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27 Secret Fallout Locations That Most Players Can’t Find –


With the newest installment of the Fallout series just around the corner, many of us are cramming in as much of the older games as possible to fill the void. Fallout has always amazed us and in every playthrough there seems to be something new that we discover. But most of us think that we must have gotten close to discovering everything, right? Well, with the gigantic areas we are able to explore, there is always something more to find. For this list we will be looking at many different Fallout games, since all of these games have interesting places hidden away, waiting to be found. These places can range from humorous to creepy but in all cases, they are very interesting and often times refer to something outside of the games themselves.

Though these games are all very different in their play styles and even created by different studios. However, all creators of this series have been known to add secrets to these games and hide them very well. From names of characters and items to locations and the items within. So, if you have not found these yet, then it might be time to load up a save and give them a look.

27 Fallout 4: “The Rocket Shed”

Via (GameBanshee)

Just to the northeast of Relay Tower 0BB-915 is something interesting that most players have not yet found. There is a shack that contains a homemade rocket artillery battery and it is amazing.

Though sadly you probably will not be able to dispatch any enemies with this.

when you find it you are sure to launch all of the gas canisters into the wasteland. To be honest it ends up being more of a firework launcher since the rockets end up blowing up in the air. Sadly, there is a limited amount of canisters, but it is fun while it lasts.

26 Fallout 4: They Needed A Bigger Boat


If you have not seen the movie Jaws, then you have surely heard of it. In Fallout 4there is a homage to the classic movie where you can find the Orca, however, they seemingly did not succeed in their hunt. The location itself is in the small bay to the north of the Salem Museum of Witchcraft. There you can find the boat itself along with a skeleton and the body of a monstrous fish that seems to have beaten the ship’s crew. One thing that is strange is that the aquatic monster is not rotted but the man is a skeleton.

25 Fallout 4: Christmas Time In Diamond City


This is not so much of a hidden location as it is an addition to a common location that can only be found at a specific time. When the in-game calendar reaches December 25th, Diamond City will become very festive, but only for that day. There will be added Christmas trees and colored string lights all over the city. Too bad that when you pass NPCs they do not wish you a happy holiday, but it is a nice touch. The guys at Bethesda really do love to hide little things like this in their games.

24 Fallout 3: Rockopolis


Rockopolis is the city that is mentioned in the radio show that mentions the adventures of Herbert “Daring” Dashwood. Even though the radio show makes the story seem like it is exaggerated at best and made up at worst.

The attack on the city of Rockopolis is, however, a true story.

The city itself is just to the west of Smith Casey’s Garage and contains the remains of Dashwood’s good friend Argyle. The area itself will most likely never be found unless you are looking for it since the door is literally a rock on a cliff wall, perfectly hidden.

23 Fallout 4: The Prost Bar


To make things clear this is a bar set in Boston that has a very specific layout that almost exactly mirrors a bar found in the classic TV show Cheers. This is confirmed when you consider that the word “Prost” is the German word for “cheers”. The bar, itself, is just southwest of the Massachusetts State House, down the stairs just like the famous show. It even includes the backroom and office from the show, but there is no sign of a leather-clad wise guy or his friends. If you have never watched the show, look it up then explore the area.

22 Fallout 1: Exploring The Wasteland

Via (Via

In the original Fallout, you would normally fast travel the map from point to point and explore the locations themselves instead of walking from a location. Normally all you get to see of the wasteland is the enemy that stops you from point A to B, but if you chose to walk into the wasteland itself you can see a blue British style police box sitting in the middle of the open field. When you try to approach this strange box it will make a “wooshing” noise and it will slowly disappear. For anyone that has no idea about the reference, it is a less than subtle nod to Doctor Who and specifically the Doctor’s ship, the TARDIS.

21 Fallout 3: Isabella Proud’s Camp


This one is a pretty sad sight but before you can see if you have to get to it. The location itself is behind the Takoma Industrial factory but you must jump a fence, then onto a small ledge then travel between the buildings which lead to the camp on the opposite side of a small lake. When you read the terminal entries you find out that Isabella and her husband were studying ghouls around the irradiated lake from the safety of their radiation suits. However, the ghouls most likely turned on them leading to their demise and with their hidden location, most likely never to be found.

20 Fallout 3: The Roach King’s Throne

Via (Ray Dhimitri)

Located northeast of Minefield most people will find this area and attack the Roach King first and take him down finding his “army” afterward.

This is not to be confused with the AnAgonizer and his army.

Since his throne is made of the same materials found on every playground in the Captial Wasteland. So often times even if you noticed that this man was controlling the roaches you may not have realized that his throne itself is a treasure trove of loot or that it was a throne at all. It is a shame that his costume was not a little more thought out like the AntAgonizer’s costume was.

