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9 Types Of Anime Fans That Are Giving Everyone Else A Bad Name –


Vote up the anime fans you least want to run in to on the convention floor.

Mingling with other anime geeks allows you to discuss your favorite series and characters, as well as demonstrate how faithful an otaku you really are. However, there are a few annoying anime fans who may put a damper on your fun. These are often the worst types of anime fans, and they can really get under your skin. But don’t let these types of terrible anime fans end your enjoyment of anime or the pleasure of meeting another otaku. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, likes, and dislikes. So, no matter now rude, obnoxious, or annoying these different types of insufferable anime geeks may be, in the end, they appreciate anime in their own way.

Are you fretting about encountering these kinds of fans? Don’t worry! Check out this horrible anime fandom breakdown list, and you’ll get some great insight into every kind of annoying anime nerd you could possibly encounter at your next anime convention, group meet-up, or online forum.

The Alpha Nerd

Fandom Level: 10 shurikens out of 10

Favorite Shows: Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto

Key Characteristics: These are the extreme smarty pants of the fandom. They’ve spent hundreds of hours watching, researching, and analyzing anime series inside and out so they can collect and analyze “solid facts.” Because of their knowledge, they feel superior to other fans and will shoot others down for espousing personal theories or thoughts about a series. These big time know-it-alls will often get onto anime forums and write essay-long posts about a series, just to prove unimportant points.

The Cosplay Nazi

Fandom Level: 7 out of 10 “Nico Nico Nii!” poses from Nico Yazawa

Favorite Shows: Love Live! School Idol Project, Sword Art Online, Black Butler

Key Characteristics: These fans are usually well-seasoned or professional cosplayers. They generally spend loads of time, cash, and effort working on costume designs and props to dress up as their favorite anime characters at conventions. While cosplay is for everyone, these hobbyists have been known to mock other cosplayer’s costumes based on their execution and accuracy.

They’ll also ridicule fellow cosplayers for not being “authentic” if they don’t design and build their own costumes. The really mean ones will even bash other cosplayers by saying they shouldn’t portray particular characters based on their weight, gender, or ethnicity. That’s unforgivably uncool.

The Dub Hater

Fandom Level: Totoros standing in the rain out of 10

Favorite Shows: Hanasaku IrohaTonari no Totoro, Desu nôto

Key Characteristics: These fanatics are faithful to Japanese subs, and are completely disgusted with any dubbed series. Even if a dub is great, they will still come out against it and argue why the Japanese subtitled version is better. They’re often obstinate, close-minded, and generally exhausting to debate with.

They are also known for bashing anime newbies, who often get interested in anime through dubs, as well as anyone who enjoys or prefers dubbed series. They also tend to refer to anime by their untranslated Japanese names, which can be both confusing and frustrating. 

The Manga Critic

Fandom Level: 9 filler episodes out of 10

Favorite Shows: Mushi-shi, Monster, Hellsing Ultimate

Key Characteristics: This type of fan is not 100 % faithful to any given anime title, and often spends their time criticizing series and swearing the manga is better. Watching or talking about an anime series with this type of fan usually isn’t fun, as they tend to pull up multiple comparison points to prove how the manga’s storyline is better, instead of discussing the merits of the anime. They are also known to pick at an anime’s art style, based on how it differs from the style of the original manga. Not because it’s worse, you see, but simply because it’s different.

The Fictional Relationship Dakimakura Carrying Fan

Fandom Level: 10 Natsume Asahina dakimakura out of 10

Favorite Shows: Angel Tales, Brothers Conflict, Nisekoi 

Key Characteristics: In the world of anime fandom, it’s not uncommon to have an anime waifu or husbando, which are otaku terms used to describe your fictional wife or husband. However, there’s one “special” breed of fan who are very devoted to their fictional anime relationship. In fact, they’re known to carry around a dakimakura (body pillow) featuring their chosen waifu or husbando.

You may often see them walking around anime conventions with their pillow safely protected in their grasp. In extreme cases, these devoted fans carry their dakimakura everywhere with them, even to public places like cafés or amusement parks. While everyone is free to love whomever/whatever they want, and we shouldn’t judge, the problem comes when the characters depicted on dakimakura are super young (as they sometimes are). It’s insanely uncomfortable to see someone fondling an animated 12 year old on a pillow while you’re just trying to grab a soft pretzel.


The Fujioshi Fangirl

Fandom Level: pork cutlet bowls out of 10

Favorite Shows: Yuri!!! On Ice, Junjou Romantica, Love Stage!!

Key Characteristics: These are female fanatics obsessed with yaoi (or boy love). These fans are hardcore, and dead serious about the pairings they make between male characters. Passion is one thing, but these fangirls just don’t stop talking about handsome dudes having sex with each other. They are also known to ship non-homosexual characters together, and are ready to vehemently defend their views on who is the seme (top) or uke (bottom) in the relationship, even if you didn’t ask. There is also a yaoi-obsessed male fanbase, known as fudanshi fanboys.

The Mainstream Only Fan

Fandom Level: 8 out of 10 Titans

Favorite Shows: Attack On Titan, FMA: Brotherhood, Tokyo Ghoul

Key Characteristics: This fan is known to only watch popular mainstream anime that has a lot of buzz in the community. They often bad mouth older series, and are opposed to watching any classic anime titles that aired in the past. In addition, they are more likely to favor rebooted series over the original. These people won’t give most new series a shot either, until they’ve picked up enough heat to be considered worth their time. Frankly, having a discussion with them about anime is like talking to someone who only listens to the top 40 about music.

The Nostalgist


Fandom Level: 7 dragon balls out of 10

Favorite ShowsLegend of the Galactic Heroes, Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball

Key CharacteristicsThey are completely dedicated to classic anime series and movies. They choose not to watch any new anime, and are known to criticize and bash new anime based on the animation style, character design, storyline, and even modern voice acting. Basically, imagine if someone only watched The Honeymooners, and constantly gave you a hard time for enjoying The Office.   

The Weeaboo

Fandom Level: Pocky sticks out of 10

Favorite Shows: Oreimo, Lucky Star, HimoutoUmaru-chan

Key Characteristics: These fans often denounce their own culture, and live for everything Japan-related. Because they learn everything about Japanese culture through watching anime, their pronunciation is often inaccurate and they generally have little actual knowledge of what life is like in Japan. For example, they often use the Japanese linking word “desu,” resulting in the incorrect linking of words. They usually furnish their rooms/homes with Japanese-style décor, and may strictly eat Asian-style dishes and snacks. Any suggestion they’re not actually Japanese or criticism of their plan to “move to Tokyo and finally fit in,” will be met with derision and inarticulate cries of baka

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