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8 Video Games That REWARDED You For Being A Dick –


Sometimes, we gamers just love playing against the rules. Tons of games reward you for wandering off the beaten path and battering whatever’s in your way, and sheer experimental escapist mischief has been on the cards for decades.

You know what, though? There are some devs that clearly want to fuel this sort of thing; concocting all sorts of fun scenarios where digital crime definitely does pay.

8. Overlord

Triumph Studios

We begin with a game that literally casts you as a big bad lad and actively encourages you to destroy and pillage in the name of evil. You take control of the titular Overlord, and your job is very simple: Build an evil empire from the ground up by sending out your minions to do the dirty work.

It’s all played for laughs as well, with the “heroes” of the realm actually being more corrupt and evil than the main bad guy himself. After all, he’s providing housing, jobs AND social security to a marginalised race of creatures.

Overlord, he’s got my vote.

Anyway, one particular example in many that rewards a good old reaping is when you are faced with whether to spare peasants or add them to the murder pile. Sparing them actually does nothing, but snuffing out these chuffs not only gives you some money but also cranks up your evil meter, allowing you quicker access to the top tier spells.

So yeah, act like Theresa May and murder the working class. It’s… a… win-win?

7. Fable: The Lost Chapters


Fable is a game known for it’s moral choices, allowing players to make characters more grey than my moral areas, as they sneak a bit of coin here and save a town there. However, the devs did offer a reward for bad guys that’s almost too tempting to pass up.

Behold Skorms Bow, the best ranged weapon in the game. How do you get your hands on this lovely little lobber? Well, you’ve got to sacrifice people to the God Skorm at his temple, though he’s rather picky on when he fancies a snack, so slicing people at certain times gives you better rewards.

If you can drain your chosen acolyte bang on midnight, you’ll get a huge boost to your evil karma, nabbing the Skorm Bow too. It lets you unleash volley after volley of arrows until the cows come home.

Actually, while we’re on, shoot them too.

6: Fallout New Vegas


The first of two Bethesda games on this list, New Vegas is a marathon of choices that rewards both good and bad behaviour. It’s honestly astounding how many micro actions you can commit throughout a playthrough, and each thread plays out in different ways. However, there are times, when being bad is oh so good.

Take for example, the case of the ending to Lonesome Roads, in which you are given the choice to nuke either the NCR, or the Legion, or neither… or both. With a simple push of the button, you can give the world a good ol’ nuclear seeing to.

Yet why would you do this? Well, sweet loot bro, because if you drop the gamma hammer on both sides, you’ll be able to open new areas, new characters to fight and a brand spanking new grenade launcher, plus some very choice armour.

After all why wouldn’t you want a little banger after dropping such a huge one, sure the world will suffer but at the same time it’s no picnic to begin with is it?

5. The Bard’s Tale

InXile Entertainment

“Every woman I was ever involved with ended up being the woman from hell, now I’ve got the real thing, it could be fun.”

Such are the words of our hero The Bard at the end of The Bard’s Tale evil ending.

Bless him, he’s not exactly had a smooth journey to begin with, but now he stands here in front of the Princess he’s been trying to rescue for ages, only for her to turn out to be the ruler of the underworld in disguise. Now, if you’re good of heart, you can choose not to slay the beast and get the “good” ending, but that results in The Bard going back to his ways, penniless and soon to be forgotten.

However, if you choose the evil ending, you get everything your heart desires: The love of a slightly goatish woman, and the added benefit of letting you rule at her side over the land. Not bad if you ask me.

4. Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Bandai Namco

While not all the Ace Combat games have been great, they’re certainly fun. And speaking of fun, in The Belkan War you can mess around with the titles in game karma system to get some nice rewards.

By shooting enemies that are running from battle or neutral targets just trying to Sweden their way through life, you earn Mercenary points, which are “bad”.

You can leave them and gain “Knight” points, but these do precisely bugger all. The more merc points you have, the harder the game becomes, which might sound like a terrible thing but remember: The more people you kill and the harder they are, the more points and cash you earn, making upgrades easier to get.

It’s like a self-imposed hard mode that comes with it’s own rewards, so while it might not be the most immediate, acting like a dick will end up seeing you soar over enemies in the later stages. Lovely stuff.

3. Chrono Cross

Square Enix

Oh, Chrono Cross. While your older sibling Chrono Trigger might top a lot of lists across the land, my heart will always belong to you.

One of the best aspects – much like the original – is the lovely variety of characters you can recruit to make up your fighting party, and one of the best is this 2 handed hellraiser, Glenn. Not exactly the most awe-inspiring name, but he hits like a train and is really useful to pick up.

The thing is though, in order to do that, well… you need to be a dick.

Another one of your possible party members, Kid, gets poisoned, and obviously needs some medicine. However, if you want Glenn Ten on your side, you’re going to have to give her a big old pie in the face and refuse.

This upsets the group and can lead to some bad things happening like the extinction of a race of dwarves, but GLENN IS HERE, and to be fair, you can still recruit Kid late in the game by doing some side quests.

2. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion


It’s actually quite hard to choose which naughty and nefarious quests to put here, but the cream of the crop has to be when you help out either the Daedric powers enact their weird brand of footsie on the world, or – and this is my personal favourite – the Dark Brotherhood quests.

And the best of the very best is the quest “Whodunnit”, which is the epitome of evil. You need to kill all the guests in a manor who are having a party, which sounds pretty par for the course right?

Well dear friend, while it’s true that you can just walk in swing your weapon and be done with it, it’s much much more fun and rewarding to be as evil as you can. Lie, poison and misdirect the other guests so that you can walk away with no one the wiser.

Playing guest off one another is brilliant fun but you’ll literally be jumping for joy if you pull it off, because the Night Mother’s Blessing you receive for doing all this extra work is a plus 2 to Marksman, Security, Sneak, Acrobatics and Blade skill.

Very, very nice.

1. Mega Man Legends


This is a severely underrated Mega Man game in my opinion. Yes, it might handle about as well as a legless horse in glue, but it looks lovely and has some true charm to it.

One of the lesser known – but rather hilarious – features was the ability to turn the blue bomber to an emo machine by being naughty, as the more times you break the law, the darker your armor becomes.

The best example of this – and a really easy way to get the black armour – instantly comes when two of the little servo bots try to rob a bank and you’re tasked with stopping them.

Scupper the little fellas and kill ’em for good measure for all I care, and then approach the stolen money. Now if you’re a good samaritan, you can return the money and get a partial reward, but where’s the fun in that?

Much better is the plan to take the money for yourself, because not only do you net some sweet dark armour, but also a tonne of cash to spend on upgrades. And let me just tell you, grinding for loot is looong in this game, so the cash injection is greatly appreciated.

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