19 Fallout 3: The Sniper Shack


This is a fun location that most people that have found it once try to find it again, often because it is the place that you can find the Victory Rifle. Beyond the rifle, there is a lot of other good loot in the building. One of the coolest things you can find in the room is this is the game’s only named Radroaches: Fluffy and Jitters. This is the building on the cliff to the west of the Rockbreaker’s Last Gas. It is pretty hard to miss if you are looking for it and is worth it to find this rifle.

18 Fallout 2: The Tin Woodsman


In an unmarked location in the wasteland, which means you will have to find it randomly while exploring. The location itself is not that exciting beyond a character in power armor who has rusted to the point of not being able to move. If you go near him or talk to him he will beg you for oil, just like the tin woodsman from The Wizard of Oz. There is an oil can nearby that you can use on the character for a handsome reward. It is a classic reference that has been remade in many different ways, but even Interplay Productions could not help but do it their way.

17 Fallout 4: The Crazy Cat Man


South-east of Waiden Pond there is a shack that is the home of a very cat obsessed man. How do we know this? Well, he has multiple cats living with him. Not only this, but he has several cat paintings all over the walls of his shack and will also sell you cat food and cat fur. Talking to the man himself he will make mention that he may or may not also eat some of the cats. This is a man who loves cats both around him and on his plate. Whatever it takes to survive, right?

16 Fallout 2: Café Of Broken Dreams


This is an interesting throwback to the first game, the famous painting “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and also the second Mad Max movie.

The painting itself, depicts famous actors looking downtrodden in a cafe on a dark street.

Once again this is found at random by exploring the wasteland. The Café itself is an exact copy of the Maltese Falcon from the first game and inside are characters that are from the first game, including Dogmeat. If the player attacks Dogmeat a new NPC in a leather jacket will appear and attack you, obviously meant to be Max.

15 Fallout 2: The Talking Head


Another special encounter where you can find in Fallout 2 is the “sacred head of the vault dweller”. It is a talking version of the stone head in the Arroyo Village which depicts the, now famous, character from the first game. What is funny is the statue will argue with you about whether or not you are truly the chosen one or not. This argument will actually go on for 12 whole in-game hours. Many guides will suggest that you just rest for 12 hours to the end of the conversation where he will concede and give you a reward.

14 Fallout 4: Carhenge


To the south of Walden Pond, there is a very interesting sight. You have probably walked past it many times thinking that it was just a pile of rusty cars. However, it is a roughly accurate recreation of part of the famous monument, Stonehenge.

If you plan on traveling there, make sure you come with your best weapons.

Even though the real monument’s creation is a mystery, the creation of this monument will not be a mystery for very long as you will soon be attacked by its creator. Who is that? Well, go there and find out, if you dare.

13 Fallout 4: The Red Seat


Here we have another secret location hidden in plain sight and also in Diamond City. When you travel to Diamond City you do not have any real reason to stray away from the center of the city. But, if you walk out into the stands you will find that in the back there is a red seat in the crowd. So what is this red seat? This is known as the Ted Williams Seat. This was created to signify the longest home run ever hit in Fenway Park by, you guessed it, the Boston Red Socks ballplayer, Ted Williams.

12 Fallout: New Vegas: Jimmy’s Well


If you have not found this location then do not feel too bad because you need to have the Wild Wasteland Perk and Rex as your companion at the same time. So, if you do these things Rex will bark at you and if you walk to him you have the option to ask the classic line about a boy being stuck in a well. This will give you a map marker that will bring you to “Jimmy’s Well”, which is west of Nellis Air Force Base. Sadly, Jimmy has been in the well a long time and can not be saved. This is also how you can get the unique weapon, Abilene Kid LE BB gun.

11 Fallout: New Vegas: The Big One


For a little extra flair, most of us take the Wild Wasteland trait. If you have done this you might have noticed an undetonated nuclear bomb, similar to the one in Megaton in Fallout 3. It is a little sad that you can not do more with this, but you can disarm it and get quite a bit of energy weapon ammo. Even if you go to this area without the Wild Wasteland trait there is still a scorched bit of ground where the bomb sits. The bomb itself is west-northwest of the Devil’s Throat canyon, in a field of small hills.

10 Fallout: New Vegas: A Dangerous Pile Of Loot


There is nothing more dangerous in the Fallout games then a Deathclaw. So why not put some great loot in an area filled with these crazy monsters? The area we are referring to is the Deathclaw Promontory, which is in the east side of the Colorado River just east of Lucky Jim Mine. Depending on your level there can be as many as 36 Deathclaws at any given time just waiting for prey. And the loot? The Remnants Power armor, which is one of the best armor sets in the game, if you can get out of the area alive.

Artwork by Psycrowe.

