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Spider-Man PS4: Ranking All Costumes From Worst To Best –




Spider-Man PS4 releases this Friday. Nope, this isn’t a drill folks – soon you too will be able to don Steve Ditko’s iconic red and blue outfit and take to the skies above New York, as well as a few others along the way. And by a few, we actually mean a lot.

There are a grand-spanking 27 suits to collect in the base game for Insomniac’s PS4 exclusive, and with three more at least set to follow in the first DLC featuring Black Cat, chances are if you have a favourite Spidey costume, it’s probably going to be in the game.

Of course, a Spider-Man title hasn’t placed such a great emphasis on the character’s wardrobe since Web of Shadows, which saw the wall-crawler shift between his classic red suit and the symbiote first seen in 1984’s Secret Wars. This time around, it’s because Insomniac have introduced a brand new design for players to pick apart, and while it raised a few eyebrows at first, it’s fair to say that (both thematically and literally) Peter’s Advanced Suit has proven to be a hit.

But what of the wardrobe more generally? With some costumes obviously looking cooler than others, it’s time to pick apart Insomniac’s best translations of Spidey’s classic garbs, and see which one comes out on top.

Spoilers for Black Cat’s Side Mission follow…

27. 100% Outfit


Unfortunately, this particular outfit has managed to elude me. I’m almost certain that it’s Peter Parker in some nifty Spidey-underwear with his mask still on (the teaser image, as you can see above, featured a bare-chested version of the character).

Until my suspicions are confirmed however, I simply can’t say how good it is one way or another. Sorry, 100% suit!

26. Damaged Suit


Like the Classic Suit, but damaged.

There’s not much else to this outfit other than the wear and tear. There’s no suit power either, and while it’s a nifty addition (players are likely to have lots of fun with the costume in photo mode), there are undoubtedly better outfits to wear.

25. Homemade Suit


The first of three MCU outfits to feature in Spider-Man PS4, the homemade suit is unlocked upon collecting all of the backpacks strewn across the city.

If anything, it’s great to see the detail on the design up close, and for fans of Tom Holland’s rendition of the wall-crawler, it’s likely to be a standout costume.

24. Armour MK II (Bullet-Proof)


The first of many ‘black’ suits in the title, this design is based on a design from artist Marcos Martin, which debuted back in 2011 midway through Dan Slott’s run on Spider-Man.

It’s an unconventional look, to say the least, and the narrow lenses aren’t nearly as expressive as the other ones in Spidey’s wardrobe. Still nice though.

23. Insulation Suit


Modelled on the suit Peter Parker created to defeat Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man #425, The Electrically Insulated Suit does more than just protect against electric attacks.

Its special suit power actually allows the player to discharge electricity in a way not all that dissimilar too the shock gloves from Batman: Arkham Origins.

22. Negative Suit


The ‘Negative’ version of Spider-Man’s Advanced Suit is a must own for fans of a more unconventional-looking wall-crawler, because not only does it look great, it also enables the user to discharge the kind of energy wielded by Martin Li.

Sure, the Future Foundation costume may have been the better option, but within the context of Insomniac’s story, it makes perfect sense.

21. Wrestler Suit


Fans of Peter Parker’s wrestling days will be happy to note that the suit is fully useable in Insomniac’s new game – trackie bottoms and all.

There are a few in-game Easter eggs that reference Pete’s days of using power irresponsibly, including his fight with Crusher Hogan, but this is the only memento players can don. It’s a fun look all the same though, and a welcome addition to the selection of outfits in the game.

20. Armour MK III Suit


Joining the other armoured costumes in Spider-Man PS4 is the MK III armour, modelled on the design Peter developed to fight the Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man #682.

It’s another outfit from Slott’s run, and though Stefano Caselli’s design looks great, there are quite a lot of armoured suits in here already.

19. Velocity Suit


Designed specifically for Spider-Man PS4 by comic book artist Adi Granov, the Velocity suit is one of the more visually unique outfits available for players to wear, with the blue highlights actually emitting a blue glow in combat and while Spidey swings around New York.

Those who’ve pre-ordered Marvel’s Spider-Man will have the Velocity suit to use right from the get-go too, and though it hasn’t featured in comics before, it’s always great to see new material get produced for different adaptations.

18. Stark Suit


The Stark Suit, as you may have guessed already, is the very same one featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Needless to say, it looks just as good as you remember it, with Ryan Meinerding’s design translating well from the big screen to the gaming medium.

Players will also be happy to note that they can call in a ‘Spider Bro’ for use in combat here, and yes, it is the most adorable thing ever.

