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5 Criminally Overlooked Comics Everyone Should Be Reading –



It’s certainly fair to say that it’s pretty hard to get into comics. With all the reboots, diverging continuities and elseworld stories, it’s understandable why those who have enjoyed the movie or TV outputs of the Big Two – Marvel and DC – haven’t dived into the medium where they originated from, despite the on-screen versions sharing the same characters.

Though, to be honest, what’s slightly more baffling is amount of series that the majority of those already invested in comics seem to not notice, despite the inherent brilliance of the heroes both in and behind these excellent books.

Again though, it’s not exactly their fault, with so many great titles releasing each month, and comics not exactly being as cheap or easily available as they used to be, it’s easy to see why some of these supposedly big titles are relatively overlooked in comparison to others of similar ilk.

But, never fear, because we’ve got you covered with some of our picks for a few of the currently ongoing, fantastic series you may have missed over the past few months (or years) – and, if you are new to comics, a couple of these would act as a wonderful jumping-on point.

5. Justice League Dark

DC Comics

You may not think it, but a team made up of Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp, Zatanna, Swamp Thing and Man-Bat makes for a great mystical tale.

After the superb story presented in Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights Metal and its follow-up Justice League: No Justice the magic of the DC Universe is dying and set to bring all of humanity with it, but thankfully, Wonder Woman’s Justice League Dark is on the case.

Without going into detail, the colourful cast of characters really play off each other well, the team delving into the many magical corners of DC, so if you’ve been missing supernatural side of comics, but enjoying the more mainstream superheroics of the main Justice League, then this is the perfect book for you.

4. Deathstroke

DC Comics

In comparison to the New 52 incarnation of Deathstroke, Christopher Priest’s take on the character is – and there’s not really any other way of putting it – godly.

The books again sees the Terminator go up against the ultimate badasses of the DC Universe, most notably Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul, in very satisfying way, unlike the character’s previous book. As such, Deathstroke is finally seems to be being presented as the powerhouse he truly is, rather than a guy who sometimes battles a knockoff version of the Bat on the CW.

Whether you haven’t read any of the character’s earlier books or if you were left wanting something more from the 2014 series, then this current comic is a great place to get (back) into the world of Deathstroke.

3. X-Men: Red

Marvel Comics

When it comes to keeping up with a particular corner of the Marvel universe, the X-Men are arguably the most difficult to stay on top of, with the likes of X-23, Domino, Cable, Logan (though not for long, unfortunately), Iceman, the Blue and Gold teams as well as, obviously, Red (just to name a few), you’d be hard pressed to read every X-title each month.

Though if you’re sticking to just a few mutant books, or are looking to get into them, then Tom Taylor’s X-Men: Red is a brilliant place to start, with many fan favourite characters, ranging from Jean Grey to Nightcrawler, featuring as the stars of the comic.

This group is the X-Men at their best, the team pursuing Xavier’s original goal of wiping out the hate between mutants and humans, providing a fantastically modern take on the timeless message of equality that the team represents.

2. The Life Of Captain Marvel

Marvel Comics

When it comes to books featuring Earth’s mightiest hero, there seems to be a distinct lack of interest. Ever notice how the Captain Marvel books are constantly reset to issue one? That’s due to the low sales, in comparison to Marvel’s other heavy hitters like Iron Man or the Avengers, which is really quite a shame as over the course of her many different runs, the mighty Captain has enjoyed some brilliant writing…

…And continues to do so, with the latest series, The Life Of Captain Marvel, giving fans a “definitive origin” that manages to weave in both your classic superhero tropes (AKA fighting bad guys) as well as an emotional focal point in the form of Carol attempting to reconnect with her family.

All of this is headed up by Margaret Stohl, a writer who really understands the character through her time on The Mighty Captain Marvel, making this book a must-read for fans of Danvers’ previous series and people new to the character alike.

1. Daredevil

Marvel Comics

With the absolute brilliance of previous Daredevil runs, written by industry greats like Frank Millar, Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Waid, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Charles Soule’s current stint on the book wouldn’t be worth reading, though, that is by no means the case.

Soule provides fans with a book that takes what everyone knows and loves about Daredevil, and expands on it in almost every way, with the likes of the Defenders, Spider-Man, Moon Knight and Elektra constantly teaming up with the devil, giving fans some pretty insane stories in spite of the character’s street level status.

Daredevil also does something seemingly new for the character: taking on an apprentice, in the form of Samuel Chung, AKA Blindspot. This newfound partnership ends up taking Matt across the world to China to once again take on the Hand, something that later haunts him on his return to the Big Apple.

As well as the more classic superhero antics, the book really delves into Murdock’s legal career, as well as slightly more obscure elements of his past, namely his fictional twin-brother, Mike Murdock, giving readers a really diverse set of elements to enjoy.

So, for those of you who have been avoiding this title and those of you looking to start reading about the devil of Hell’s Kitchen, please, for the love of god, pick up this book.

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