12 Clever Little Video Game Details You Definitely Missed

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12 Clever Little Video Game Details You Definitely Missed –


1. In the original Donkey Kong Country for the SNES, King K. Rool’s ship gradually makes its way closer to the island as you progress towards the final stage

source: u/Tevlev14


2. In the (imho) underrated 2011 FPS Bulletstorm, the tutorial level features a malfunctioning door that displays the famous “red ring of death” that plagued XBOX 360s at the time

source: u/BaronSmoki


3. If you drink too much alcohol in World of Warcraft, nearby mobs will appear to be lower-leveled than they actually are. Remember kids, don’t drink and aggro.

source: u/boa_con


4. Rocksteady’s attention to detail in the Arkham series is legendary, but this little piece of dialouge when sneaking up behind a tracker-equipped enemy is particularly delicious

source: u/luccasalomone11


5. The Mexican Poncho outfit in Red Dead Redemption has a tear in the back that was cleverly made to look like it was caused by John Marston’s hunting knife, while  preventing the knife’s in-game model from clipping through the clothes unrealistically


6. The ending cinematic of Fallout: New Vegas is actually an in-game room where you’re facing a slideshow on a wall, there an NPC called “Ron the Narrator” based on real-life voice actor Ron Perlman reads off the end of your character’s story

source: u/throwingupcats


7. In the Vita-exclusive Uncharted: Golden Abyss you can unlock a special easter egg cutscene by replaying the game on the hardest difficulty. It uses the mocap performances from a real on-set prank



8. In WarioWare Gold on 3DS, Wario can create paintings based on amiibo figures that you sync with the console…


There’s 160+ paintings to unlock, all in a very crude MS Paint-like style…

That is, unless you use a figure based on Wario himself!


9. In the first Spider-Man game for PS2, you have a boss fight with The Vulture atop The Chrysler Building. When you return to that location in the 2004 sequel, there’s still a few scattered green feathers leftover from the tussle

source: u/daninlionzden


10. You shouldn’t be able to flip over the massive M313 Elephant vehicle in Halo 3, but if you do manage to do it, you’re greeted by this prompt from a very dubious dev team

source: u/NoxF


11. The Mother Base in MGS: V  houses soldiers that have been Fulton’d from across the world, so it’s only natural that it’d have universal power outlets

source: u/standingfierce


12. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, sparse patches of grass grow in the rare places where sunlight can shine through the cracks in the cave walls

source: u/suh_dude_crossfire


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