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Gamers Remember the Moments That Made Them Ragequit –


Young fingers slip and the level gets passed you. I really have to do all this again? There are some gaming moments that become so frustrating that they can ruin an experience that’s supposed to bring you joy, where abandoning the game seems easier than spending another three hours trying to cross that platform. Here are 10 such moments that kept certain Redditors from beating games years ago.

Stump for the middle ages rawrberry_

Capcom/Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Super Ghouls and Ghosts. I beat the game well I thought I did. The princess told me it was all a dream and I needed to wake up, find her bracelet and use that to defeat the last dude. Got to stage 7 and stopped. Have not tried to beat it since.

You just gotta know how to navigate RyanTheJamesGuy

Square Enix/Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts, racing Riku to name the stupid raft. I never got past.

I already don’t want to go back after seeing this picture kharmatika

Nintendo/Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I was scared of bongo bongo as a kid, in Ocarina. He was just too creepy of an image and I couldn’t look at him without having a panic attack. Went back and played later in life and was less scared of him.

Screw. Any. Ice. Level. untakenu

Sony Computer Entertainment America/Crash Bandicoot

Oh, you mean a level that was really hard. I thought you meant there was a part in a game that left you with the mind of a child from then after.
The answer to both is ice levels in Crash Bandicoot.

See above Akiogahara

Square Enix/Final Fantasy 9

FF9, the boss at the end of the ice cave that you have to fight solo as Zidane frustrated me, I gave up for a bit
got passed it a few months later

I can hear this picture arthuraily

Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


But no, really. Never finished San Andreas because of this mission, wonder if I should try again

You just gotta…keep swimming ArcOfRuin

Sega/Ecco The Dolphin

The shark in Ecco the Dolphin. Scared the crap out of me for some reason. Maybe I’ll beat it eventually, but my Genesis is in a box downstairs and I’d have to take it out.

The worst part is that this isn’t even the most violent card game ever invented losermanwins

Square Enix/Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

The one that sticks out in my head IMMEDIATELY is the Hades fight in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. I was a kid (probably 10 or younger) and I couldn’t really grasp the card system well enough to beat the guy. I threw myself against it so many times to the point where even though I couldn’t beat it but I liked the game so much I would just restart it and play back up to the Hades fight. I could beat all of the first set of worlds Sora does EXCEPT Olympus.
To this day I haven’t gone back and beaten him, and I never even knew there was a section of the game where you play as Riku until I was much older.

Semi related, when I was playing through Pokemon Ruby for the first time, I remember not really grasping the idea of leveling multiple Pokemon (so you have one OP starter and a bunch of other weak pokemon), and I can vividly remember my starter had died in Victory Road and I was using a massively underleveled Rosellia using Sweet Scent over and over waiting for my inevitable demise. I did eventually beat that game though.

Father-son bonding over video games >>> scf424


Rayman. PS1.
Level where you need to jump up this ravine back and forth while water rises below you. It was the bane of my existence.
My poor dad, who has no idea how to do anything technologically, stayed up late one night after I went to bed to try and beat it for me. He didnt, but I remember it.

Anything in this game is possible with the rocket launcher ramjam18

Capcom/Resident Evil 4

Re4 on Expert, Castle Room with the cranks. Later beat it on PC, because mouse > joystick.

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