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12 Clever Details in Fortnite That Are Worth 1,000,000 V-Bucks



1. The little green screen hacked onto the side of the Tactical Shotgun actually displays a low-rez game of SNAKE, suggesting that the part was salvaged from an old Nokia phone

source: u/Sniper3CVF


2. The Shield Back Blings from Season 2 features heraldic charges depicting classic animals like lions and dragons, but the “Squire Shield” and “Royale Shield” show a rampant Llama


3. The Sky Stalker’s back bling is labelled “72-B”, which is the U.S. Army Job Code for Entomologists. With duties including pest management and monitoring disease vectors, this implies that the cannisters are filled with bug spray

source: u/insaincain02


4. Zoom in on the money dropped during the “Make it Rain” emote and you’ll see a particularly classy llama, complete with monocle



5. In a cruel bit of irony, even though the Flush Factory exclusively manufactures toilets, the employees apparently have to use Port-a-Pottys

source: u/theStreetMime


6. Just in case you don’t have your license, Epic put this little detail on the All-Terrain-Kart introduced in Season 5

source: u/iLorex



7. At Tilted Towers, you can find “Knepley’s Pawn Shop”, named after Peter Knepley,  Lead Engineer at Epic Games


8. The blueprint you’re holding while in building mode actually changes depending on which material you’re using

source: u/Vicarious-T


9. The Slurp Juice item is faintly inscribed with a “Le Jar” in flowing script, a parody of the French company “Le Parfait” which produces glasswear for canning and preserves (or as they’re more popularly known, ‘Mason Jars’)


10. Filed under “Great Moments in Attention to Detail”, the kernels from the Popcorn emote actually float when they fall on water

source: u/D-O-V-3


11. All of the lights on the “Omega” and “Liteshow” skins go black upon elimination right before the body’s scooped up

source: u/ThickNewspaper


12. In scattered residences on the map you can find this poster depicting the “Facing Worlds” map from Unreal Tournament, Epic Games’ first big online multiplayer hit from 1999

source: u/Summit_sc2



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