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When the original 151 Pokémon burst into public consciousness in 1996, the world went bananas. How could one possibly catch them all? Well, now there are over 800 official pocket monsters, and their ranks keep growing. Fans, too, are enhancing the Pokémon phenomenon with fan art and creations of their own, even developing their own Pokémon.

Fake Pokémon, AKA Fakemon, is a fan art phenomenon, with some wickedly talented artists making new monsters every day just for the love of the craft. You could spend weeks scrolling through page after page of Fakemon fan art, but the best is right here. From cute little cuddle-buddies to menacing monsters, the expertise on display is without question. Each serves as a constant reminder of the ever-expanding Pokémon universe, and all the different ways people make it happen.


Photo: silverava/DeviantArt

Silverava wanted a red panda Fakemon, so they created one infused with lightning and a power cord in its tail. What a shockingly awesome transformation!


Photo: Spookie-Sweets/DeviantArt

Hexnya by Spookie-Sweets is so crisp and clean in its intricate design that it had to make the list.


Photo: Xous54/DeviantArt

Xous54 birthed a BAMFY behemoth with Palisaegon. This is perhaps the most regal Fakemon out there.


Photo: Kipine/DeviantArt

Mislemoth may look cuddly, but once it starts throwing ice and bug attacks your way you might feel differently. Kipine’s freezey bee is cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Lilloth And Gigaclaw

Photo: princess-phoenix/DeviantArt

Move over Sandshrew and Sandslash, princess-phoenix kicked it up a notch with Lilloth and Gigaclow. Those are some killer claws!


Photo: Dragonith/DeviantArt

Dragonith has brilliantly re-purposed some existing Pokemon with Skullarva and Muersect, and took them to the next level with Thanantis.

Seeny, Fladre, And Blofence

Photo: Twarda8/DeviantArt

Yeah, so these things are adorable. If you don’t want to hug Seeny until it explodes then you have no soul. Twarda8 has an amazing mind’s-eye for evolution on full display here.


Photo: Smiley-Fakemon/DeviantArt

Atroxius by Smiley-Fakemon is the evolved form of another Fakemon named Putridius, and it looks like something you wouldn’t want to screw with.

Relicub And Saborelic

Photo: MTC-Studio/DeviantArt

You think house cats are dicks? Good luck with these raging a-holes. Choosing MTC-Studio’s best work is virtually impossible. Do yourself a favor and go checkout the rest of the gallery. You won’t regret it.


Photo: Midna01/DeviantArt

The artistic detailing by Midna01 leads to a stunning creation with Furpai. And while it may not look like a force to be reckoned with, it could probably still take Chansey.

Pepittle And Habifurno

Photo: Inkblot-Rabbit/DeviantArt

These grass-fire hybrids are a brilliant reinterpretations of some old classics by Inkblot-Rabbit. Muy caliente, IR!

Ganglong And Gangstaurus

Photo: T-Reqs/DeviantArt

These punk-dinosaur Fakemon by T-Reqs just rock! Ganglong and Gangstaurus will shred you up like Billie Joe Armstrong on the guitar. (The kids are still listening to Green Day, right?)

Colaochiora, Culann, And Cuchulainn

Photo: Phatmon/DeviantArt

Is there any better phrase in the English language than “Warrior Squirrels”? Watch your step or Phatmon’s awesome tree-dwellers will go nuts on you.

Salean, Hadrop, And Paralatad

Photo: cm023/DeviantArt

Forget Squirtle, cm023 has given us an awesome alternative to the bubbly turtle with Salean.


Photo: Kitchiki/DeviantArt

Kitchiki’s fierce little Fakemon is tougher than it looks. If you go in for snuggles prepare to be Kitch-slapped by that tail!

Keomui And Cyclicero

Photo: Either-Art/DeviantArt

These BP employees by Either-Art are fascinating. A hammerhead shark? Please. Cyclicero has two drills on his face and claws the size of pineapples.

Frubat And Vinistrello

Photo: The-Knick/DeviantArt

You don’t want to tangle with these flying ruby reds. The-Knick‘s visionary Vinistrello broke the curse of bat Pokemon — no more “bat” in the name!

Sittle, Mermader, And Mermadion

Photo: Almairis/DeviantAtt

Check out the evolution of Almairis’s mermaid Fakemon. Sittle may look like Casper’s little sister, but Mermadion ain’t nothing to fudge with!


Photo: TRspicy/DeviantArt

Scared of spiders? How about giant ones that can slice and dice you before setting your a** on fire? That’s one BA tarantula, TRspicy.


Photo: Trueform/DeviantArt

Wow, wow, wow, talk about detail! In a stroke of genius, Trueform pays homage to H.P. Lovecraft with this Fakemon. Mythulu’s one ugly mother, in a good way!


Photo: byona/DeviantArt

Look at that charming mug. Waxper is the stuff of nightmares, like the offspring of a gremlin, an armadillo, and — to pay homage to Deadpool — an avocado. Well done, byona!

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