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Gamers Remember 10 Of The Most Frustrating Game Overs Ever –




My heart(s) are breaking Humiliatingmyself

I played Undertale blind.
So probably the part where I kept dying to the guy at the end with the laser beams and shit who takes up like 96% of the screen. and the game kept quitting itself.
I was like am I fucking doing this right? I thought for a while the end of the game was just infinite death.

This is the most formal death I’ve ever seen greenmask

“You are dead” from resident evil 4. Except the text made it look like “You the dead”, which made 11 yr old me laugh

Being pinned by a Hunter is a rite of passage [redacted]

L4D(2) when you go down in a hopeless situation. There are just too many zombies and they keep coming, and your friends are trying to hold them back but ultimately can’t, and that music starts playing, and you can keep popping off pistol shots but there’s no point so you just lay there and bleed out and watch the others go down one by one. They’re yelling for help but then the last guy gets dragged away by a smoker and then a hunter pounces on you and finishes you off.

Man how will Red Dead 2 top this one?? homicidalcowpoo

I always enjoyed the ending of Red Dead Redemption. No matter how hard you tried to save John Marston, you just simply couldn’t.

Nothing about Metal Gear Solid is easy. Not even dying KingofSnipers

To give my submission, in metal gear solid 2.
The game in the final level will start to play with you, making you think that you have a game over when you are clearly fighting for your life in the final boss.
It is one of the most inception forms of Game Overs of all time.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day when you get to meet Greg.
Game over gold.


Catherine’s game over screen. Dramatic music and a mocking sheep-man telling you about how you’ll never make it like that! Ah, I love it

The insta-kill might be worse than any kind of rejection moopymooperson

Final Fantasy 7. Not because it was over the top, but I had played the game for over 100 hours before I found the Emerald Weapon floating around in the ocean. I was thrilled when I was pulled into a fight sequence. That thrill turned to dismay when after about 3 minutes of max damage attacks (9999) on it and it still wasn’t dead. And then it happened, the Aire Tam attack. Wiped. And then something I had never seen before, the game over screen.

This is…uh…a lot SmugFrog

The one where Lara took a spike through her throat and out the top of her head. I almost had to stop playing for the night after seeing that. Really made me not want to fail it again.

Simple, painful, effective knightrage

Shao Kahn wins.

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