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Based On These Upcoming Video Game Sequels, We’ll All Be Hermits In 2019 –


Well, I think I can safely say that the upcoming year is gonna be one where probably going to be found absorbed into my couch, because I’ve never left it. Based on these upcoming titles for next year, I’m never leaving my house.

Might as well put in my order to Amazon Prime for all the frozen meals and snacks I’ll need to survive all the marathoning I’m gonna do. These upcoming games look sick.

It was nice knowing you, outside world.


Back in the day, Battletoads on NES was inanely difficult, and it never really got the love and attention it deserved. After a few cameos in some fighting games, Rare Studios has decided to bring the game back as an Xbox One exclusive next year, with up-to-date graphics and a 3-player co-op.

Can’t wait.


Devil May Cry 5
After the mixed reception fo DmC:Devil May Cry in 2013, fans weren’t sure if Capcom was going to keep the series running. Fortunately, Nero, Dante and some new characters will be gracing our consoles in March of next year with more demon killing action.


Gears 5
Even though it’s only been 2 years since Gears of War 4 dropped, fans are eager. This new instalment is gonna shake up the franchise with a shorter title and a female protagonist (Kait Diaz from GoW 4). But don’t worry, Marcus and co. will still be there too. The game plans to reveal some big franchise origins and mysteries, so 2019 can’t come too soon for Locust-killing fans.


The Last of Us Part II
The original was inevitably going to get a sequel, and this one finds Ellie and Joel 5 years later, coming into conflict with a mysterious cult.


Yoshi’s Crafted World
The Wii U had some pretty underrated games on it, including Yoshi’s Wooly World, which deserved a lot of love. This Switch sequel is going to be a classic-style platformer that puts Yoshi in a world built out of paint, felt and cardboard.

This looks like the perfect game to help me retain my sanity during a morning subway commute.


Dead or Alive 6
Fans are awaiting this one with baited breath. On one had, it’s going to be built for the latest gen consoles, with fantastic graphics and visible damage, as well as simplified controls. On the other hand, they’re toning down the sexualized aspects of the game and putting less attention on the anatomical physics (translation; less boob jiggle).

So, make of that what you will.


Crackdown 3
Continuing the series 9 years later, this oft-delayed game is finally hitting the market. Featuring an open-world gameplay, this edition will also have destructible environments, and a feature called “Gangs bite Back” where a gang boss/Kingpin can come after you directly and retaliate.


Metro Exodus
This third chapter in this under-the-radar franchise looks to up the ante of FPS and survival horror, with insanely creepy setting of the Russian post-apocalyptic wilderness.


Wasteland 3
This RPG takes place in a post-apocalypic Colorado. Considering that there was a 26-year gap between the first and second chapters of this game, a 5-year gap since the second one isn’t too bad. The game will also include a huge multiplayer campaign with implications for the overall story.


Animal Crossing Switch
It’s pretty obvious that everyone loved this game, and it’s become one hell of a time-suck over the years. There’s been no other details revealed other than the fact that sequel’s hitting in 2019, but how can you go wrong with animals in a small town.

It’s like the Sims, but cuter.


Bayonetta 3
Somehow, this franchise keeps on going. The first game was insanely difficult, but incredibly sexy, while the second was a Wii U exclusive. The third, looks to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and not a lot is known about the game as of yet.


Evil Genius 2
The original game had a pretty ingenious idea for a real-time strategy game; you’re a James Bond-type evil mastermind, and you have to manage your evil lair and minions. While the idea was solid, the execution sucked and the game didn’t go anywhere.

Fortunately, a new developer picked up the license and is releasing a sequel with a new engine. This ought to be pretty decent, if not outright awesome.


The Tales Principle 2
This puzzle-solving game in the vein of Portal or Myst, was an unexpected surprise when it came out in 2014. Dealing with more philosophy than humor, the puzzles were insanely challenging but really rewarding. This sequel was announced back in 2016, and will finally hit the stores in 2019. It should be exciting.

Payday 3
If you’re into pulling off elaborate heists, then you’re probably familiar with this title and the sequel. This third instalment’s been rumoured for some time, and we’re hoping 2019’s the year we finally get it.


Dying Light 2
When the original hit stores, it took everyone by surprise. It was a well-polished, zombie-survival game, and it elevated the genre, just when you thought the zombie-horror games were dying off. This edition will include a moral choice system to the gameplay, so the consequences of your actions will impact your ability to survive.

Sounds exciting.


Luigi’s Mansion 3
This was one of the more odd GameCube games when it came out, but it quickly became a fan favourite. While the sequel was DS only, the third one will be hitting the Switch next year. The only details we’ve heard so far, is that it’ll take place in a haunted hotel.


System Shock 3
This franchise is an underrated influence on most of the games we have today. There’d be no Half-Life, Bioshock or Dead Space, without the original System Shock. Announced back in 2015, this third entry’s been taking its time. The rumours say that the game will be about the evil AI SHODAN and what makes her tick. It looks to be good.



Metroid Prime 4
It’s insane that it’s taken this long to get another edition of a Metroid game. The Prime Trilogy reinvented Samus and her world, and it helped put the GameCube on the map. Not many details have been released about this new instalment, but I don’t care.

I want this one so bad. Metroid Prime was the first game that got me into serious gaming mode, and I can’t handle seeing where it’s gonna go next.


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