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Gamers Share The Moments That Made Them Say “F**k This” –



If you haven’t ever thrown a controller in frustration, chances are you’ve wanted to at some point or another. Everyone has their own personal stories of infuriating moments, segments and setpieces in games they might have been otherwise enjoying. Reddit users recently shared their tales, because misery loves company.


This is truly unbearable (via MoreExtreme)

When I have to watch the cutscene again every time a boss kills me and I have to start over. I don’t mind doing the same fight 50 times before finally killing the boss, but making me watch the same 2 minutes cutscene each time is the surest way to make me give up after a bunch of tries and never pick up the game again.


There’s a reason Assassin’s Creed III isn’t known as one of the best in the series (via JayEdwards88)

Assassins Creed 3, being chased by guards and attack dogs, managed to kill a dog that caught up to me and kept running, got de-synced because ‘Connor skinned every animal he killed.’ Fuck you Assassins Creed


There’s a difference between “Ehh fuck this” and “AHH FUCK THIS” (via nokanjaijo)

Silent Hill 2. You had to get in this creepy af elevator without any of your weapons. Even a sheet of paper made you too heavy for the elevator. No idea where it will take you.
It’s been 15 years at least and i can still feel the “fuck this” of that situation. I can taste it in my mouth.


Crusader Kings II? Buckle up (via liquidBEEP)

Crusader Kings 2 – There’s a law called gavelkind succession, where if you die your titles (duchies, kingdoms) are split among your children. I was playing as the King of Poland, Boleslaw ‘Son of Satan’ III, and had various other kingdoms under my thumb, the result of almost 20 hours of work carefully setting up various marriage alliances with nearby powers. Unfortunately, I had three sons to inherit my kingdoms, which was the equivalent of putting a nice juicy steak in front of three ravenous dogs and expecting it to remain intact.

Only one of the sons was worth anything, Boleslaw IV, my favored son – a paragon of virtue, and of course high martial skill. Of the other two, one spent most of his time sleeping with half the kingdom and stuffing himself full of pastries, while the other slept with the other half in between joining satanist cults. I named them Dumbo and Creepy, of course.

In the game, you need a certain amount of resources built up before you can declare that the various kingdoms under your control constitute an Empire, which means that gavelkind won’t shatter my domain into multiple warring states. I was inches away from finally securing my legacy, when Boleslaw immediately drops dead of a heart attack, shattering the empire and my heart. I switched to playing as Boleslaw IV, but all was not lost, for I could still reclaim my kingdoms by ‘convincing’ my erstwhile brothers to give me their parts with Bigger Army DiplomacyTM.

Of course, that was when Boleslaw IV died of cancer, which meant that the title passed to Dumbo, who had already popped out 4 (!!!!) children. Dumbo somehow managed to injure himself in a battle, perhaps through stubbing his toe, and died of an infected wound three months into his reign. You know what that means! The kingdoms all get divided again into 4 pieces this time (Creepy somehow had 10 kids, so his kingdoms looked like someone had attacked them with a knife).

This was when the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire then decided to doubly attack my now-divided kingdoms, and of course my vassals got rather sick of the lackluster display by my sons, and immediately revolted for someone actually competent. I gave up at that point, watching the ruins of my once great empire fall to three massive armies.


Who thinks these are fun? (via oreoce_osdc)

Missions with time limits or escort missions just put me off the game.



Collecting all the celestial weapons in Final Fantasy X. For those of you who haven’t played, each character had a celestial weapon which were by far the most powerful weapons in the game . But collecting the weapon wasent enough you had to go do these stupid challenges and collect these crests go fully power up the weapon. These challenges ranged from dodge bolts of lighting 200 times in a row without leaving the area, to finish a chocobo race in zero seconds. They were all annoying, and I gave up my quest to power up all the weapons shortly after realizing how frustrateing some of the challenges were.


Classic time for a dad joke (via Snarlezz)

There is a part in legend of Zelda twilight princess where you have to escort a wagon with a zora prince, a big buff lady and a village girl across a meadow while being chased by goblins shooting fire arrows at it.

You’re supposed to use bomb arrows to fend them off. Well I didn’t buy enough and quickly ran out and then died. And I can’t remember exactly but I think I respawned without the bomb arrows I had used and the village to buy the bomb arrows was on the other side of the meadow.

I did so many fucking runs trying to fight the goblins with my sword while putting out the fires on the wagon with his fucking wind boomerang while they just set it ablaze again in the next half a second. I was also terrible at steering him on the horse so I constantly lost track of the wagon.

Eventually I reached the end of my fucks and haven’t played the game since. Which sucks bc I really wanted to see the end. I would play again but I’d have to buy the game and a gaming console.


Who… who needs friends, anyway… (via EpicalaxyMaster)

Going back to an old game, trying to 100% it and then realizing you need online connection or a friend locally to get that one last thing but you have nobody who still plays that game and the online service has been shut down.


Game over, man (via stephen_1976) every 20 minutes or so of Alien Isolation, I guess.
On your first playthrough, with good earphones in a darkened room..that motherfucker is terrifying.
Legit peed a little when my cat knocked something off the desk and the bastard heard me.


There’s always another form (via equessss)

Alright so I’m playing Dark Souls 3, right. All is cool and good kind of and I’m doing the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. I get to the final boss fight, Sister Friede. I had so much trouble getting past her first stage because I’m bad at the game. I managed to get to the second phase of the fight once. After two days of trying and failing I finally defeated the second phase. I was so happy to be done with it. But I wasn’t done with it, because there was a THIRD FUCKING PHASE. I died pretty quickly. I put the controller down and walked away. I did eventually best Sister Friede a few days later and let me tell you that was the greatest feeling ever.

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