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Every comic book convention we see much of the same cosplays. Eight billion Elsas, one million Deadpools and tons and tons of Thors. Little tweaks and crossplays are what excite us now. We still want more, we want different! All fandoms are plagued by it. And whether you’re talking Marvel, D.C., or Star Wars its time to push the refresh button on con season.

While creativity is never lacking as the universe expands, there are still fan favorites that will make a loud splash, making the conventions look like an episode of Clone Wars. What’s a cosplayer to do?

Tired of the same old same old, nothing refreshes a cosplayer’s line up like a good old fashioned gender swap. To pull off a good gender bender is an art, to make it sexy, well that’s a masterpiece. We’ve scoured the Internet to find the sexiest gender swaps around. You’re welcome.

captain america

boba fett



green arrow

jason vorhees/ freddy kreuger

the rocketeer

red skull

psycho from borderlands


iron man

barf from space balls






the avengers

dr doom

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