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Many anime relationships aren’t exactly “normal.” You may have noticed this if you a) watch anime and b) have a working pair of eyes and/or ears. The typical anime romance is usually depicted as a challenging mess of chaotic ups and downs, huge glistening tears, and the occasional inappropriate nosebleed. As extreme as some anime romance titles are, they can still be exciting to watch. However, there are some disturbing anime relationships that feel super creepy and honestly just flat-out unhealthy.

These creepy romantic relationships in anime generally ramp up various situations to a heightened level of drama. These titles often focus on domination, manipulation, forbidden love, and lascivious behavior. Still, not every romantic anime title contains these extreme and sometimes disturbing levels of drama. In fact, many of these titles can still be enjoyed for their intricate story lines or delightful artwork. Some, however, are just straight-up icky. You be the judge of what you can handle and what makes you say, “No!”

‘No Money’ Tries To Mine Romance From Sexual Slavery

Video: YouTube

This complex anime relationship follows 18-year-old Ayase and 26-year-old Kanou as they become lovers. Okay, that’s a bit of an age difference, but nothing too outlandish. How are you going to make this weird, anime? Well, here’s how the two men meet. One day Ayase (a very pretty doe-eyed boy) is taken and about to be sold at an underground auction. Kanou happens to be there and remembers meeting Ayase from his past as a kind person who helped him out. Feeling a connection, Kanou purchases Ayase at 120 million yen (a little over $1 million) and takes the frightened boy to his home.

Ayase tells Kanou how grateful he is. However, things take a horrifying turn when Kanou becomes upset with Ayase. In a lustful rage, Kanou claims that Ayase is his merchandise and takes advantage of him. Oof.

Ayase makes a deal to pay Kanou back for his bid price by having intercourse with him, at 500,000 yen per encounter. Now, as the film progresses Kanou does regret his actions and starts to act tenderly toward Ayase. Still, the fact that a loving relationship between two characters can blossom after what happened is utterly disturbing.

‘Nymphet’ Is The Simple Story Of A Man’s Flirtation With An Actual Child

Photo:  Nymphet/Chiba TV/MBS Kyoto

Rin is an 8-year-old student in the third grade. So, you know, this is off to a totally non-creepy start. She is mischievous, loud, and way too promiscuous for her age. One day, a 23-year-old man named Daisuke becomes her homeroom teacher. Rin doesn’t trust adults and begins to torment Daisuke.

For a while, Daisuke fears Rin and has difficulty controlling her and the entire classroom. He becomes frustrated and even starts to question whether he is fit for the job. However, Rin’s spiteful attitude toward Daisuke changes when he saves her from falling out of a tree.

Rin starts to flirt with Daisuke (gross), flashing her panties, dropping innuendos, and just generally throwing herself at him (gross, gross, gross). She eventually reveals her love to Daisuke and kisses him. By this point Daisuke is so flustered and confused by this complex situation that he finds himself growing more affectionate toward Rin.

Although he says that he sees Rin merely as a child, his actions and thoughts suggest otherwise. To clarify: He does not go all the way with the child. Even this mess doesn’t go that far. Still though, he capitulates to Rin’s advances time and time again. At the very least, he should have his teaching degree revoked.

‘Super Lovers’ Depicts A Much Creepier Kind Of Brotherly Love

Video: YouTube

This story centers around an orphan named Ren who gets adopted by a woman named Haruko. When Ren is 8 he meets Haruko’s son, the 17-year-old Haru, who has come to spend his summer vacation in Canada. The two stepbrothers engage in a fun-filled summer and grow closer to one another. Haru even promises Ren that they will live together someday. However, after returning to Japan, Haru is in a freak accident and loses his memory of Ren.

Six years later (you do the math, it’s still gross) the two reunite, reintroducing themselves to each other. Disturbingly, they begin to harbor strong romantic feelings for one another. Look, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Unless it’s with your adopted brother. Who’s almost a decade younger than you. And a teenager.

