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PlayStation 5: Everything we know so far –


Release date

There is no official launch date set, but we can expect to see the next-gen Playstation within the next few years. Some speculated the console could launch as early as 2019, based on a job posting from game developer Infinity Ward seeking someone to help build an “unannounced next-gen title.” However, Mark Cerny, the lead architect for Playstation (above), recently denied this rumor.



According to Androidcentral, we can expect it to cost over $400 based on the tech going into it and previous prices of new consoles.


What will it be called?

While no official name has been announced, it would be out of character for Sony to name it anything other than “Playstation 5.”



The console will feature an SSD (solid state drive) flash storage system instead of an HDD (hard disc drive). To put that in terms that mean something to a non tech geek, the console will load faster. A LOT faster. With an HDD, Spider-Man on the PS4 takes about 15 seconds to load after a fast travel. With an SSD, that same journey takes 0.8 seconds to load.


What about the graphics?

The graphics will be a whopping 8K, despite most consumer TVs topping out at only 4K. They will also use a fancy technique called “ray tracing,” which realistically models how light interacts with virtual objects. Currently, ray tracing has only been used for the CGI in big budget Hollywood films — this would be its first appearance in console games.Ray tracing also revolutionizes the way sound travels. Any given source of audio — for example, an opposing player’s footsteps — will travel across a space in a far more realistic way.


Virtual Reality will be a ‘big focus’It has been confirmed that the console will contain a custom unit for 3D audio. And while specific details about the console’s VR capabilities are yet to be revealed, Mark Cerny, Playstation’s lead architect, told Wired Magazine, “VR is very important to us and that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console.”


You can play your Playstation 4 games on itThe Playstation 5 will allow backwards compatibility, meaning your library of Playstation 4 games will be playable on the new console. This holds true even if you own physical copies of your games — the PS5 will not be digital-only.


The last generation of consoles?Many experts believe Playstation 5 will mark the last generation of consoles before everything becomes streaming only.“I think we will see another generation, but there is a good chance that step-by-step we will see less and less hardware,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told Variety. “With time, I think streaming will become more accessible to many players and make it not necessary to have big hardware at home.“There will be one more console generation and then after that, we will be streaming, all of us.”

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