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Apex Legends: 25 Tips and Tricks To Become A Pro Player –



Boasting over a whopping 50 million players after only its first month of release, Apex Legends has burst its way onto the FPS scene out of nowhere – and for good reason – it’s a blast to play. Residing in the Titanfall universe, the game superbly blends an Overwatch-esque hero-based shooter with Battle Royale rules.

Given the frustrating one-and-done system of perishing, BR games have managed to be something of a “love it or hate it” genre. Yet, it’s one that seems to be gathering tons of momentum very rapidly. This is thanks to phenomena like FortnitePlayerUknown Battle Grounds, and even a Tetris variation on the BR formula. Unlike those games, however, Apex Legends dazzles with slick aesthetics and a vast, epic environment, which 20 teams of 3 player squads are dropped into, battling for supremacy. It also contains the more appealing, newbie-friendly ability to be revived and respawned.

With such a hectic, action-oriented game and a pretty massive, often overwhelming scope, it can be tough for the newcomer to find their footing and claw their way to the top of the heap. While you’re given a basic training session, this mode fails to really cover certain nuances you’ll run into (and often learn the hard way) while playing. And rest assured, you’ll need to know what you’re doing. Because of all the chaos, random elements, and abundance of players, “winning” in Apex can be a difficult feat, even for veterans. Thus, it’s important to learn the complexities and finer details to maximize your odds of becoming champion.

With that said, let’s dive in and go over some of the more advanced techniques, strategies, and tips you can utilize to gain that glorious, coveted victory in Apex Legends.

25 Dive N’ Glide


So you’re diving headfirst out of your dropship with your squad, soaring through the sky in exhilerating fashion. While it may seem like you’re falling fast, you might notice that some around you are landing faster, meaning they’re grabbing all that sweet loot nearby before you can!

Thankfully, there’s a way to nudge this crucial speed advantage in your favor, at least slightly. Simply aim down to plummet and gather your speed to roughly 145 mph, and then level off to glide at a shallower angle. Once you’ve slowed to somewhere in the 130 mph range, fall sharply again. Rinse and Repeat. This proves especially useful if you’re aiming to reach distant drop points, as you’ll cover a lot of ground quickly.

24 Take Advantage Of The Littler Legends


The contrast in the hitbox of each Legend is a relatively simple, but often overlooked element to Apex. It can make the difference between getting gunned down and barely escaping a heated firefight with a sliver of health.

If you want to be the hardest to hit, utilize the Legends with the smallest hitboxes. These are Lifeline, Bloodhound (both 37 square cm), and the smallest, most evasive, Wraith, clocking in at a measly 32 square cm. Compare this to Gibraltar and Caustic, who are over twice the size and thus twice the target, and the advantage becomes apparent. You might figure the two larger characters would at least have more health, but this is actually not the case.

23 Gun For These Top Tier Weapons

via: (TmarTm2)

With the variety of weapons randomly scattered about and a typically limited window in which to practice with them, it can be tricky to figure out which pack the most punch. This is where we come in…

The consensus is that the “top tier” of weapons, for the most part, are as follows: The Kraber, R-99, .50-Cal Sniper, Mastiff, Prowler, R-301, Longbow, and the Spitfire. Additionally, while the once overpowered Peacekeeper and Wingman have been recently nerfed a bit, they still prove to be very solid choices.

Of course, much depends which accessories you’ve got attached to each weapon and your distance to the enemy. Generally speaking, though, these are the weapons you want to clamor for.

22 Hack It Up With Pathfinder


While many tend to steer clear of Pathfinder and his large hitbox in favor of Lifeline when it comes to support-based Legends, he can prove quite handy if you plan to traverse large areas. Not only is his grapple useful to cover a lot of terrain quickly, but his passive ability allows him to hack into survey beacons.

Hacking these will reveal the upcoming enclosed ring (shown in green on the map). This allows your squad to get a head start on the competition and establish a secure base in the safe zone with less risk. While these beacons are tricky to find, they’re mostly on the outskirts of the map and perched atop high areas (the tops of roofs, treehouses, etc).

