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91 Days.

This series focuses on vengeance as the main character Angelo (Avillio) plans to murder all those involved in the death of his family. I’m all for anime involving the mafia, and when this first came out I remember finishing the series in less than two days.


The stories in this anime jump around through time and place. The focus is a mystery regarding immortality. Baccano will always be a favorite anime of mine. I had to watch the series twice before I was able to figure out the time points and how everything fit together, and after I did… wow much respect for this series. Another series containing mafia and amazing action scenes.


Venturing away from the action… I managed to find this relaxing slice of life. This anime is truly beautiful. It focuses on the growth of an arrogant calligrapher as he is exiled to an island.

Cowboy Bebop.

A classic. Enough said. Watch it.


For those who have seen Hellsing, this is an anime you will enjoy. For those who haven’t seen either be prepared for a bloody anime with a lot of violence which ultimately might not have a plot that makes sense? But hey, we like action and gore.


Friendship. Loyalty. Betrayal. This anime follows the relationship between Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowel as they join Millennion, a large mafia syndicate (I think at this point you’ll notice I have a thing for the mafia). I remember the anime opening and ending songs to be extremely beautiful.


Initial D.

This is an incredible addicting series. The main character is apathetic but truly a prodigy when it comes to racing.


Yeah. I’m currently watching it right now on Prime video… and I don’t even know what is happening, but if you’re ready for a random ride, please watch. It’s very entertaining with many times I throw my arms up in the air because I’m confused.

Kara no Kyoukai movie series.

The main character of the series possesses a supernatural ability which allows her to view death on any object. Each movie in this anime is episodic but I know the the action was truly amazing and kept me engrossed.

Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteru.

I have a thing for anime that focus on sports. In this case, this follows the story of men’s cross country. I finished this series in a day.

Mo Dao Zu Shi.

I found this by mistake on YouTube. This is a Chinese anime. This is a very unique supernatural anime. It’s based on the warring states period and the violence is very brutal and they don’t hold back. The action again is truly spectacular.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Who doesn’t like mecha? Like any mecha, we have gundman’s, politics and military. I really enjoyed the character dynamic in this series even though the ending started to spiral out of control.


I wish I could have found a better gif… but I didn’t want to spoil this masterpiece. Although the series is long, this is a MUST watch. A psychological thriller and one that will leave you trembling in bed.

Piano no Mori (movie and TV series).

We have a piano prodigy. The music is beautiful and the story is unique as it follows Kai Ichinose from when he first discovered the piano in the forest and then making it to the world stage.

Phantom Requiem For The Phantom.

This was the first gun anime I saw, roughly 5 years ago. This follows the story of two assassins, and then we’ll throw in romance, drama and action. I liked the stoic attitude of both the main characters.

Quanzhi Gaoshou.

Another Chinese anime. This is similar to Sword Art Online — but actually good in my opinion. The main character is a totally OP gamer and you mainly follow his story as he competes through a game called GLORY.

Saraiya Goyou.

I’m not entirely sure why I liked this anime as much as I did. It’s a very slow paced anime with not a lot of action. If you’re into samurai and a story that focuses on plot more than action, I would recommend this.

Shoukoku no Altair.

This anime is NOT well known at all, but it is completely underrated. I found this on Prime Video and decided to give it a shot. Wow. It did not disappoint. The story focuses on Tughrill Mahmut who is a young pasha. The story has a strong political focus as we see the costs of what needs to be done to either prevent or start war between nations. Don’t be surprised by how light hearted he looks… this is a surprisingly dark anime that has no problem in killing off characters.

Stranger: Mukou Hadan.

Action? We like action. Yes. The movie takes place in the Sengoku period of Japan and follows the story of a ronin and a young orphan.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku.

This movie follows the story of a Pilot who must traverse an ocean alone, flying into enemy territory to drop off a damsel in distress! I thought the animation was beautiful, reminded me a bit of Porco Rosso (another anime involving a pilot, I recommend this too!) I loved the interaction between the princess and the pilot… the relationship regarding military love hit home.

Vampire Hunter D (2000).

An older anime, but I found the old animation to be quite beautiful. The movie revolves around the character D who was born of a vampire father and a human mother but is an outcast to society. This movie I remember had a strong message, or I felt I took away a lot from the ending.

Violet Evergarden.

I’ll always love this anime. I remember sitting in my ex’s apartment and he’d come home and I’d be sobbing because each episode was so beautiful. The main character, Violet, was a young girl raised for the sole purpose of killing the enemy in war. After the war is over, and losing a loved one, she needs to readapt to new life without war. Emotionless as she is, she begins to learn over the series through different character experiences. This anime was an emotional ride.

Vinland Saga.

If you like Attack on Titan, then you will most definitely love this series. The story is quite straight forward, we have a main character that is always angry and seeking revenge (sound like anyone else, Eren?) This is a time of vikings though and I’ll say that the character development is truly amazing and the writing is really well done. Another brutally violent anime though.

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