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18 Cancelled Superhero Games You’ll Never Get To Play –

Comic books, movies and video games are by bread and butter when it comes to entertainment. But they don’t always go hand in hand. A fantastic comic might not make a compelling film, and a great comic film, doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a kick-ass game. In most cases, rushed timelines, shitty budgets, licensing issues and studio meddling turn a great idea into pure, unadulterated shit.I kid you not. It boggles the mind how many comic book games are pitched and worked on, and how many actually hit the consoles. Of those, not every one of them is worth your money. ON the other hand, some cancelled games are worth more than all the money in the world.These are some of those potential games.

5000ft Inc

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (PS2/Xbox)This game was in development by 5000ft Inc, as an open-world action game. It was originally just going to be a straightforward brawler, but when Sony got involved, they wanted it to be an open world game.This led to conflicts between directions, budgets, objectives, etc… Eventually, they ran out of time and money.


The Avengers (Ps3/Xbox 360)When the MCU first started out, everyone wanted to jump on the gaming bandwagon, including some really sorry games from Sega (remember Iron Man and Thor?). These games pretty much killed the appetite for direct MCU video game adaptations.However, THQ was working on a tie-in game to The Avengers that had you in charge of all of the Avengers, against the Skulls. It was first-person, allowed you to switch between members, and you could beat the baddies in to a green pile of goo.

Factor 5

Superman: Blue Steel (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)After Brian Singer’s Superman Returns hit box offices in 2006, a video-game tie in for the predicted sequel was developed. No one really knows what this game was going to be about, but it was being developed by Factor 5, the company behind Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.Unfortunately, WB cancelled the sequel film, cancelled the game, Factor 5 imploded and that was it. It’s a shame, because the rumours say that this game finally figured out how to do a Supes game right, with flying mechanics and the ability to smash enemies through a building.

Pandemic Games

The Dark Knight (PS3/Xbox 360)When Batman Begins came out, a tie-in game was rushed to consumers. It wasn’t the greatest, but it sold some units and was a moderate success. So when a sequel to the film was announced, a game sequel was as well, developed by Pandemic Games.There were a lot of nebulous reasons why the game was cancelled, including the cost issue, and the fact that the studio was acquired by EA games, and the transfer of assets delayed everything.Fortunately, the rights to Batman switched to Rocksteady and WB, which lead to the sick Arkham Series.

Double Helix

Justice League: Mortal (PS3, Xbox 360)Before Zach Snyder rebooted the DCEU, George Miller was set to create a Justice League movie, with a tie-in game that involved Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash in a beat-em-up adventure game.According to the leaked footage, it was a decently rendered game with great 3-D battlefields, but when the film was scrapped, so was the game. Double Helix ended up using some assets for their Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters later on.


The Incredible Hulk (Atari 2600)Back in the day Parker Brothers were the kings of pumping out licensed gaming content, both online and off. One project they were especially proud of, was an adaptation of the Incredible Hulk tv show.All we got were screenshots in magazines and a mock up of the cover, but the game never materialized. Most speculate it was the “Video Game Crash” of 1983, that sealed its fate.

Brash Entertainment

The Flash (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)In 2008, Brash Entertainment started to build an open-world game for the fastest man alive. Set across Central City and Keystone City, and written by a legit Flash writer, this game had serious potential.Brash, however, didn’t manage their business well, and folded, taking the game with them. Given the screenshots that have leaked online and the popularity of the CW show, someone should really bring this back.

Microsoft Game Studios

Marvel Universe Online (Xbox 360, PC)Before we got Marvel Heroes, there were plans for an MMO in 2006 and it looked pretty decent. Then they tried to use Blizzard’s subscription model, and it kept on crashing, so they got cold feet and axed it.Considering this could have been the counterpart to the successful DC Universe Online model, this could have been amazing.

Ocean Software

Green Lantern (SNES)Before they made a mediocre movie and some decent animated shows, Ocean Software was attempting to make a Green Lantern game.It was supposed to be a 2D platform game with levels from different worlds of the DC universe, and the final level would have been a space-shooter type of deal. The game was done and DC weighed in and demanded significant changes. Ocean measured the cost/benefit and decided to scrap the game instead.

Shaba Games

Spider-Man Classic (PS3/Xbox 360)Shaba Games really nailed it when they delivered Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. They decided to build a follow up. The concept was to pair Spidey up with Wolverine and have them take on some classic villain smash up from the comic history.Unfortunately, the previous game didn’t have enough sales to justify a sequel and the studio couldn’t say afloat. They closed in 2009, but some of the ideas as assets created, were used in Beenox’s Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.


X-Woman: The Sinister Virus (Sega Genesis)Back in the early 90’s, Sega was really crushing it with their X-Men games. In 1996, they were hoping to release a game focusing only on the women of the X-verse.You got to choose between Rogue, Storm or Jean Grey at full power, so you can lay the smack down on everything. The game, however, was cancelled for two reasons. The official ones that this was during the tail end of the Genesis cycle and they were looking to move away from the 16-bit development and into a 3D future.The unofficial reason, was that for no reason at all, the game would most likely get boycotted by misogynistic gamers.

WB Montreal

Suicide Squad (PS3/Xbox 360)While some would consider Batman: Arkham Origins as the unofficial entry in the series, it was good enough for WB Montreal to begin work on a solo Suicide Squad follow-up. After two years, however, the plug was pulled.We don’t know what WB Montreal is working on now, other than a different Batman property, but this game could have been amazing. There was a co-op feature, had the best members of the squad, and the amazing gameplay we expect from the Arkham series. The behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt is that the movie helped kill this game.

EA Chicago

Marvel Chaos (Xbox 360)The task of creating this game fell to EA Chicago, and their plan was to create a game where Marvel fighters went toe-to-toe, with full-on destructible environments.While the views of the game were positive, it was the studio’s previous game Def Jam: Vandetta that screwed this game up. That one didn’t have enough sales and reviews, so it forced the studio to shut its doors.

Software Creatoons

Batman (SNES)Back in the day, SNES had some solid Batman games – Batman: Returns & Batman: TAS were the best ones. But they also had a few duds, including this one. It was literally a side-scrolling beat-em-up game, with cheesy graphics and not much plot.


X-Men: Mind Games (Sega 32X)We can all freely admit that the Sega 32X console was a shitty dumpster fire when it premiered. Sadly, this promising game went down with it. It was a beat-em-up with a 3D render in a 2D environment, popularized by the Mortal Kombat series.This could have been the launch game for the console to make it must have, but it didn’t get out on time, and is now a distant memory. It’s a shame, because the leaked footage includes a badass Bishop, Wolverine and even Deadpool.

Mindscape Inc

Marvel 2099: One Nation Under Doom (PS1)In the 2099 Marvel comics, you had classic characters, reimagined for the future. It was edgy, futuristic and a chance to tell new stories with new characters. So it makes sense that a game would be thought of to allow us to play in that sandbox.Based off of the Doctor Doom 2099, but using the Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Punisher and Hulk of that era, it was a 2D side scroller with 3D rendering. It got massive hype at Comic-Con 96, but then the studio closed.


Day 1 Studios

Gotham By Gaslight (PS3/Xbox 360)This game, based on an Elseworld’s comic where Batman exists in a Steampunk Victorian London, chasing Jack the Ripper, should have been a slam dunk.Back in 2009, this game was in development from Day 1 Studios, and it was a healthy mix between Assassin’s Creed & Arkham. Yet, it was randomly cancelled.It’s a godamn shame. But at least we got an animated movie.


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