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22 Gory Video Games Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart –

When it comes to video games and violence, the two go hand in hand. Frankly, some of the best video games out there, both adult-oriented and family friendly, have an element of violence. Think about it; even Mario goes around stomping on animals and punching bricks. For a while there, those violent elements were enough for developers.

Then they started to add in blood and gore. With games like Doom and Mortal Kombat, shit got really bloody and definitely NSFW.

These are the games that’ll require a long shower and a deep scrub after you’re done playing.

Stainless Games


It’s just how it sounds. While the point of the game is to win a race or two, you’re also encouraged to cause some death and destruction by running over pedestrians.

I’ll never get the pixelated images of exploding people and trails of blood as I drive away.


Left 4 Dead 2

It’s not a true zombie game without tons of blood, guts and gore. While the first game had a decent amount, the sequel upped the ante with better damage and bloody effects.

Plus you get to use axes, machetes, knives and crowbars for your maiming.

iD Software


While it’s not the greatest gore effects, the original 1993 DOOM got a lot of flack for the blood and guts that it did have. It was ahead of its time for blood and a hellish atmosphere.

Running with Scissors

Postal 2

This game is notorious for it’s violence and mature subject matter. In a game where you can set innocent bystanders on fire and then piss on them to put it out, as well as taking off heads with a shovel and using a cat as a silencer, this game really shouldn’t exist.

DigiFX Interactive


It’s bizarre to think that this point-and-click game is from the 90’s. It’s like a trashy, midnight B-movie with a bizarre plot. But people loved it for it’s violent and bloody sequences, despite it being a mess from a gameplay perspective.

Rebellion Developments

Sniper Elite 3

Off the cuff, this isn’t the goriest game on the list, but it’s detail to anatomical executions is top notch. This sniper game has x-ray cam shots, that allow you to follow the bullet as it fucks up the target.

Epic Games

Gears of War II

This series is known for its over-the-top violence, but the second entry is the bloodiest. Wanna know why? That giant worm – an entire level is spent inside a giant worm, and to get out, you need to cut it apart.

Naughty Dog

The Last of Us

Given Naughty Dog’s catalogue of games, this one is an outlier of brutality and violence. But given the subject matter, it makes sense. There’s no punches pulled here, and the gore is front and centre in this apocalyptic infection game.


Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil never was the most PG of games, but it really amped it up in RE4. There are a multitude of ways that Leon can meet his end, and all of them are grossly awesome.


Bloodrayne 2

When you’ve got a game filled with Nazis, Vampires and a sexy protagonist with wicked arm blades, you expect a certain measure of gore. This game delivers, leaving rooms a bloody mess.

Epic Games


This is a game that is designed to offend everyone, and we love it. There’s a heavy emphasis on skilled kills in bizarre ways, like shooting a guys nuts off, launching an explosive round into someone’s ass or lighting them on fire.

Tango Game Works

The Evil Within

This is another game that was designed to be a gross and bloody as possible. From the deaths to the character designs, everything is gruesome. Considering the game starts with you falling into a vat of body parts and blood, it’s only downhill from there.

Rockstar Games

Manhunt 2

You’d figure that a game about an amnesiac mental patient and his sociopathic friend would be unsettling, but this game takes it to the next level. This game was under a lot of fire for the brutal and horrific deaths that happen in the game, and was even censored upon its release.

Namco Bandai Games


If the title didn’t give it away, this is a blood-soaked game. Every act of beating the crap out of monsters, results in a splash of blood across the screen.

Visceral Games

Dead Space

Any list of gory games has to include this one and the sequel. Between the necromorphs and the way the try to kill you, this game twists the stomach with it’s gruesome imagery.


Aliens vs. Predator

In a game where get get to play as an Alien or a Predator, it stands to reason that you’ve got a chance for some gory executions.


Shadow of Rome

This game is all about playing as a Roman gladiator, and gives you the opportunity for some creative dismemberments and executions. You want to cut off a guys leg and beat him to death with it? Go ahead. The more violent you are, the more likely you are to win the game.

SCE Santa Monica

God of War III

This game series gives you the chance to hack and slash trough all the Greek Gods, but it’s this third one that wins the prize. His brutal and bloody killing of Poseidon makes us feel bad for the guy.


Fallout 3

Granted, this isn’t the most family-friendly franchise in the world, but it’s been relatively decent for blood until now. The third entry added in the V.A.T.S aiming system, that allows you to target a specific body part. Once you do, you can watch the slo-mo animation of that arm go flying or the brains hitting the wall behind the person.


Mortal Kombat X

Really, you can pick any Mortal Kombat game for this list, but it’s the latest that’s the greatest. The fatalities never cease to amaze, and in this edition, there’s so much attention to anatomical detail, that they’re frankly gross and disgusting. And kinda awesome.

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