punches.


10. Wonder Woman Possessed

DC Comics

When you have a team made up of the likes of Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Detective Chimp and Man-Bat, not to mention Diana herself, you wouldn’t have thought that Wonder Woman would be the one to try and destroy all of magic.

Well, in the recent Justice League Dark story arc, the Witching Hour, the iconic heroine was possessed by the mother of all magic, Hecate, granting Diana immense, universe-warping power, with the only caveat being that she couldn’t quite control her actions.

The character’s rampage stretched from Nanda Parbat, before she went on to desecrate the pantheon of the Greek gods in an attempt to rewrite the rules of magic to suit her own agenda.

Thankfully though, Diana has some pretty loyal friends, and with their help she managed to escape Hecate’s clutches, but not before some pretty mad events had occurred.

9. Captain Marvel’s New Origin

Marvel Comics

In Carol’s most recent book, the Life of Captain Marvel, the heroine returns to her childhood home to catch up with her mother and her remaining brother, Joe Jr., but it isn’t as boring as it sounds.

The appearance of alien warriors aside, while exploring the house, Carol discovers some old letters which reveal that her father was having an affair with another woman. Though, in the wild world that is Marvel, this isn’t much of a shock. What most definitely is, however, is the fact that this woman was actually just Carol’s mother, but in her true Kree form, rather than the human disguise that everyone knew her by.

Yes, in a classic twist, Carol was revealed to have been half Kree this entire time, with the psyche magnetron that supposedly gave her powers only being the catalyst which activated them.

This all comes prior to the release of the film, something which likely prompted this change in the character’s mythos.

8. Daredevil Becomes The Mayor Of NYC

Marvel Comics

So, you thought Wilson Fisk being the mayor was insane? Well, think again, True Believers, the Devil’s in charge now.

After an attack by the Hand left the (supposedly) former Kingpin of crime in a critical state, and due to an adjustment in regulations by a previous administration, the then deputy mayor, Matt Murdock, got a promotion.

While being an absolute delight for any readers who had been following Charles Soule’s run, with Murdock finally having the upper hand over Fisk, it was a double-edged sword for the Devil, with his new position making it harder to get out to the streets and defend his city from the aforementioned Hand.

Thankfully though, as seemingly always, Foggy Nelson was there to make sure Matt was able to get his hands dirty, after Murdock appointed him as his new chief of staff.

7. Cable Murders Cable

Marvel Comics

Sure, Cable has died many a time, but that’s the nature of being a superhero. Though, it’s fair to say that not many heroes have been killed by a younger version of themselves.

In the recent Extermination event, the younger Cable, finding that the timestream had been disrupted due to the presence of the All-New X-Men (the younger versions of the original team) in the present day, the character deemed that his older self had gotten soft and, as you can see above, promptly relieved him of his duty.

Following this, the character went on to capture and effectively torture the friends of what would eventually become his parents, not to mention going up against X-Force who, if you didn’t know, were the original Cable’s best pals.

Though, he seems to have realised that wasn’t the best way to go about saving the day and has since teamed up with both the aforementioned X-Force, and the main X-team.

6. The Purple Daughter

Marvel Comics

Though the arc featuring this specific story is yet to actually be released physically, this disturbing reveal at the end of Kelly Thompson’s first Jessica Jones tale was a shock to be sure.

For those of you who know nothing about the character, Jones is a super-powered private eye, whose attempt at being a hero ended in probably the most disgusting way possible, with the character having had her life made into a living hell by the mind controlling and sadistic Purple Man.

So, knowing that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when Danielle Cage (Jones’ daughter) returned to the apartment that day completely purple, Jones, alongside the reader, was freaked out, to say the least.

This is especially devastating as, along with the torture Jones had to endure over her first encounter with the villain, Danielle’s mind was also only recently taken in an attempt to get at Jessica by the Purple Man – something which everyone believed to have only been temporary…

5. Justice League Worshipped As Gods

DC Comics

When the worlds Brainiac had imprisoned were released into what is now known as the ‘Ghost Sector’, civilisations that hadn’t had any off-planet contact for many years were suddenly flung into an ecosystem in which the nearest planet was but a short flight away.

As such, when this new branch of the Justice League arrived in the area, it was certainly a surprise for both them and the reader to find that Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael were being worshipped as gods in religions that had seemingly existed for decades, if not longer.

The even stranger thing is that the person who called the three of them to the sector is the newest incarnation of Darkseid, who believes the trio to be the Old Gods that his race (the New Gods) replaced.

Needless to say, at only two issues in, Justice League Odyssey is shaping up to be something special.

4. The Return Of Wolverine Changes Laura’s Name

Marvel Comics

The fact that the original, Earth-616 incarnation of Logan returned isn’t shocking whatsoever really – it’s more just the timing of it.

While it’s hard to deny that Howlett is one of Marvel’s all-time greats, the character’s successor, Laura Kinney (X-23) was really coming into her own as the latest person to take up the mantle of Wolverine. With her solo series, All-New Wolverine, as well as her appearances in X-Men Red, she had more than proved herself to be a worthy replacement.

So, while Logan’s return itself may not be surprising in the slightest, the sudden demotion of Laura back to a tag she was given at the start of her life is really just a smack in the face to anyone who had invested in her during the original’s absence.

3. The Wedding

DC Comics/Mikel Janin

Unlike most other entries on this list, this one just hurts.

After the catastrophe that was the Spider-Man One More Day story, you would think that comic book writers would have learnt their lesson when it comes to superhero marriages – namely, letting them happen and not retconning it later.

Yet, this proved not to be the case with the fiftieth issue of Tom King’s Batman, which was supposed to see the Bat and Cat tying the knot, but instead saw the latter of the two ditching the former – something which is either very unsatisfying (if you wanted to see Bruce finally have some happiness) or a perfect representation of the nature of the pair’s relationship.

Whatever your opinion, it would be nice to see DC or Marvel actually commit to one of their big characters getting married in their main continuity, with a similarly lacklustre wedding having taken place only a week after the release of this Bat-book in X-Men Gold.

2. The Sanctuary Massacre

DC Comics

When you see the name ‘Tom King’ on a book, you know that there’s gonna be some tragedy involved. Heroes In Crisis is no different.

Where this series diverges however, is the nature of the tragedy, with a large body count taking the place of King’s usually slightly less devastating subject matters, despite the obvious pathos found within all of them. The book doesn’t take very long to show the reader the harrowing scene either, with Superman discovering the bodies only halfway into the first issue.

Though, in traditional Tom King fashion, this is made even more heart-breaking by the fact that all of the heroes at Sanctuary were there to get treatment for all of the past horrors they had experienced. Instead, all those present just gained a fresh one.

1. The Ending Of Mister Miracle

DC Comics

As well as being a fantastic conclusion to one of, if not the, best series of 2018, the ending of Mister Miracle certainly left many with some questions.

According to the tweet announcinng the comic all the way back in May of 2017, Mister Miracle is set in the DC continuity, but the context surrounding where and when the tale is actually set is somewhat of a mystery.

There are two main theories that can be derieved from simply reading the book, namely that Scott (Mister Miracle) has either imgined the whole thing in his dying moments, the character having attempted suicide at the beginning of the story, or has been unknowingly trapped in a false reality by fellow new god, Metron.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things (as said by Tom King himself), with the series being utterly brilliant and all, but it does make you wonder: what on earth happened?


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