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Gamers Reflect On Their Weirdest Gaming Habits –



Always better to be safe than sorry JerryTheG00


Saving two or three times jusy in case the first one didnt work

One person’s trash…corgiwhale

Traveller’s Tales/Lego Marvel Superheroes

Always check the area behind you after starting a level/map – that’s where all the secrets (probably) are.

Never forget where you came from BeefJosiahWellington

Gearbox/Borderlands 2

I always save the first weapon and armor given to me.

But if you’re reloaded when they catch you, it’s worth it LeeM724

Epic Games/Fortnite

In FPS games I always reload after killing an enemy even if my weapon is only half empty.
It’s a bad habit because it leaves me vulnerable, and I’m trying to break it.

Ending the day sitting on your bed >>> PM_ME_YOUR_SIDEBOOBZ

Nintendo/The Legend of Zelda

I generally try to only quit/save/log out of games while my character is in a home or near a bed, even in games without a rested xp or safe house function

The line between games and real life getting very blurry MechanicalHorse

Bethesda/Fallout 4

When I play a game I have a habit of exploring everything. I mean EVERYTHING. If I’m in a room I will check every nook and cranny, read every sign and poster, touch/poke/manipulate every object I can think of. If there is a branching path I will take the one most likely to not progress the story, just in case I can’t go back.

I mean…how else would you get around? smallbutterrible

Nintendo/Super Mario Odyssey

When I’m walking in a game, I always roll/dash/jump when given the option. Sometimes it makes you faster. Sometimes it makes absolutely no difference but it still makes me feel like I’m going faster. Maybe it’s just a way for me to pass the time and feel important.

It’s sooooo satisfying rrandommm

Bethesda/Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

i cannot escape the stealth archer. No matter what game I’m playing, what I start as, or how I intend to play, I catch myself sneaking around, searching for targets in the distance and good concealed vantage points.

When you see a fork in the road… take itbleeperMobile

Blizzard/Diablo 3

Find out what the most common build path is for a character, and then not do it because I want to be different… in a single player RPG. (For games that have perks and skills)

This is your home now Haiku_less

Insomniac/Spyro The Dragon

I had a weird habit of “role playing” within the game using the main character. I did this mostly with spyro the dragon. I beat it but wanted to keep playing, so out of boredom I wandered around the home worlds, “hunted” the sheep and pretended to sleep or hang out around a small cave I pretended was my home.
Was a weird time but it wasn’t very different than playing with stuffed animals in that imaginary world way.

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