‘Type: B; Style: H’ Details The Quest For Scores Of Random Penises

Photo:  Type: B; Style: H/KBS

Yamada is a 15-year-old girl on a mission to engage in sexual intercourse with over 100 guys. So, you could say she’s going big by going home (with 100 random dudes). She is, however, super insecure about her body and the fact that she is a virgin, so she decides that she needs a practice partner first. She soon meets a clean-cut boy named Takashi who nervously agrees to help her and be her first guy (of many). As virgins, the two are clueless about the art of seduction and fail miserably time and time again to get it right.

Over time the two find themselves growing closer to each other and they eventually express their true feelings, becoming a genuine couple. It’s kind of hard to forget, though, that Yamada initially used Takashi as a pawn to help her achieve her goal of sleeping around with dozens of guys. At least she avoided getting all those potential STIs. That’s… something.

‘School Days’ And Its Psychotic Love Triangle

Photo:  School Days/TV Kanagawa/Chiba TV/TV Aichi/TV Osaka/TV Saitama/AT-X
School Days is right up there as one most disturbing anime romances in history. The story follows a boy named Makoto. Makoto likes a girl named Kotonoha, only he is too shy to talk to her. All pretty boilerplate so far. But then, a female student at his high school named Sekai offers to help him out so he can start a relationship with Kotonoha. Sekai, of course, reveals to Makoto that she also has feelings toward him. This starts a crazy love triangle between the three. Throughout the series, Makoto can’t seem to get his feelings straight for Kotonoha, because she is also shy and rejects his advances toward her.
This leads him to “cheat” on Kotonoha with Sekai, which he refers to as training. As the series progresses, Makoto strings both girls along as lovers and begins sleeping around with other girls as well. So much for being the shy kid. Finally, toward the end, he declares that he will focus his love only on Kotonoha.
While you may think this is typical teen drama stuff, things take a hard left turn into the sinister from there. Sekai becomes enraged with Makoto’s final decision and brutally kills him, leaving his body for Kotonoha to find. Bruh. In the end, Kotonoha kills Sekai and goes crazy herself, cradling Makoto’s severed head like a pillow, claiming they will finally be alone together. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet. A way, way, WAY more f*cked up Romeo and Juliet.

‘I Love My Little Sister’ Is As Gross As It Sounds

Photo:  I Love My Little Sister/Shogakukan

This relationship is a full-blown case of incest between fraternal twins. So let’s just rip that Band-Aid off right away. Yori and his twin sister Iku were close as kids; Yori even claimed he would marry her someday. As the two grew older, Yori began to push Iku away, leaving Iku confused. Disgustingly, this was all in a bid to keep his true desires and feelings for his sister a secret. Iku is torn when Yori won’t acknowledge her affection and she repeatedly tries to get closer to him.

Throughout the series, the two fight against their romantic feelings for each other. Eventually, however, they give in to their desires like a bunch of damn Lannisters. They soon find themselves embarking on a relationship and share a sinful night of passion together. So, you know, ew, ew, ew, a thousand times ewwwww.

‘Recently, My Sister Is Unusual’ Features A Ghost Forcing Stepsiblings To Bang

Photo:  Recently, My Sister Is Unusual/Tokyo MX/Sun TV/AT-X/BS11

This anime romance takes a supernatural twist on an incestuous relationship between two stepsiblings. So, you know, that’s fun. The story follows 15-year-old Mitsuki, a high school freshman, and her older stepbrother Yuuya. Because of work overseas, their parents travel often, leaving the two stepsiblings to their own devices. One day, a promiscuous ghost girl named Hiyori (who was in love with Yuuya when she was alive) forces Mitsuki into helping her cross over to heaven.

Things get weird(er) when Hiyori possesses Mitsuki, molests her, and enchants her with a special chastity belt that has a “love gauge” on it. Once the meter is full, Hiyori can get into heaven. However, in order to fill the meter up Mitsuki must solicit sexual acts from her stepbrother. Dude.

