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  • Yuno Gasai – Future Diary

    Photo:  Asread

    Future Diary‘s Yuno Gasai is one of the most notorious crazy yandere in all of anime. On the outside, she seems sweet, albeit a little clingy. The protagonist Yukiteru quickly realizes that her clinging is actually closer stalking and that her love looks more like violence.

    Why is Yuno like this? Most people think it’s due to her childhood, which involved being severely abused by her parents.

  • Himiko Toga – My Hero Academia

    Photo:  Studio Bones

    Himiko Toga only appears briefly in the My Hero Academia anime, but it doesn’t take long for viewers to deduce that she’s super unbalanced. When first introduced to the League of Villains as a potential new recruit, Himiko claims that she wants to kill Stain, that she wants to become Stain, and that she loves Stain.

    Why? Because according to Himiko, life is “hard to live” and she wants to make it “easier to be alive.” These are not the words of a mentally stable person.

  • Teru Mikami – Death Note

    Photo:  Madhouse

    Death Note has a lot of characters that could be interpreted as mentally ill, but Teru Mikami is perhaps the clearest example. Mikami lives a life of obsessive rigidity and isolation. While this serves him well in his career as a defense lawyer, it leaves him exquisitely vulnerable to being as Light Yagami’s right hand.

    When Mikami gets his hands on the killer notebook, he goes full tilt crazy and starts not only killing criminals but literally orgasming during the process. When he realizes that Light isn’t God and is, in fact, a deeply flawed human, he responds by committing suicide.

  • Yuki Takeya – School-Live!

    Photo:  Sentai Filmworks

    Life in the world of School-Live! is nothing short of nightmarish. The main characters are the last remaining survivors of a zombie apocalypse, and they’re barricading themselves inside their school to stay safe. While most of the kids can accept their grim reality, Yuki Takeya cannot.

    To protect herself emotionally, Yuki exists inside an elaborate delusion of normal school life. Her mental instability forces her friends to feign normalcy for her sake, and also to protect her from dangers that she can’t acknowledge.

  • Gaku Yashiro – ERASED

    Photo:  A-1 Pictures

    Being a murderer doesn’t automatically imply mental instability or illness, but in Gaku Yashiro’s case, it sure seems to. The main villain of ERASED appears to be suffering from antisocial personality disorder, the official term for the colloquial one, psychopathy. Yashiro is an elementary school teacher who has dedicated his life to killing children.

    His motivations don’t involve personal gain of any kind – they stem from a childhood experience where he murdered a bunch of hamsters and admired the efforts of the sole surviving animal.

  • Moeka Kiryū – Steins;Gate

    Photo:  White Fox

    Moeka Kiryū of Steins;Gate has severe difficulty with face-to-face communication and does all of her talking through her phone – even with people standing right in front of her. If her phone is taken away, she gets extremely agitated.

    In response to the neglect and abuse heaped on her by nearly everyone she meets, Moeka becomes depressed, physically ill, and paranoid. When a less than scrupulous person does show her kindness, she’s willing to do anything for him, including taking lives on his behalf.

  • Tomoko Kuroki – Watamote

    Photo:  Silver Link

    Mentally unstable doesn’t always mean murderous. In reality, most mentally ill people are a lot more like Watamote‘s Tomoko Kuroki than they are like, say, Johan Liebert. Tomoko is a high school student who desperately wants to make friends and be popular. Unfortunately, her anxiety and lack of social skills keep her from even starting a conversation. She tries to find workarounds that will make her instantly popular, but these tend to be harebrained schemes that involve things like going so long without bathing that she attracts bugs.

    Her failure to connect with others worsens her depression, which leads to more outlandish behavior. Her mental instability is actually relatable to a lot of viewers, which is what makes it painful to watch.

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