13 Interesting My Hero Academia Fan Theories

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My Hero Academia is one of the hottest shonen anime of recent memory, so it’s natural that fans are trying to fill in plot holes that the series itself has yet to explore.

That’s where these fascinating My Hero Academia fan theories come in. Like Naruto fan theories and Tokyo Ghoul speculations, these musings may offer answers to burning questions. Who is Izuku Midoriya’s father? Who is the traitor Present Mic insists is feeding top secret information to the League of Villains? Why does Tomura Shigaraki walk around with a dismembered hand attached to his face? Maybe these theories can shed some light.

Dabi Is The Missing Todoroki Sibling

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Shoto Todoroki has three siblings, but we only know two of them. Fuyumi is a schoolteacher who inherited an ice quirk from her mom, while Natsuo is a college student with unknown abilities. There’s no available information about the eldest Todoroki sibling, but some fans have speculated who he might be.

One popular theory states he’s actually Dabi, a member of the League of Villains. His age fits, as he’s said to be in his early 20s, which could make him slightly older than the 22-year-old Fuyumi. Not only that, but his fire-based quirk could easily have been inherited from Endeavor.

Dabi also strongly agrees with Stain’s low opinion of professional heroes. If Dabi were raised by a man who mistreated his wife and children – and practiced selective breeding to acquire a child with powers he wanted – it’s no wonder that he feels that way.

Everyone Has A Quirk

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While My Hero Academia canon states that 80% of the population has a quirk of some kind, some fans are skeptical of this claim. According to this theory, rather than being quirkless, 20% of the population simply has a quirk that’s useless in most situations.

Reddit user /u/dakotathehuman gives a few interesting examples. A person might have been able to breathe in space, but spent their entire life on Earth and never found out. They might be immune to a specific poison that they never ingest. Or maybe their quirk is noticeable, but doesn’t register as a quirk – like their bladder is exceptionally strong, or their farts are completely silent.

There’s already an example of a seemingly quirkless person having an ability that no one realized he had. All For One’s brother appeared not to have a quirk, but it turned out he had the ability to transfer quirks from one person to another. It’s not a huge leap to assume that other quirks could be hidden as well.

The Winged Nomu Is Katsuki’s Childhood Friend

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Nomus are monsters that are an amalgamation of different humans, and therefore they can use a variety of quirks. It’s a pretty disturbing concept by itself, but there’s a fan theory that makes it even worse. The Winged Nomu specifically targets Izuku, but there’s no clear reason why.

According to this theory, one of the former humans this Nomu contained was one of Katsuki’s childhood friends. This friend may have briefly gained control of the Nomu’s consciousness and targeted Izuku, as that’s what Katsuki and his friends did as children.

Hagakure May Have Descended From The Luminescent Baby

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The first person to present with a quirk was a glowing baby who was born in Qing Qing, China. Could Toru Hagakure be a descendant of this child? Quirks are hereditary, and while Hagakure doesn’t glow, she is invisible. She’s also able to create solar flares by controlling how light refracts, which could also be how she avoids being seen.

Quirks are inherited, but often change and combine with other quirks with successive generations. Hagakure’s invisibility quirk could easily have developed from the Luminescent Baby’s quirk.

Aizawa Is Shinso’s Father

Photo: Shounen Jump

Shota Aizawa may not seem like the fatherly type, but one fan theory posits that he has a son: Hitoshi Shinsou from Class 1-C. This theory arises largely from the fact they look a lot alike, and their quirks both involve controlling other people to some degree. What’s more, they’re seen walking together on a few occasions during the manga. While these moments could be school-related, they could also be examples of father-son bonding.

If this theory is true, it means Aizawa became a father at a very young age. Though he appears older due to how exhausted he always looks, Aizawa is 30 at the start of the series, while Shinso is 15. While it’s not impossible that Aizawa was a teenage father, it adds a much more dramatic element to his life than there would if their age gap was larger. Perhaps Aizawa is actually his uncle, older brother, or cousin?

All For One Is Izuku’s Father

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There’s some pretty strong evidence to suggest that All For One, the main villain of the series, might be Izuku’s father. Shigaraki Tomura, All For One’s protege, is the grandchild of the woman who trained All Might and passed his powers onto him. It stands to reason that Izuku, All Might’s mentee, might also have some kind of connection to All For One.

What’s more, All For One had a younger brother who was apparently born quirkless – something Izuku could have inherited if All For One were his dad.

