11/08/2018 0

Squidward – Fuckin jab stun locks. I swear to god they gotta balance that before shipping it. 

The End Of An Era

11/02/2018 0

The End Of An Era –   Woe Campbell’s new marketing campaign is targeting a really specific crowd  T-posed to assert dominance


10/31/2018 0

SPACE – ( s p a c e ) ( space ) (space) (spce) (sps)(sp)(s) 

Anime VS. Manga

10/22/2018 0

Anime VS. Manga –   Manga offers a deeper knowledge about the story. Anime on the other hand, offers big jiggly tiddies. Tough call.

Over the Garden Wall –   Bluebirds have a very short lifespan, so every second I spend talking to you is literally killing me.