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14 Pokemon You Didn’t Realize Were Based On Real World Things –



Sure, we know a lot of Pokemon are based on animals, but some of those Pokemon are a lot MORE based on animals than you’d realize. Like, actually based on very specific species and containing very specific traits and features unique to certain types of animals. Here are 14 examples that will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about Pokemon.

Or, at least, make you go “Huh. Neat.”


1. Poliwag is based on translucent tadpoles

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Sure you know Poliwags are meant to be tadpoles (and if you didn’t…you probably have time to think about things other than what Pokemon are based on. Good for you). But the weird thing about Poliwag is a certain design choice that most wouldn’t think has any significance. The swirl on Poliwag’s (as well as Poliwhirl and Poliwrath’s) stomach isn’t just an aesthetic design – it’s based on some species of translucent tadpoles’ visible, swirled intestines.


2. Gorebyss is the long-nosed chimaera

Photo Credit: Fishtec

Gorebyss very closely resembles the long-nosed chimaera – particularly in the face: they both share the innocent, cutesy eyes and the long snout. Except, of course, Gorebyss looks pretty ridiculously cute and has Ariel-esque shells permanently attached to it, and the long-nosed chimaera is a creature from your nightmares made real.


3. Caterpie is based on the Eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar

Photo Credit: PernixNexus

Sure, Caterpies are based on caterpillars – but the specific design of Caterpie (including its weird attenae things) ARE based on a specific kind of caterpillar. Even more weirdly – that thing you thought was Caterpie’s eye? NOPE. Just a marking on the caterpillar. Are Caterpies totally blind? Not saying definitively, but mine has missed A LOT of String Shots.

4. Luvdisc is based on the kissing gourami

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Luvdisc instantly looksl ike such a silly fish – its pink coloration, heart-shape, and…does it actually have lips?! Why would a fish have lips? For kissing or someth…oh. The kissing gourami even ACTUALLY kiss (sorta) – they lock “lips” to spar with one another.


5. Mudkip is based on the axolotl

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Mudkip seems like a weird animal – one too many fins, goofy eyes, and things just sprouting out of its cheeks for no reason? That’s because it’s based on the axolotl – or possibly a mudpuppy, but let’s stick with axolotl, since it’s a way cooler word and JUST LOOK AT THAT PICTURE.


6. Magikarp looks just like the yellow rockfish

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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