My Hero Academia also makes liberal use of Star Wars references. All For One is likely influenced by Darth Vader, both because of their vast and powerful influence over a villainous organization, and because of the signature headgear that supplies them with oxygen and hides their disfigured appearance. Following this theme, All For One might one day face Izuku in combat and utter a version of Vader’s famous line: “Izuku, I am your father.”

Aizawa Is Izuku’s Uncle

Photo: Studio Bones/Studio Bones

Other than Izuku’s mom, My Hero Academia fans don’t know too much about Izuku’s family. According to Tumblr user neubauje, we may have already met one of his relatives: his homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa.

Aizawa’s primary quirk is Erasure, which allows him to temporarily disable other people’s quirks. However, he also demonstrates some light telekinetic ability, which he uses when he does things like weaponize his scarf. Inko Midoriya, Izuku’s mom, also possesses mild telekinetic abilities.

Neubauje speculates this is because they’re siblings. Specifically, Aizawa’s father possessed powerful telekinetic abilities but deliberately sought out someone with a quirk-canceling ability in the hopes of combining those powers in his children.

In Inko’s case, her powers were unimpressive because her mom’s quirk-canceling ability actually inhibited her quirk development, but Aizawa inherits them both. The quirk-canceling is also why Izuku is born quirkless; her canceling genes prevent him from inheriting either her telekinetic abilities or the fire quirk his father supposedly had.

Present Mic Is A Traitor

Photo: Studio Bones

Present Mic might be the one who brought up the idea that there could be a traitor in UA High School, but that doesn’t stop Redditor /u/lolthisgame from thinking he might be that traitor. First of all, his quirk, Voice, allows him to manipulate sound.

This could conceivably make it possible for him to send far-reaching, high-frequency messages that most people can’t hear (except All For One, who is known to be able to hear high-frequency sounds).

His insistence that there is a traitor at UA could be an act of deflection rather than a desire to help the school.

Shigaraki’s Hands Are The Source Of His Power

Photo: Studio Bones

One of the weirdest things about Tomura Shigaraki is that he has a detached hand covering his face at all times. He refers to this hand as his “father,” which is creepy but never fully explained. When he fights, he covers his whole body with more detached hands.

According to Charlie Ridgely of ComicBook.com, these mysterious habits can be explained. First of all, that hand on his face literally belongs to his father, and it is the source of his powers. The other hands are from other important people in his life who have passed – which may include his mom. Each hand increases the strength of his quirk, which is why he dons them during fights.

It’s also possible that wearing these hands is emotionally or physically addictive – his skin-picking habit, which largely occurs when he isn’t wearing the hands, may be a withdrawal symptom.

Kaminari Is The Traitor

Photo: Studio Bones

One of the biggest mysteries in My Hero Academia is the identity of the traitor feeding information to the League of Villains. Nearly every character has been subjected to scrutiny on this matter, including the students of 1-A. One theory suggests the traitor is Denki Kaminari.

Kaminari’s personality has been multi-dimensional from the start. He’s portrayed as the class idiot, but he possesses surprising knowledge on topics like classic literature. Despite being enrolled in a school that prepares students to become professional heroes, he thinks there’s something cool about Stain the Hero Killer. What’s more, his original character design looked villainous.

It’s possible artist Kōhei Horikoshi never dropped the villain idea and simply decided to make him look more innocent, so that his eventual betrayal would be more shocking.

Katsuki And Izuku Are Related

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Redditor /u/ashtherobot suggested a theory they call the wildest fan theory of all time, and it might just be worthy of that distinction. According to them, Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya are related – specifically, their fathers are brothers. Both men have fire-themed quirks, which could be explained by a genetic connection.

This theory sheds light on why Katsuki hates Izuku so much: he had hoped that the two of them would be able to team up as heroes, and was disappointed and ashamed when his cousin turned out not to have a quirk. It also implies that at least one of the boys took their mom’s last name instead of their dad’s, which is pretty cool.

Aizawa Is An Imposter

Photo: Studio Bones

According to Redditor /u/londrieved, 1-A’s surly homeroom teacher Shota Aizawa may not be the same person who appeared at the beginning of the series. Instead, an imposter may have taken his place.

During his first fight with the League of Villains, Aizawa was severely affected to the point where quick healing from Recovery Girl seemed unlikely, if not impossible. He returns to work almost immediately, sporting oversized bandages that don’t exactly look functional. The bandages quickly disappear, and his injuries appear completely healed with little to no residual impact. It’s possible that the Aizawa who reappeared is not the real one, but is actually an imposter sent by the League of Villains to report back to them about UA’s activities.

While he does have a scar from the impact, that could easily have been faked to throw people off.

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