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No Nut November –

I must not NUT. NUTTING is the mind-killer. NUTTING is the littledeath that brings total obliteration. I will face my NUT. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.


Transcript from full version.

When the nut was plentiful
When the nut was tender

Because I'm fasting from the nut
I go outside to clear my mind
But I see a nut tree
I see nuts of every kind

And so I begin to wonder
If fasting from the nut was a blunder
Should I just go crazy?
Should I release the thunder?

But oh no
I made a bet that I could resist the nut 
And I am not a baller
Best believe that I'm not paying that five dollar(s)

A week left for my journey
For the nut I am yearning
The nut would(will) not bug me
I'm not a rolly polly
I am a man, the nut will not control me

So December comes blooming
Blooming like a daisy
Best believe night is December
Ya boy going crazy


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