21 Portal + Phase = Super Speedy Wraith


In yet another way that Wraith might just be the coolest, most effective Legend – she can initiate a sort of super-speed run, at least for a few seconds. As many are already aware, her Phase tactical move dials up her speed to a small degree.

Yet, using your portal ultimate while triggering Phase directly after yields a ridiculously fast running speed. You can exploit this to aid squad members to travel far distances with your portal while covering crazy distances yourself just by running with these abilities triggered.

20 Take Advantage Of The Lack Of Damage Drop-Off


Surprisingly, Apex Legend features no damage drop-off with any of its weapons (aside from the Havoc). Yes, even a shotty or a pistol will puncture your opponent several yards in the distance. This is provided you’re able to hit them, as the accuracy will still get worse at range.

This means that you can take advantage of weapons that pack a punch like the Wingman and the Peacekeeper, even from afar. So while typical long-range options like snipers will still give you a closer look and a more accurate shot, you can still exploit the lack of damage drop-off and use other weapons at a distance.

19 Shoot For The Blue Circle (If It’s Far From The Dropship)!


As most are aware, the blue circle that radiates from a random area of the map holds prime loot – including a guaranteed gold piece of equipment. Though many find themselves getting gunned down quickly and with great frequency when attempting to land there. Its enticing nature makes it a natural hot zone, which means you’ll usually be diving straight into trouble. A rule of thumb is – steer clear from this area more often than not, particularly when it’s closer to your dropship.

However, you might want to give it a go if it’s positioned abnormally far from the dropship. This is because most squads are more likely to simply lose patience and drop in at an earlier point, giving you more of a clearing to lock down the area.

18 Do The Demise Box Dance!


Yes, those purple or gold downed-played boxes may be enticing, but stopping for prolonged periods to loot them can make you more vulnerable as you’ll be stationary and preoccupied. Thus, you may want to shuffle around back and forth a bit as you’re looting, which will make you a tougher target to hit, especially if you’re looting out in the open.

This is a bit trickier to pull off for the console versions of Apex, since you’ll have to coordinate scrolling through lists with the right joystick while shifting using the Dpad simultaneously. Still, it could mean the difference between life and elimination.

17 Be Aggressive!

via: (Rogue Assassin)

On a basic level, this might seem fairly obvious, but still, many squads seem content to lay back on the outskirts of the map and collect all the loot they can, rather than chase fights. This may be a sufficient enough strategy to last up to the final 4 or 5 squads with relative ease. The issue, though, is that by doing this, you’re inevitably making things more difficult for yourself long-term.

This is because the more aggressive squads that have fought their way to the top will be better practiced with their weapons, and will probably be ready for you. They’ll also likely be fully decked out, making them hard to topple. Put simply – go forth and push whenever possible. You’ll get more practice, and will increase your odds of catching weaker opponents off guard. Also, stay grouped with your squad as much as possible as you push.

16 Start The Fight With A Bang!

Via: Dexerto

You’ll often see players that really know what they’re doing chuck various explosives in the general direction at enemies. There’s a reason for this – as it can disorient, weaken, or completely down a foe in one fell swoop. Once you’ve kicked things off with either a grenade or the ever-imposing Arc Star, you can then whip out your weapon and try to gun them down while they’re flustered.

You also may want to resort to these explosives while you’re well in the midst of a firefight or looking to retreat. You might find a well-placed grenade can give you a clearing, or even finish off a foe with low health. These methods particularly prove useful when indoors.

15 Utilize Balloons To Cover Great Distances Quicker


You may have noticed a few balloons scattered about the map, complete with long ropes dangling from them. These aren’t simply for show – you can scurry your way up these ropes swiftly, and use them to redeploy yourself and your squad in a similar fashion to how you launched out of the dropship. This can prove a handy method to escape a sticky situation, but it also allows you to cover far more ground in less time.

