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Gamers Remember Their Most Frustrating Gaming Moments –

Games bring up happiness but can also make us never want to leave the room ever again. Frustrating moments stretch across years, console, and generations, and a handful of Redditors decided to reveal theirs. Don’t get lost in your feelings here.

The ultimate couple goals (via BradC)

As a kid I could never get past Frankenstein and Igor in the original Castlevania. That fight always pissed me off.
Also, Ninja Turtles, the sewer level.

Gluttons for punishment are a fun lot (via BRod_Angel)

I played Super Meat Boy while sick with the swine flu in like 2010. Idk why I did it but I guess I wanted to be more miserable than I already was. Beating the I Want To Be The Guy levels was one of the most satisfying but draining things ever. Never touched that game since.

This is horrific (via Reverse_Waterfall)

Legend of Dragoon. So there are these collectables hidden around the game called Stardust. There are 50. Some are in areas you can’t go back to once you complete them. If you get them all there’s a side boss that’s arguably the hardest fight in the game. Drops some kind of unique loot. I played through the game multiple times, always got 40 some. One time I went online, printed off a list of each one’s location. Got to the end. 49.
And that was the day I decided to become an alcoholic.

DON’T FORCE YOUR RELIGION ON ME (via Etchisketchistan)

Europa Universalis IV.
Playing as Austria is infuriating, but fun. You’re basically a glorified baby sitter. ‘Children, stop fighting. Bavaria, stop attacking Ulm! Augsburg, give Ravensburg back, I need another free city to increase my imperial authority. BOHEMIA, we had a royal marriage you bitch. Italian states, nobody cares if you’re moving out, you’ll just get annexed by France anyways. Hamburg, I don’t care if Protestantism is the cool new fad, YOU WERE RAISED CATHOLIC’

A rite of passage that I hope no one else ever has to go through (via MrsNacho8000)

I might be showing my age here, but mine would have to be The Lion King game for SNES. I played that for hours as a kid and could never get past the level with the ostriches, IIRC? It’s interesting to me that many SNES games are very hard. I’ve been playing Donkey Kong on my SNES Classic lately and I have no idea how I ever beat it as a child.

If you got the gyrocpoter, you were on Easy Street (via Booner999)

Marble Madness. Those marbles have a mind of their own.

This is not making me wanna play this game any more (via BookerDeWittsCarbine)

Bloodborne. I’m a huge Dark Souls/Bloodborne fan, but Bloodborne broke me. It killed my will to live. It has the hardest bosses and they are ruthless. Martyr Logarius, Ludwig, Orphan of Kos… And that doesn’t take into account a lot of bullshit situations from the game, like the two giant whale monsters in the well in the Fishing Hamlet or the brain suckers in Upper Cathedral Ward.
I love that game but it does not love me back.

So this should be a short film (via Fucks_With_Trucks)

Escape From Tarkov.
Niche game, super hardcore. It works like so:
You have a stash, these items are safe in there. You can store anything in it, but with limited space. This is just an interface out of raid. Raids are the game itself, you and X amount of other players are thrown into an area ranging from the size of a CoD map, to quite a large area. Nothing too massive, but it’s still pretty big. You bring items from your stash to try to survive, guns, ammo, armor, heals, food, and whatnot. There’s AI bandits who try to kill you, and player bandits that look indistinguishable from the AI. So you try to loot, kill, and make it to the extraction zone with your new found stuff. If you die, it’s all gone, forever.
Again this is a hardcore realism seeking game. I’ve gone in with the best gear possible and been killed by a guy with a makarov because he shot me in the face (helmet doesnt protect face unless you have a visor). If your leg gets shot, it can break and you now hobble around. Arm broken is crap aim. Stomach broken and you die of thirst very fast. Head/chest are both vital, you die if these get shot out.
To make it better, it’s an alpha game. So its always totally broken. AI doing a 180 and shooting through your helmet. Their grenades basically landing in your pocket. Tons of fuckery. Right now you can dump 30 rounds of armor penetrating ammo into a guys helmet and not kill him. Or you can be aiming on his face and the bullet goes 20ft above him. Dying to that and losing stuff is frustrating as hell, especially since it can easily take up to 30 minutes to customize a gun. Or you lose items you don’t yet have access to, but found in a raid.
And there’s no killcam, and bullet times are rather realistic. So you could be creeping through the woods and get shot in the head, immediately drop dead, and never hear the shot. It makes it very hard to get better, as a lot of the time you don’t know what went wrong.
The learning curve is crazy steep, and the higher level you are the better gear you have access to. Making it so better players also have exponentially better equipment. Your shitty ammo isn’t going through their body armor, and your paper thin vest isn’t protecting you from military grade armor penetrating ammo.
And the audio… It hurts. Sound is vital. Footsteps are all you have to to by a lot of the time. So you crank it way up, only to shit your pants when a grenade lands near you or a shot rings out. For a good representation go to youtube and look up “Tarkov Glass ASMR”, don’t wear headphones, and don’t startle your neighbors.
A good streamer the other day said something along the lines of “Its the perfect game for you if you’re the kind of guy who likes slamming his dick in the silverware drawer”, and im inclined to agree with him.

If you know you know (via Dusepo)

QWOP! Honestly surprised nobody else has said this. It’s literally designed to be difficult and frustrating.

This game, like any trip to a bank, was infinitely frustrating (via moneybagz1023)

I played Harry Potter (Socerer’s Stone, maybe?) on GameBoy Advance when I was like 10 and at the peak of my GBA career. I could neve figure out how to get past the Gringott’s bank part of the game which was like right in the beginning. Frustrating to no end.

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