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11 Sadistic New Mario Kart Items Suggested By Fans –


The blue shell is the worst thing to see out of the corner of your eye; a kiss of death in the form of spiky oblivion. But what if there was a way to not just destroy this harbinger of first place death, but turn it back onto your opponents? Mario Kart has some of the most iconic and deadly items in kart racing history, and 11 Redditors felt the need to offer up some they wouldn’t mind having in future games. Hope they’re willing to pay for all the TV that will need to be replaced when mad players get unhinged.

If you shoot a Goomba at me we’re fighting IRL Otto_Matic82

Nintendo/Super Mario Bros. 3

“Remember those flying goombas from Super Mario Bros 3? The ones that would drop little mini goombas all over you? Have the little goombas stick all over your kart, slowing down your max speed just enough to be annoying and the only way to get rid of them is to wait them out or swerve around left and right violently shaking them off.”

This is twisted Lokarin


Mega-Feather. It makes everyone jump when you use it. Subtle, basic, it’s based on an existing concept… but having even one player “accidentally” jump off the course would be awesome.

So many hail marys if this were to go through ColeSlawGamer

Nintendo/Mario Kart 8

Add Link’s hookshot to the game!
Auto-locks on to the person in front of you (if they’re close enough) and yanks you right up too them. Maybe gives the victim a knock on impact to hit them off an edge or something.

Imagine going from 2nd to 6th because you weren’t expect a return to sender bluswimmer2

Nintendo/Mario Kart 8

A reflector item. Someone shoots a red shell at you? Use the reflector and send that shit right back at them.

Fuck this already Ralcolm_Meynolds

Nintendo/Mario Kart 8

Steering lock
Everyone (but you) loses the ability to steer for 2 seconds. It’s aaaaaall about timing.

Nintendo better reimburse me for this maccapacca94

Nintendo/Mario Kary 8

A magic mushroom that inverts all the other player’s controllers for 10 seconds.
Queue broken TV’s/Switches.

This is the logical progression of the Piranha Plant power up -eDgAR-

Nintendo/Luigi’s Mansion

The Poltergust 3000 vacuum from Luigi’s Mansion. You can suck in players that are in front of you, hold them for a couple of seconds, and then spits them out behind you. They lose their items and are shocked like they were hit by a shell.
Edit: some people have suggested being able to shoot them forward too, which I hadn’t thought of. You could use them as a weapon against others or just launch them off the side of the track

More sinister plots Killbot_Wants_Hug

Nintendo/Super Mario

Portable Pipe. You get two and can drop them on the track. Anyone who hits one is transported to the other one.
Did you lay a nice short cut for next time you go around? Or did you lay a devious trap for anyone else who tries to use it?
Plus you get to make jokes about laying pipe.

Surprised this hasn’t inspired countless screams already Tialoc001

Nintendo/Mario Kart 8

A motion sensor bomb like the one in Smash, that explodes when driven over or if an item goes over it.

Talk about flipping the script shanterland

Nintendo/Mario Kart 8

a magic star that reverses the direction of the race. i.e everyone has to turn around and go backwards and last place becomes first

R E T R I B U T I O N OBSCerberus

Nintendo/Mario Kart 64

White shell. It’s like a blue shell, but inverted. White shell, blue spikes and wings. It hits the person in last place. Just to be a dick.

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