As a neat little bonus, you can also utilize an exploit to cover even more ground at a faster rate with these balloons. To do this, simply look up into the sky as you launch, hold the free look button, and watch as your character glides swiftly through the sky!

14 Run The Table With Caustic In Small Buildings


Cool themes and wardrobe aside, Caustic is a notoriously average character compared to the other Legends. Yet, he can be the most effective in certain indoor situations. This is particularly true towards the end of a battle, when the action heats up, the ring has closed in, and you need to lock down your bit of territory.

This is thanks to Caustic’s handy toxic traps, which act as an effective means to rig buildings into suffocating traps. You can hide them to have other players set them off, or even shoot them yourself. These can also be used defensively by placing them directly in front of doors. This bars unwanted guests from entering and forces them to kick down the door to break through.

13 Give Lifeline Her Birthday Present!

Via: All Gamers

While gold equipment can technically be found anywhere, it’s extremely rare. Since this gear has the same stats as purple items (the only difference being an added perk) you shouldn’t sweat it and go on a wild goose chase to seek them out as a whole. Still, gold helmets, in particular, are quite useful, especially if you have a Lifeline in your squad.

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one of these gems, give this gear to her as quickly as possible. Why? Well, the added perk to the gold helmet is it increases the charge speed of tactical and ultimate abilities. Considering how effective Lifeline’s abilities are, you can gain an advantage by cranking out a significant amount of healing drones and care packages.

12 I’ve Got The High Ground, Anakin!


This one is a relatively universal tactic when it comes to FPS games, though in Apex it can be quite useful in particular, considering the large scope of the terrain and abundance of buildings. Once you’ve set camp on the high ground, you’ll often be able to more easily seek out enemies scurrying about beneath you. This opens things up for easy pings and more opportune sniping. Of course, you’ll also get that overall advantage of aiming down at your opponent vs them awkwardly having to aim up at you.

11 A Cheeky Wraith Exploit For An Insta-Elimination Trap


If you fancy setting traps, but Caustic isn’t necessarily your thing, you can utilize a portal exploit with Wraith, which can make for quite the amusing elimination trap. Simply open a door and drop your portal in the absolute center of the doorway, then slam the door shut. Next, place the other portal somewhere out of eyeshot of the rigged portal, ideally somewhere the enemy will be enticed to warp through. After that, you can either lure a foe into your lethal portal, or simply hang by the doorway and wait for someone to hopefully spring your trap.

10 Bust Down That Door!

via: (KuraiiRose)

One of the coolest and most unique bits of fine detail Apex features is the ability to both blow up and kick down doors. These not only look cool, but can seriously disrupt a squad who’s hiding out in a seemingly safe indoor base. Doing this will often fluster your opponent and catch them off guard, as well as leave them more exposed to danger outside. If timed correctly, you can also stun someone directly on the other side, assuming they’re close enough to the door. You can truly have action hero moments with this feature!

9 Utilize Pings (Even The More Detailed Pings!)


Another neat aspect of Apex is the elaborate, yet intuitive ping system. While most players seem to use this functionality at least on a basic level, many tend to overlook some of its more nuanced features. Not only can you pin locations, enemies, and items, but you can also communicate more specific details by bringing up a wheel and pointing to various commands.

You can convey that you wish to attack or defend a certain area, for instance. On top of this, you can even request different items in the game – such as ammo – just by clicking on the space in your inventory. This game really takes communication to the next level, so it’s best to use it to its full potential, in order to be more in sync with your team.

8 (Mostly) Avoid Fancy Eliminations, You Gloater!


The Gears Of War-style executions can be amusing to pull off, especially if foes are protecting themselves with that pesky Knockdown Shield – but use them with caution. They take quite a bit of time to carry out to completion, leaving you vulnerable to enemy fire. This can quickly make you as helpless as the victim you’re looking to finish off. If you must, at least do so in the cover of a corner, a building, or within the shield barrier of Gibraltar. Alternatively, you can have another sqaud member cover you while you do so.

