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Lots Of Layers In This One –

what the fuck


A man is in a kitchen. He is filming a woman cutting chocolate from a 13×9 glass pan on a wooden cutting board.  He asks her, “Mom where’d you get such a giant chocolate bar?”

He quickly turns to a Nintendo switch propped up on a Little Ceasars pizza box. A youtube video is queued up, which he plays using the detached joycon as a remote.


He pans the camera back to the woman for a moment before spinning around to a man sitting at a table behind him. The man is motionless, staring into the lens.

At this time the audio from the nintendo switch ends, the button being pressed again off camera, pausing the clip

The cameraman asks the table man, “what the fuck are you lookin’ at?” to which the woman says something hard to understand off screen.

The cameraman moves over to the motionless man at the table and appears to give him a deep kiss on the mouth. A wet sound is heard as the video ends.

A side note: It’s never made clear if the Little Ceasars box is empty or full, however since the flaps of the lid are left unfolded we can safely assume that the box has been opened by a non employee of Little Ceasars since it was purchased.

He asks two questions in the video that seem to be easy to answer however,

  • where did mom get such a giant chocolate bar

The bar looks homemade. She got it from the oven.

  • what the fuck is the table man looking at

He is clearly staring straight into the camera. However, that question is usually asked in a rhetorical sense, as a way of deflecting aggression or initiating a battle of wills. The cameraman soon wins the battle of wills by giving the table man a smooch

However the true winner here might be the woman, because not only does she have a giant chocolate bar, but also a large knife. She would do well to handle her knife in a more proper fashion. Either it’s dull which is in itself pretty dangerous or its sharp and she could easily cut herself.  Maybe even use a cleaver instead. Cleaver and a mallet would make short work of that giant chocolate bar.

 But in the end she does still have a knife.

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