Fallout: New Vegas: Another Dangerous Treasure


Now that we think of it, perhaps there is something just as dangerous as a Deathclaw, a swarm of Cazadores. So what makes them so dangerous? Their poison, which can quickly drain your health even after they have been defeated.

Even two or three of these can be very dangerous if not properly prepared.

So in the spirit of fighting off a horde of Deathclaws why not have a nest of Cazadores? If you have to explore this area be prepared to pack antivenom just to survive. This location is between Brewer’s Beer Bootlegging and the Foxtrot Ranger Station.

Fallout: New Vegas: The Bootlegging Shack


In Fallout: New Vegas, there are many things that you can use to heal yourself in the form of a drink. One such drink could have been made in this shack. This shack leads to an underground bootlegging operation that was owned by a man named Gourd who was unfortunately taken down by Cazadores. His operation, that is due west of the Sunset Sarsparilla headquarters, was meant to be the start of “Strategic Nuclear Moose.” Strategic Nuclear Moose was meant to be a beverage made right there in the wasteland, shame it did not take off. It would have been nice to drink something that was not irradiated or hundreds of years old.

Fallout: New Vegas: The Sunken Soda Truck


In the northwest corner of Lake Mead, there is a Sunset Sarsaparilla truck that has been driven into the lake at the start of the great war. If you like to heal yourself with more then just Stimpacks you may want to take a dive and pick up the 23 Sarsaparillas and all the bottlecaps. These kinds of sights are some of the most interesting in all of the Fallout games. Though the question of what you may do after the world has ended often comes to the forefront of your mind, wondering what happened at the time still becomes the reason we explore the world.

Fallout 4: The Garage Of Doom


Right next to the Milton General Hospital and Fallon’s Department Store is a large parking garage. If you happen to wander into this maze it is full of crazy and creepy twists and turns. This is one of the two areas in this game that seem to come close to a Saw crossover than just another area of the game.

To be honest, it gives us goosebumps just thinking about it.

It is full of traps, depravity, and has some decent loot at the end so why not give it a once over? Just, before you do be prepared that it is a very creepy area of the game and can be very unsettling.

Fallout 4: A Huge Sinkhole


One thing that is very common in Fallout is seeing destroyed neighborhoods. Near the Malden Middle School, there is one such neighborhood that has not only been destroyed but has also fallen into a sinkhole. This area leads to an underground cavern but before you go into it you will find something pretty disturbing, there is a Deathclaw hiding in a storage container. What makes this hole in the ground so creepy is that this Deathclaw will not attack upon seeing you, but instead watch you as you move around and remaining motionless. If you try to inspect this curious sight it will viciously attack.

Fallout 4: The Stranded Sub


Still, after all this time some of us still have not found the Yangtze. For any of you that do not know, the Yangtze is a Chinese nuclear submarine that is stranded south of the Boston Airport and northeast of the Four Leaf fish-packing plant. Upon exploring the sub and asking the captain, you will find that this is one of many subs that attacked the United States hundreds of years before.

This location is part of a side mission where you help the ship’s captain fix the ship in exchange for some nuclear fire support.

Just in case the mortar support of the Minutemen seems a little weak.

Fallout 4: Skylanes Flight 1665


Let’s face it, some of the coolest parts of Fallout 4 are hidden in the glowing sea and this marvel is most easily found if you activate Relay Tower 0DB-521. The crash is just southwest of the tower itself that was hit with the shockwave of the first strike while it was attempting to land. Because of this, it is the most intact commercial passenger jet in the game, so much so that it even still has one wing and working directional lights. If you like to awe at the fantastic retro-futuristic artistic design as we do, it is worth a visit. The flight also has an interesting secret to find.

Fallout 4: The Last Sermon


Another interesting sight in the Glowing Sea is the Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church. This is another find attached to the radio beacons activated by Relay Tower 0DB-521. This church is buried in the radioactive ground and can only be accessed by jumping inside the roof. Once inside, the entire congregation is still inside the building, turned to Ghouls by the heavy radiation. It has some good loot but it is always interesting to explore the dilapidated ruins of the pre-war buildings left behind by the world. Not to mention the attention to detail by Bethesda to make the world feel as it was once alive.

Fallout 4: The Pyramid In The Sea


The last entry comes from the Glowing Sea is the Sentinel Site. This one is located south-southeast of the Crater of Atom and just south of the O’Neill Family Manufacturing plant. Now beyond its interesting shape, you might be surprised that this military complex was inspired by a real military complex called the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex.

In-game, it is really interesting to explore and makes you wonder…

In both cases, the facilities were designed to study anti-ballistic missile technology, specifically to defend the United States from nuclear attack. It is theorized that this was the target for the nuclear strike that hit the Glowing Sea, causing the extreme radiation within.

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