7 Keep On Trucking To Climb Higher Walls


Wall climbing may seem like a simple concept to those well-versed in games featuring 3D movement, but there are a few quirks to Apex’s physics that many may not be aware of. Not only can you hop and climb a wall to reach a seemingly high post, but you can climb far higher and cover more ground without falling than the game lets on.

To do this, simply keep on running as you’re climbing, and you’ll continue to scurry up the wall for at least a few seconds. A neat little side note – you can also remain hanging of the side of walls, which acts as a sneaky method of scouting areas, hiding, or blindsiding any squads potentially setting camp on roofs.

6 Get Rid Of Pesky UI Clutter

Via: N3rdabl3

This is more of a subtle, indirect technique, but it can be effective in increasing your visibility. By using it, it can make you more effective and sharp in battle by wiping away excessive clutter. This will get some of that pesky text out of your way, reducing it in size and shrinking it down. Though you’ll want to have a pretty solid grasp of your loot when doing so, as the flip side of this is that you’ll be given less information.

To do this, just go into the gameplay settings and switch the “interact prompt style” to “compact”.

5 Aim For The Head First, Chest Second

Most people who have even dabbled in FPS games know the unwritten law that you should aim for the head first and foremost. But Apex Legends takes this nuance one step further, by incorporating various levels of damage for different areas of the body.

Not only do headshots yield the greatest damage, but chest shots are the “next step” down incrementally. This is followed by the waist, the legs, and finally, the feet. So if, say, you’re crouching underneath a platform in the swamp and plan on getting some sneaky potshots onto the exposed legs of a passerby, you may want to think twice. Basically, if you struggle with headshots, at least opt for the next best option, the chest.

4 Bash Those Loot Ticks!


No, these odd little insect-like bots aren’t just for show. In fact, they yield a handful of higher tier loot, the rarity of which is revealed by whether they glow purple or gold. These triangular robotic crawlers are mostly found hiding in the corners of buildings or on top of roofs. Punch or shoot them to bust them open and gather your goods, like a robotic Piñata. They can be tough to locate, but you can listen closely for mechanical sounds they’ll make when close.

3 Use The Respawn Beacon Efficiency System


Most already know about those green marks on the map, which represent respawn beacons scattered about Kings Canyon. But what many don’t realize is that there are a couple of ways to maximize your efficiency with respawning, which, despite being handy, can take some time, and leave you vulnerable to attack.

One way you can take advantage of this is to have your fellow squad mate – assuming they’re closer – respawn your fallen comrade, even if you’re the one who retrieved the tag. You can also respawn two fallen squadmates at the same time at a single beacon. Little time savers like this can mean the difference between life and elimination.

2 Slide Often!

via: (fl1ppy)

Over time, sliding can make a difference in getting from point A to point B at a quicker pace. And in a frantic game like Apex, speed and mobility are crucial elements to nudging the odds in your favor.

Basically, you’ll want to incorporate slides into your movement about as often as possible. Of course, sliding down slopes are the most effective. Though even on flat surfaces, you’ll find that sliding for a few seconds will grant you a slight boost in speed. Slide in short bursts like this as you run, continue to run for several more seconds to regain momentum, and slide again. Rince and repeat.

Frequent slides also make you a tougher target to hit. Finally, you can utilize this slide to sort of propel yourself off walls for an extra boost when combining it with a very quick wall climb and jump. Two of the few instances you don’t want to slide are in water or going uphill, as both will slow you down.

1 Nudge Those Deceased Boxes Out Of Harm’s Way

Via: DigitalTrends

Apparently, a few Apex players have stumbled upon a strange, but potentially beneficial exploit in the game. As it turns out, you can launch, or at least push deceased-player boxes out of harm’s way by blowing up an explosive near them, as long as you do so right after your team member perishes. This can allow you to loot their items or snag their banner farther away from their opponent, who are likely looking to guard or loot it themselves. It’s unknown whether this was intended by the developers or not, but regardless, it can be used to your advantage in the heat of a battle.

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