Although Mitsuki agrees to help Hiyori fulfill her mission, she soon finds herself experiencing deep feelings for Yuuya. The relationship between all three characters is just out-of-this-world disturbing, and they seem to find themselves repeatedly participating in unusual erotic situations.

‘Kissxsis,’ Of Course, Is About Kissing Your Sister

Photo:  Kissxsis/AT-X

This relationship takes sibling love triangles to the extreme. You know, since that was a thing that really needed to be pushed. The story follows 15-year-old Keita and his new twin stepsisters Riko and Ako. As a child, Keita’s father remarries and his new stepmother brings her twin girls to join the family. Keita and his new sisters grow close, and the two girls are very protective of their younger brother. However, once all three siblings grow up, their relationship takes an… awkward turn. The two girls, now 17, start to fight against each other for Keita’s affection, leaving Keita confused and frustrated with them.

Throughout the series, Keita tries to concentrate on his studies but the twins’ lustful advances start to wear on him. At first, he is reluctant at the idea of being in a relationship with his siblings, because of course he is. Eventually, however, he gives in and starts fooling around with his sisters. Although the characters aren’t blood-related, the series doesn’t pull any punches when discussing the main trio’s familial ties. Ew.

‘My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute’ – The Title Says It All

Video: YouTube

Kirino and Kyousuke are a brother and sister with two totally different personalities. You’d think that would keep them apart forever but NOPE. Kirino is a beautiful and sharp-mouthed girl, and her big brother Kyousuke is a dense, laid-back boy. The two are very distant, as Kirino is very cold and rude with Kyousuke. One day Kyousuke discovers Kirino has an unusual secret hobby, collecting and playing eroge (erotic Japanese video games) that focus on little sisters. Kyousuke assures Kirino he will keep her hobby a secret. After this the two start to grow closer.

As the story progresses, Kirino and Kyousuke become more and more flirtatious with each other. It gets even more awkward when the two finally declare their feelings for one another. By the end of the series, Kyousuke arranges a freakin’ wedding ceremony, sealing their marriage with a kiss.

However, due to an agreement they made, they end their relationship immediately after the ceremony. So, um, there’s that at least. They were only in a relationship for a small amount of time. Nope, still super gross.

‘Wolf Girl And Black Prince’ Follows A High Schooler Making A Girl His (Figurative) B*tch

Video: YouTube

Erika, the leading lady of this anime, is a compulsive liar. She is desperate to make friends in high school. Trying her best to fit in, she finds herself lying about having a boyfriend. When her friends want proof of his existence, Erika takes to the streets and snaps a photo of some random handsome guy. However, she soon becomes aware that his name is Kyoya and he’s actually a popular boy at her school.

She explains her situation and he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend. This is where things start to get… weird. After their agreement, Kyoya tells Erika that she is his dog and she should answer to him whenever he beckons. Although he never asks for sexual favors (thankfully), most of the time he is rude and mentally abusive toward Erika. Erika, for her part, is so desperate to keep her secret she goes along for the ride. The really messed up part? The two eventually become a “real” couple. And you thought Fifty Shades of Grey had a monopoly on that kind of sh*t.

‘Midori Days’ Puts A Weird Spin On Self-Love

Video: YouTube

The relationship in Midori Days is as disturbing as it is awkward. The story follows a delinquent boy named Seiji who loves fighting and pornography. A real stand-up guy, you might say. Seiji is upset because he can’t get a girlfriend (shocker) and one day makes a vow that his right hand will be his girlfriend. Ugh.

Elsewhere, a shy girl that has been in love with Seiji for years named Midori has fallen into a state of unconsciousness. The next day Seiji is shocked to find a small girl attached to his right arm, replacing his hand. He finds out the girl’s name is Midori. Seiji is generally frustrated with these new living arrangements and tries to find a way to get Midori off (heh).

