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8 Best Friendships In DC Comics –


Marvel’s offerings may now be much more publicised due to the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet, though the comparatively mediocre films of DC may not be as nearly as popular, the friendships seen across their comics, TV shows and animation prove how their characters can be as excellent as, if not better than, the house of ideas’ line-up.

All throughout its eighty-four year history, DC has had a strong history of dynamic duos, but while the like of Batman and Robin may be family, we’re talking more about peers, such as the Bat’s other famously frequent teamer-uper (and on occasion complete enemy), Superman, the two having been teaming up as the world’s finest duo since the comic published during the second world war.

But, we’ll get back to them later, there are plenty more beautiful friendships than the one between DC’s two biggest icons, so, let’s take a look…

8. Red Hood & Arsenal

DC Comics

During the course of the recent Red Hood and the Outlaws and follow-up – Red Hood and Arsenal – these two former sidekicks have shown fans that they have people in their life, namely each other, apart from those connected to their previous mentors.

Their friendship starts off rather spectacularly, with Jason springing Roy from a Quraci prison (located in the fictional nation of Qurac) moments before he is due to be executed.

Following that the two, along with probably one of the worst incarnations of Starfire, have had many adventures, going up against everything from the Court Of Owls’ assassins – the Talons – to Todd’s old friend the Joker, as well as even the likes of Ra’s Al Ghul, not to mention their trip to Tamaran and the ensuing fight against the Blight.

So, while their friendship may have waned slightly in later stories, the two certainly have at least the greatest trust and respect for one another, making them, though it may not be shown, friends.

7. Jim Gordon & Harvey Bullock

DC Comics

As those of you who watch Fox’s Gotham will definitely know, for decades now, across the many Earths of the DC universe, these two detectives have been the best of partners and through said partnership friends.

Although now famous for having such great trust between them, the pair didn’t exactly start off on the best of terms, with the pre-Crisis (On Infinite Earths) depicting Bullock as a dirty cop, tasked with destroying Gordon’s career by Gotham’s mayor at the time, Hamilton Hill.

In the post-Crisis DC landscape however, the pair become how we know them today, with Harvey supporting Jim from the start of his detective career as they attempt to clean up the GCPD (along with help from Batman, of course).

6. Dick Grayson & Wally West

DC Comics

The original Titans, Wally and Dick have forged a friendship through the many battles they have fought alongside each other.

During their time as Titans in the original, pre-New 52 continuity the two practically grew up together, with them both finding themselves all while experiencing the trials and tribulations that being a teenage superhero has to offer.

Yet, their adult lives have (somehow) been slightly more turbulent , with the original Wally, the one that some fans consider to be the main Flash, being ripped from the main universe in favour of a version more in line with the one seen in the CW show, only returning with the recent DC Rebirth banner.

However, as you may expect between such friends, Dick accepted West back with open arms, even giving him the push he needed to reconnect with Linda Park.

5. Batgirl & Black Canary

DC Comics

Barbara Gordon may not be a detective in the same sense that her father is, but she too does have a crime-fighting partner to call friend in the form of Dinah Lance.

Also similar to her father, Babs and Dinah didn’t start off as the best of friends, with Oracle’s (the name Barbara was going by at the time) more calculated approach clashing with Canary’s idealistic impulsiveness.

Through the many battles they have fought together, the pair have grown to have immense trust and respect for one another, with either of them having saved each other on numerous occasions. The most notable of which probably being Oracle’s orchestration of Dinah’s escape from the villain Savant.

4. Booster Gold & Blue Beetle

DC Comics

Seeing as Booster’s suit, and all the other tech he uses to be a hero, was stolen from a Kord Industries owned museum in the 25th century, it’s lucky that during his time spent in the present day him and Kord became extremely good friends.

Over the course of their time as members of the Justice League of America and Justice League International the two became quite the friends, their c-list status (of the time) and shared wise-cracking attitude making them a perfect duo in terms of both their personalities and also from an editorial standpoint.

This friendship has stretched across the DC multiverse, with Tom Taylor’s Injustice book giving us one of the most touching moments between the two, with Kord giving Gold true ownership of all the tech he stole, leaving him a final message after his death at the hands of Ra’s Al Ghul, as well as this greatly emotional bit of storytelling, the Injustice-verse has even hinted that the two may be more than friends, further cementing the love between them.

3. Green Arrow & Green Lantern

DC Comics

Though both Green Lantern and Green Arrow may now both be more famous for hanging out with the Flash, one in the comics and the other on TV, in reality the green guys are better friends with each other than they ever have been with the running man.

The pair most famously teamed up in the aptly named book Green Arrow/Green Lantern, but more specifically the Hard Travelling Heroes arc, in which the social justice warrior esque politics of Queen clashed with the stalwart, establishmentarian attitude of Jordan, representing the politics of the era.

Through this journey across the good ol’ US of A the two became great friends and came to understand each others politics, leading to the relationship they now share today.

2. Robin & Superboy

DC Comics

The newest friendship on this list, these two young heroes were only recently introduced to the DC universe (with this incarnation of Jonathan Kent only really being featured properly in the Rebirth banner) probably most famously appearing in Peter J. Tomasi’s excellent Super Sons, and follow up maxi-series Adventures of the Super Sons, in which the two shared many, well… adventures.

While Damian Wayne has siblings in the form of the previous Robins, the son of the bat has also practically grown up with Jonathan making them, in essence, brothers and, as with most siblings, the two end up arguing a decent amount of the time, but also, as with most siblings, they’re always friends again by the end of the day.

1. Batman & Superman

DC Comics

You probably expected this from the introduction, but the two most famous heroes of the DC universe share more than the common goal of saving the world, but also something much more personal, a wonderful friendship.

The world’s finest duo have been friends for many decades now, and, like their sons, they have also shared a brilliant comic book title and in it, as well as the countless Justice League books they have appeared in, saved each other literally countless times.

However, it’s not always a happy save each time, as these friends have been through tougher times than most other heroes, with Bruce having experienced the loss of a child, though, as good friends should, Clark was there straight away to support him.

So, while the recent films may depict them as more enemies than friends these two icons are in reality, family in everything but blood.

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