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A Top Ten List Of The Strongest Devil May Cry Characters –



With Devil May Cry 5’s arrival harking us back to those great days when series was a powerhouse name, it’s worth a look at those characters that showed just how powerful all the beings in the series are.

If you stack up the characters of Devil May Cry against other franchises, these characters will almost certainly win without much difficulty. The characters here have powers one can’t even imagine and it’s fitting they all lock up against each other as most other  characters in their universe wouldn’t stand a chance against them.

With that in mind, here are the 10 Strongest Devil May Cry characters, Ranked. For this list, we’ve omitted characters who are different versions of the same person and taken into consideration powers certain characters attained by other means; which weren’t inherently within them.

10 Trish

A demon made in the form of Dante’s mother, Trish has shown she’s unlike any regular demon as we’ve seen her vanquishing demonic foes like they were nothing. On the skills side, Trish has the ability to jump several times higher than even Dante.

She’s got the whole set of abilities of a super demon; these being strength, endurance, and durability. Trish, however, doesn’t stand a chance against higher beings like Dante or the antagonist of the games as these beings’ abilities outrank hers where it matters the most. Still, she’s enormously powerful if considering her opponents to be regular demons or very powerful humans.

9 Arkham

Arkham made up for his lack of true demonic power by utilizing his immense intellect. He brought Dante and Vergil to their knees by pitting them against each other and causing them to be severely weakened to the point that Arkham was the one standing tall.

In his Jester form, he was still very powerful as he had several tricks up his sleeve like duplicity, manipulation, and slights of hand that almost defeated Dante on the occasions they matched up. With the power of Sparda, Arkham briefly became more powerful than Dante and Vergil, and it took both to defeat him. He loses out to other beings, though, due to not having these powers inherently and relying on other means to gain said power.

8 Berial

Being the ruler of Fire Hell for millennia, it’s a shame we only saw Berial being treated as a joke by Nero and Dante, who both outranked him in power, as Berial was nothing to shrug off.

The problem was that Berial wasn’t in his native Fire Hell, which would’ve made him a foe unlikely to be defeated. Berial’s fire powers are such that he can incinerate an entire town simply by his presence. any low-level being would be toasted in seconds by the explosive projectiles Berial produced. It would’ve been interesting to see how Berial would’ve fared against opponents of his level; too bad he had to meet Dante and Nero.

7 Argosax

Argosax was the ruler of Hell for a significant time and it required Sparda assistance to seal him in when they locked up. When not in its true form, Argosax could assimilate other demons around them to bring itself shape and form; this meant Argosax couldn’t truly be hurt.

In its true form, Argosax was neither male or female and had the appearance of a corrupted archangel. He had the powers of electricity, fireball conjuring, and shape-shifting, but we can’t place Argosa all that high as it still lost to Dante at the end, who didn’t seem to break much of a sweat to beat Argosax.

6 Sanctus

Sanctus also had cunning and influence in his favor, which he employed to be reborn as a higher being. In his demonic state, Sanctus could teleport, use lightning projectiles and shields, and showcase invulnerability.

However, while Sanctus was definitely more powerful than almost any being at this time, these powers were tied to The Savior, which meant they weren’t truly his. Still, The Savior and Sanctus gave an awfully difficult time to Dante of all people, and it required Nero to penetrate within the Savior to finally confront and defeat Sanctus. Had Sanctus had more time, he would’ve been able to tap into further powers.

5 Nero

The only thing keeping Nero from the top spot is the fact that he doesn’t have enough experience. When we’ve seen him supercharged, Nero has been able to backhand Dante to submission and even beat Vergil.

His drawback is his immaturity and lack of knowledge. On the power front, Nero’s true devil trigger is the stuff of nightmares for his enemies as no one has a clue how to answer it. Nero has taken down the biggest and baddest, albeit with help from Dante, and might be at the top of the list once he gains a few years of experience under his belt.

4 Vergil

The perfected version of Nero has to be his father Vergil. There’s no one who has exhibited the level of skill and finesse that Vergil has. Vergil is knowledgeable in all facets of demonic lore and tapped into his demon side long before his younger brother Dante.

On paper, no one should be able to beat Vergil, or even his corrupted form Nelo Angelo; however, Vergil’s fatal flaw has been his arrogance. He proved no match for Mundus due to charging into battle in a weakened state, and every time Vergil has lost it has been because of underestimating his opponents. With the Yamato and a controlled mind, Vergil can beat any being in the universe.

3 Mundus

How do you kill a being that can’t die? The answer is that you don’t. Mundus is still alive and out there somewhere in the Devil May Cry universe despite losing to Dante; he just can’t be finished.

Mundus’ powers seem to be impossible to gauge as he can even go all the way into space and beyond! In his true form, Mundus is all-encompassing and can assimilate whatever he wants. Mundus has his own lair in the demon world because he would otherwise consume everything around him. He loses out for the top spot due to having no answer how to beat Sparda and Dante; the only failure Mundus has ever had in his millennia of existence.

2 Sparda

From what we’ve heard of Sparda, he never lost at all. His power and legendary status have been such that the people of Fortuna worship as God despite Sparda having died some time ago. A slice of Sparda’s true form made Arkham the most powerful being in existence, which is telling as to how immensely powerful he was.

Using the sword Sparda (not to be confused with the person Sparda), Dante was able to defeat Mundus of all beings, attesting to what insane level of power Sparda must have been controlling. He doesn’t make the top spot because we’ve only ever heard of him and not seen him in action, plus he seems to have passed away like any mortal. But let’s not forget that every single powerful being in existence seems to have lost to Sparda at some point or another.

1 Dante

Of course, there’s no doubt that Dante has reached the point where he has surpassed his father. While Sparda defeated immensely powerful beings, Dante ended almost all of them. He has never lost in any fight or battle and not even the demon world has been able to hold him.

Dante showed he was on another level by beating Argosax like it was nothing, toying around with Nero at every turn, vanquishing Mundus, and defeating Vergil every time it counted. Dante’s devil trigger is such that in his true form he can achieve just about anything. Regeneration, flight, power amplification, super speed, among others come second nature. Imagine how ridiculously powerful Dante would be if he did use all his abilities rather than joke around.


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