Ultimately, he learns how to cope with having a tiny girl attached to his arm. You know, like you do. Although he yells a lot at Midori in the beginning, he eventually develops feelings for her as he realizes how much she loves him. The odd supernatural relationship between the two characters is often hilarious, but always super creepy. Remember, she is literally attached to his arm and probably some sort of psychic ghost.

‘Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance’ Is More Sexual Assault Than Candlelight And Roses

Video: YouTube

Misaki, 18, is fresh out of high school and preparing to enter college when he meets 28-year-old Akihiko, a well-known erotic manga novelist. Due to Misaki’s scholarly responsibilities, Akihiko arranges for Misaki to live with him. During the first month of living with Akihiko, Misaki tries to concentrate on his schooling. Akihiko starts to exhibit erotic interest in the teenager, however, which eventually leads to a forced sexual encounter.

Although Misaki fights off Akihiko’s advances at first, he eventually gives in after seeing a softer and gentler side of Akihiko. Occasionally, their growing relationship is relatively sweet. However, whenever Akihiko takes advantage of Misaki and overpowers him for self-gratification, it reeks of sexual assault. It’s basically watching an abusive sexual relationship from the inside.

‘Loveless’ Is Actually ABOUT Love… Between A Grown Man And A Young Cat-Boy

Photo:  Loveless/TV Asahi

Ritsuka is a 12-year-old cat-eared boy suffering from a mysterious case of amnesia. After his brother’s death, Ritsuka becomes lonely and reserved. One day, he meets a 21-year-old man named Soubi who claims to have shared a special bond with his late brother as members of a special combat team. Soubi then kisses Ritsuka, leaving him shocked, confused, and upset. Soon after, unusual events begin to take place in Ritsuka’s life, forcing the two into a supernatural relationship.

The relationship between Ritsuka and Soubi is… complex. For example, Soubi is overly affectionate with Ritsuka throughout the show and often kisses him. Although they’re not dating, it’s creepy for Soubi, an older man, to express this level of passion and fondness for a young boy like Ritsuka. That would definitely put you on several bad registries in the real world.

‘Chitose Get You!!’ Follows A Toddler’s Romantic Pursuit Of An Adult

Video: YouTube

Chitose is an energetic elementary school student who has a huge crush on an adult man named Hiroshi. Apparently, he saved her from a dog attack. Chitose is constantly pursuing Hiroshi for his affection, which often makes him uncomfortable (because of course it does). She also has a “rivalry” with her homeroom teacher Asako over Hiroshi’s love. Along with her two friends Misaki and Hinako, she tries to figure out how to win the affection of the much, much, much older man.

Although a formal relationship never forms between Chitose and Hiroshi in the series (phew), her obsession with obtaining Hiroshi’s affection is wildly unhealthy for a child of her age (or any age, really). As a horrifying cherry on the psycho-sexual sundae, her young friend Misaki has an Electra complex and is thus constantly thinking of ways to get her father to love her more. She even plans to become his bride. While the series is hilarious to watch at times, these elements can be severely… unnerving.

Dokuro And Sakura In ‘Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan’

Video: YouTube

Would you fall in love with someone who wants to kill you? Probably not, but then again you’re not an insane anime character. Junior high schooler Sakura faces this very dilemma when he meets a cute angel named Dokuro-chan. Sakura is an average teenage boy who wants nothing more than to study and go on a date with his dream girl, Shizuki. However, Dokuro is very combative and often kills Sakura (then resurrects him). This puts a wrench in the works.

While her constant murder-and-resurrection routine aggravates Sakura, he always seems to blow it off somehow. Later in the series, Sakura learns that Dokuro was sent to destroy him from existence, but she can’t because she likes him. In the end, Sakura slowly falls in love with Dokuro, who continues to bludgeon him to death and revive him until the very end. The whole “I love you and want to murder you” aspect is deeply unsettling.


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