20+ Amazing Chemical Reaction GIFs

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20+ Amazing Chemical Reaction GIFs

Prince Rupert’s Drop suffers a fracture

Source: This Is Colossal

White tin crumbling into grey tin after cooling to less than 13 degrees Celsius

Source: Pikd It

Elephant’s toothpaste

Source: Cheezburger

Chemical Reaction GIFs: Mercury reacting with aluminum

Source: Opposite Lock

Burning ammonium dichromate

Hyrophobic sand

Source: PBH2

Catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide

Source: The Melbourner

Electrical treeing

Source: PBH2

Burning lithium

Source: Loupak

Burning mercury II thiocyanate

Blood meets hydrogen peroxide

Source: Iitmne

Sodium acetate crystallization

Source: Imgur

Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction

Source: GIF Trunk

Water bridge formed by electric current

Source: Imgur

Alpha particle trails from radioactive decay of Radon 220

Source: Imgur

Snake venom meets blood

Source: College Humor

A lightbulb burning out

Source: Wiffle GIF

Aluminum and iodine

Source: Imgur

This is the Pharaoh’s Serpent (or Black Snake firework). The disgusting, growing mutant arm coil thing is actually mercury thiocyanate (Hg(SCN)2) getting lit on fire.

This is a dry ice (solid carbon dioxide sublimating into a gas) bubble popping:

This is what happens when you drop a cannonball in a pool of mercury (it floats because mercury is more dense):

Some crystallization in action:

Sodium polyacrylate (a.k.a. waterlock) is an awesome substance and it does wonderful things when it comes into contact with liquid. The compound is capable of absorbing 200 to 300 times its mass in water:

Nicknamed “elephant toothpaste” for the cylinder of foam it produces, this reaction shows the rapid breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. The reaction is produced by mixing concentrated hydrogen peroxide (mixed with a little bit of dish soap) and potassium iodide. When the potassium iodide is added to the hydrogen peroxide solution, it acts as a catalyst, rapidly breaking down the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. The oxygen escapes from the beaker, quickly pushing out large amounts of foam from the dish soap.

Explosive Polymerization Of p Nitro Aniline:



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