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Fans Stress Over The Most Annoying Features In Video Games –

LucasArts/Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Really obvious “make a decision now!” points. I like the decision making to feel like part of playing the game.
The worst offender for me was Star Wars the Force Unleashed. It promised alternative endings which turned out to mean a single decision made right at the end which gives you one of two alternative cutscenes.

Gearbox/Borderlands 2

Throw an unreasonable amount of worthless loot at you ‘because gamers love loot’ … while also giving you a highly restrictive bag size or weight limit.

iD Software/Rage

NPC: “Level 15 character, If you do this quest I’ll give you this mighty weapon that I killed 10 Blue Orcs to get.”
NPC: 3 hrs later— “Thanks now Lv 17 character, here is this ridiculously underpowered Lv 9 weapon! May it bring you good fortune.”

City Interactive/Sniper: Ghost Warrior

When increasing difficulty just means enemies take less damage and you take more damage (no change in AI skill). I’m looking at you Elder Scrolls.
See also: Five headshots with a sniper rifle doesn’t kill an enemy soldier.

Pandemic Studios/Mercenaries 2

“We’re sending a chopper to pick you up.” -RPG hits helicopter-

Nintendo/Mario Party

The AI’s rules are not the same as my rules. I hate cheating AIs.

Rockstar/Grand Theft Auto 5

You’re the most badass, elite soldier known to all humanity but you touch a body of water with your shoe and it’s instant death.

Ubisoft/Assassin’s Creed: Unity

When you have to follow an AI character in a game and if you get too close they see you instantly and if you are too far away you lose them.
Assassins Creed is particularly infuriating for this

Nintendo/Super Mario 64

Fetch quests. Especially when carrying the whatever it is leaves you vulnerable. The egg quests in Monster Hunter are probably my most hated implementation of this.


Ubisoft/King Kong

No more health bar in shooters.
You get some lead, bleed your eyes out for 10 secondes and then you’re back in the game, fit as a fiddle

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