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15 Games That Should’ve Been On The Playstation Classic –


Gamers are some of the hardest to please yet most nostalgic people on the planet. It’s easy to see how a company like Nintendo was able to make a mint off of re-releasing their Super Nintendo Entertainment System as the SNES Classic last year, loaded with classic games that most everyone could agree on. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before another company/developer ran with this idea, and Sony seems to be the first out of the gate.



Sony announced the game lineup for their new PlayStation Classic system today, which does include quite a few classics (Tekken 3, Final Fantasy 7, and the original Grand Theft Auto among them). But just as surely as the lack of DualShock controllers and an AC adapter turned some gamers off, a few glaring omissions from the games list made it a harder sell for even more. In the hour of the internet’s need, here are 15 games that Sony missed the chance to add to the PlayStation Classic, for whatever reason. We’re hard to please, but it’s all out of love.

1. Crash Bandicoot

A pretty obvious entry considering that the marsupial was Sony’s mascot at the time. The game was groundbreaking for PlayStation platformers and it’s very surprising that it didn’t make a return on the Classic, even considering last year’s HD rerelease.

2. Twisted Metal 2

The in-game year is 2006. Los Angeles is in ruin after the events of the first Twisted Metal game. Its sequel Twisted Metal 2 decided to improve on the first games few faults and deliver one of the most sadistically satisfying experiences on the original PlayStation. Why it missed the cut in favor of its sequel is anybody’s guess.

3. Crash Team Racing

For millions, this was *the* PlayStation 1 racing experience. Crash and friends set out on a globe and dimension trotting road trip against the alien Nitrous Oxide to save Earth from destruction. Crash Team Racing was so much more than the simple Mario Kart clone it was originally touted as; a fun story, goofy characters, and arguably better controls made this an essential for the system. So why is it not on the Classic??

4. Final Fantasy Tactics

For a franchise with as many offshoots as Final Fantasy, the Tactics series still stands as one of the most beloved. A 3D isometric RPG had never been attempted here before, but Tactics was the first to pull it off in style. Pretty much everyone waiting to play a PlayStation Classic could tell you that.

5. Blasto


The humor. The platforming. The voice of the late Butch Hartman. The prototype for Ratchet & Clank scene-stealer Captain Quark. How much more classic could you get?

6. NFL Blitz


Football games may feel like they’re a dime a dozen, but there was something truly special about the Blitz series. Up until it was first ported to the PlayStation from arcades in 1997, no one had tried to create a goofy arcade football game in the vein of NBA Jam. Blitz was groundbreaking in that way, giving football the crazy edge it needed to inspire the likes of EA Sports BIG! and their run of even wilder arcade classics.

7. Brave Fencer Musashi

This was one of the first games I ever played through on a PlayStation demo disc. That alone should be enough to get this on any console reissue, but the fact that it was a solid game with an engaging story doesn’t hurt, either.

8. Spyro The Dragon


Much like his figurative cousin Crash, Spyro represented a period where adorable animals kicking ass on platforms was at its peak. People asking for a reissue of this game (which we’re about to receive in a little while) was probably what inspired this system in the first place, so WHY ISN’T IT HERE??

9. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft adventures through tombs and historical artifacts are the stuff of legend. She has as much of a home on the PlayStation as Crash and Spyro do, but came with more complex gameplay and pixelated tigers to chew you up. It also set the stage for many different adventure games to follow. Where is it?

10. Mega Man Legends

Mega Man delighted as a platformer, but found a new home with new fans in the form of an RPG. Mega Man Legends may not have been the prettiest game in the world, but Volnut and friends will live on in infamy thanks to the game’s classic design. If any Mega Man game were to make the PlayStation Classic, it should’ve been this one.

11. Gex

File this in the “Adorable Mascots Kicking Ass” folder but with a slightly edgier sense of humor (for a 90s kids game) and a b-grade Looney Tunes feel. The world could’ve used a little more Gex this holiday season.

12. Ape Escape

This classic ape-napping sim still inhabits a unique corner of the gaming world almost 20 years after its release. The timeless ape designs and frantic happy-go-lucky feel of the game deserves to be experienced by kids and remembered by adults, especially since playing it is the only reasonable explanation you’ll be able to give as to what the hell this game was.

13. MediEvil

Sir Daniel Fortesque doesn’t deserve to be forgotten. The MediEvil series started here with a Tm Burton-inspired motif and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that endeared it to goofballs around the world. The knight is timeless, the themes are dark but colorful, so why pass this one up?

14. Wipeout

What would racing be like in the future? If you were a Sony executive in the late 90s, you might imagine that it looks a lot like Wipeout. This racing game had style, a crazy soundtrack, and a slick sense of movement that kept it alive and moving for close to a decade. It’s a classic among racing fanatics, so it missing the PlayStation Classic feels like a massive oversight.

15. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

The extreme sports craze in video gaming started right here. In that dingy green-hued halfpipe searching for the letter for the name Tony Hawk. The soundtrack, the controls, the wipeouts, and all the completed 900s helped cement this game’s legacy in video gaming history and should’ve ensured its place on the PlayStation Classic, but alas.


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