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If you’re happiest flying solo when playing Smash Bros Ultimate, you’ve no doubt sunk hours into the fantastic campaign mode, “World of Light.” Since the platformer-style Subspace Emissary featured in Brawl, a single-player campaign to get your teeth into has been sorely missed.

Finally it’s back, and World of Light has a colossal map to traverse with plenty of fights along the way. This mode has a real range of difficulty, from battles where you can knock an opponent flying from the first couple hits to those with complex AI that require more techniques.

Allow us to set you up with these tips to get you smashing through World of Light.

10 Check Power Levels

I’m sure you’ve noticed the number in the top-right corner of the screen when challenging a captured spirit. This is the opponent’s power level, and it’s not to be taken lightly; it’s a guide to how tough they’ll be.


Your team also has a power level. If you’re at 800 and the opponent is at 3,000, you’re going to have a hard time. If you’re not keen on a challenge or you’re sick of failing the same battle over and over, try boosting your team by picking a higher level primary spirit. The higher your level, the easier the win.

Less Power, More Rewards

On the flip side, if you’re the type to charge into battle, facing enemies far more powerful than you, try lowering your power level. The bigger the difference between yours and your enemies’ levels, the more rewards you’ll get. And they’ll be more valuable, too! So that means larger snacks to level up your spirits, more coins, and SP points. So if your weedy level 800 team somehow manages to take down a level 12,000 opponent, the rewards will be insane. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re super skilled at Smash, so there’s the greatest reward, right?

Use Spirit Types To Your Advantage

There’s a rock, paper, scissors-style matchup dynamic in the World of Light battles. Shield beats attack, attack beats grab, and grab beats shield. Using the appropriate type against your opponent will give you the edge in battle, making that encounter just a little bit easier.

Likewise, if you use a less ideal spirit type (say, shield against grab), you’ll have a harder time. Or, you could use a neutral spirit, which can be used against any of the types with no detriment (but no gain either). So, you can choose to keep it neutral or give yourself an advantage.

Get A Franchise Bonus

So maybe you knew all about the spirit types and power levels, but did you know about the franchise bonus? If you select spirits from the same franchise (e.g., Fire Emblem) and select a fighter from said franchise (e.g., Marth), you’ll get a higher power level. And it’s a pretty hefty boost, as much as 20%! That could be the edge you need to defeat that wild level 13,000 fight. Of course, it’ll take some shifting around, and you might have to sacrifice some useful spirit skills, so use your judgment on what will work best for you.

Choose Your Fighter Wisely

This might seem obvious, but there are a lot of factors at play here. If you’re fighting a giant enemy, a fighter who has a lot of jumps might be useful, like Kirby or Meta Knight.

Against a giant, lumbering powerhouse like Bowser, a quick fighter like Sonic might be the answer. Consider whether you need more long-range or short-range attacks or a mixture of both. I use Link for this; leave a bomb for them to stumble upon, shoot arrows when they’re far away, and slash ‘em with the sword when they get too close.

And if all else fails, using your old favorites is usually a good shout.

Use The Best Spirit For The Job

Pay attention to the spirits’ different abilities; some will grant immunity to dangerous stage hazards. Keep blowing off the side from high winds? Use Snorlax for Strong-Wind Resist, to prevent them from affecting you as much. There are spirits for sleep immunity, earthquake immunity, falling immunity, even screen-flip immunity. No more annoying setbacks!

If you’re struggling with a tough battle, there are a couple of techniques you can try. If your health is really struggling, a healing spirit is always a good shout. Or a spirit that gives you Critical-Health Stats, like Mipha, so you’re at your strongest when you’re nearly down.

Improve Spirits With Dojos

Got a favorite spirit with a fantastic attack but their defense is embarrassing? Be embarrassed no more! In several locations on that oh-so-giant map, there are dojos, guarded by a spirit. Defeat the spirit and you’ll have access to the dojo, which specializes in a specific discipline.

Copper’s dojo, for example, teaches” Brick Wall style,” which strengthens a spirit’s defense and lowers the offense — perfect for evening out stats. You can leave your spirits in the dojos for a while and check back in with them later and pull them out when they’re done.

Out With The Old, In With The New

If you’re like me and tend to hoard things you get in video games, you’ve no doubt got a load of spirits, some of which I bet you never use. There are several that have the same skills, or you might have duplicates.

However, if you dismiss those spirits, you can earn cores. Cores can be used to level up your current spirits or summon powerful new ones. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to earn the right cores; the super high-level spirits take a lot, but it’ll be worth it.

Save Teams To Save Time

By the time you’ve got all those spirits I mentioned, that leaves a lot of combinations, which can be daunting, especially in the face of an upcoming fight. If you’ve found a really stellar team that works for you, use the Save Team option.

When you know you’ve got a tough stamina battle ahead with multiple opponents, bring up your saved team for that cause (stamina-boosting spirits would help). It’ll save you from stressing, trying to recruit the perfect team when you’re already sweating from seeing that 13,000 power level.

Keep your cool, get your dream team ready, and take ‘em down!

Survival Tips

One tip I’ve picked up: using a spirit that equips you with an item at the start of the battle can give you the upper hand. Even a green shell to knock a line off an enemy’s back is a good start.

Here’s my little secret… I only just managed to beat Giga Bowser with an Unira equipped. I threw it into the stage at the beginning of the match, so that the Koopa giant would be damaged every time he touched it, as I leaped about trying to avoid his attacks. Keep it between us, okay?



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