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13 Fast Food Franchises That Have Their Own, Weird Video Games –

These days, you can guarantee that there’s a video game about absolutely anything you’re thinking about, if you look hard enough. Seriously. Want to be a farmer? There’s one for that? Drive a fast car; pick your franchise. Deeply into BDSM and Furries; sure, it’s out there.So while junk food and video games have had a great relationship all along, it’s usually been two separate enterprises. You play one, and consume the other. Turns out, there’s a whole mashup of the two, sponsored by fast food franchises and major developers that turn your gaming time into an appetite-sparking adventure.I just can’t.


Domino’s Pizza – Yo Noid

Yep, this mascot, or anti-mascot (whatever you want to call him), had his own game. I dunno if he was a rabbit, or a gremlin, or a man in pyjamas, or what. Anyways, this game was published by Capcom on the NES, and it was a re-skin of a game called ‘Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru.’This was a basic platformer, where the Noid gets to take out enemies with a yo-yo.

Blitz Games/King Games

Burger King – Sneak King

To celebrate the launch of the Xbox 360, Burger King made 3 exclusive games for the system, and could be purchased for $5 at the restaurant.The first was ‘Pocketbike Racer’ which is pretty self explanatory. The second, was ‘Big Bumpin’,’ a bumper car game. But the third? That was at the real winner.It was a game where the creepy Burger King had to Solid Snake his way through various levels to deliver a burger. It was creepy as fuck.


McDonalds – McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure

Of course the folks at the Golden Arches also jumped on this bandwagon, and in fact, they’ve got the biggest catalogue of them all. You had your choice of ‘M.C. Kids’ and ‘Donald Land’ on NES, ‘Global Gladiators’ on various systems, ‘The Lost Ring’ as an AR game, and the ‘McDonald’s Video Game’ was a browser-based collection of mini games.Out of all of them though, this one was the standout on the Sega Genesis.It’s surprisingly good, for being about a french fry-pushing clown looking for treasure.

Brand games

Taco Bell – Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge

If searching for tacos in an ancient ruin and risking a ticket to Diarrhea-Land is what you’re looking for, you’re in luck. This ‘DOOM” clone involved you using hot sauce to fight off snakes and scorpions, as you explore the ruins.This one’s actually archived online if you want to give it a go.


Little Caesars – Little Caesars Fractions Pizza

Frankly, the less that is said about this one, the better. I’m not a huge fan of their pies, nor of this being an educational game on PC.It was like ‘Reader Rabbit’ but with math and it wasn’t a good time for anyone.


Hooters – Hooters Road Trip

While this isn’t technically fast food, it’s not really fine dining either. I’d place it somewhere in between. Made for the PS1 and PC by the reputable Ubisoft, the game involves you driving across the United States, and stopping at all the Hooters along the way.You then have to win a race, and the “reward” is a live-action clip of a Hooters waitress congratulating you and welcoming you to their state.It’s really embarrassing for everyone involved.


Sour Patch Kids – World Gone Sour

Seriously, Sour Patch Kids got their own video game. It’s a simple platform game in the vein of ‘LittleBigPlanet,’ where you run around in a real world environment.It was also narrated by Creed Bratton from the office. Thankfully, this was a digital only game, found on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, so one has to bury the un-purchased cartridges in the New Mexico desert like that Atari game.


Pepsi – Pepsiman

Thankfully, the mascot was Japanese exclusive, so we never had to suffer his idiocy. This game was released on the PS1, and never made it outside of Japan, and was also one of the first auto-runner games ever made. Oh, and it was exclusively in English too.The point of the game was simple; collect Pepsi and quench the thirst of desperate people.


UFO Ramen Noodles – UFO Kamen Yakisoban

This was an exclusive Japanese game and advertising character for the Ramen Noodle brand. Only released on the Super Famicom, it’s actually a decent beat-em-up. It kind of reminds me of the ‘Power Rangers’ game on the NES. This one, though, requires you to summon the power of noodles to beat up your foes.

Capitola VR

Doritos – Doritos VR Battle

There are actually quite a few games based on Doritos, such as ‘Doritos Crash Course’ and it sequels. But this one takes all the chips.It was a light gun/action game that required agility and movement, and allowed you to kick the crap out of your friends.But only if you had the HTC: VIVE VR headset. Gotta love sponsored partnerships.

KFC – We Love you Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A dating game to win the heart of the colonel, done in an anime style.Everyone is hyper-sexualized, there’s a dog who’s also a professor and a lot of eating fried chicken.I’m not gonna lie, I’d play it.


Wendy’s – Feast of Legends

This DND-styled, roll-the-dice game involves you protecting your kingdom and your never-frozen-beef from the Ice Jester. All you need is a Game Master and some friends to play. Then you pick your order and the quest begins. I personally like the Order of the Baked Potato.The best feature of the game, though, is the statue of Emperor Dave and his flaming spatula that sits in the centre of town.Seriously, there’s a whole rule book and everything.

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