17. Spider-Man Noir


Spidey-Noir is one of the coolest alternate versions of the wall-crawler going, which is why it’s a little bit disappointing that he’s included in the game sans trenchcoat.

While the big jacket doesn’t make or break the outfit, it does complete the look, and would’ve helped the outfit standout when included alongside its capeless cohorts.

16. Spider-Punk


The Spider-Punk design is yet another concept lifted from the many alternate realities of the Marvel Universe, and it’s one fans in particular will be grateful that Insomniac included.

Sporting a denim jacket, a mohawk-esque trim on the mask and spiky bracelets, Spider-Punk is definitely one of the funnest designs to admire, and indeed play as, when you factor in its special ‘Rock Out’ ability (complete with guitar).

15. Fear Itself Suit


Ever wondered what Spider-Man would look like with Asgardian armour? Well look no further, as the devs over at Insomniac have taken the liberty of adapting one of Spidey’s most potent looks from 2011’s Fear Itself crossover.

The arc saw Tony Stark being given access to the Asgardian Forge, and as you can see, his work speaks for itself.

14. Iron Spider


Next up is the Iron Spider outfit first seen in Avengers: Infinity War. It’s really, really cool, and the added bonus of being able to bust out with four mechanical limbs only makes the suit all the more covetable.

But while it does look great, one does have to wonder if this was one MCU costume too many. It brings the total adapted from the franchise up to three, and with a perfectly good comic book Iron Spider suit there too, wouldn’t it have made sense to use this instead?

Marvel Comics

It still looks cool of course, but the red and gold of the Civil War design would’ve added some much needed variety to the predominantly red and blue wardrobe seen in the game.

13. 2099 White Suit


Blue and red it may not be, but this is still Spider-Man 2099.

Modelled on an alternate version of the 2099 mythos, this outfit first appeared as a part of Marvel’s All-New, All-Different relaunch in 2015. It looks great, and while it’s not as cool as the OG 2099 outfit, it’s still sublime.

12. Last Stand Suit


Another outfit modelled on another alternate Spider-Man (this time one living in dystopian reality), the Last Stand Suit is suitably stylish and unique, ditching the webs altogether in favour of a leather jacket you’d expect to an old-time aviator to wear – not Peter Parker.

It still looks great though, and with the special ability also coming in handy, it’s one players won’t want to ignore.

11. Secret War Suit


Based on the suit Spidey wore in 2004’s Secret War, this stealthy number is unlockable early on in the game and is a great look for when players are sneakily taking down Wilson Fisk’s forces, or infiltrating the Demons’ many New York hideouts.

Black, blue and red, Gabriele Dell’Otto’s design looks brilliant in game, and its special ability comes in handy too, granting players a moment to breathe with an EMP detonation.

10. Vintage Comic Book Suit


Every superhero game needs a comic-accurate costume in its wardrobe, and the Vintage Comic Book Suit happens to be the one included in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Inspired by Steve Ditko’s original design, this outfit is noteworthy for its darker red and blue colour scheme, as well as its splendid suit power. By pressing L3 and R3 together, players can unleash a barrage of quips and finger guns at their enemies, stunning them in the process and allowing for a quick and easy takedown.

It’s easily the best suit power in the game, and with the cel-shaded look tailor-made for the game’s upcoming photo mode, expect to get a lot of use out of it too.

9. 2099 Black Suit


The All-New, All-Different 2099 outfit might be a hit, but nothing compares to Miguel O’Hara’s original suit.

First appearing in 1992, no other alternate Spider-Man has captivated fans quite like 2099, with the character having played a significant role in 2009’s Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

It might feel like a long time ago now, but if players wish to relive the adventures of O’Hara, complete with a nifty Low Gravity move-set, then they need look no further than Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

8. Classic Suit (Repaired)


Those who failed to warm to Insomniac’s Spidey redesign will be happy to note that the classic 616 Spidey outfit Peter sports during the opening sequence is immediately purchasable using in-game resources, and even features a power of its own – an area-of-effect move that sees Spidey literally web every target in sight.

There’s not much else to it, really. It’s red, it’s blue – it’s Spider-Man how you remember him. What’s not to love?

7. Spirit Spider


Yep, they did it. They actually included Ghost Spider.

A little known version of the wall-crawler who was saved by the same Spirit of Vengeance made famous by Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch, Insomniac’s rendition of Ghost Spider is wonderfully accurate. The flame crackles in-game, the special, flame-based attacks used in the suit’s special ability are also bright and blue, and the end result is a costume that’s too off the wall not to love.

And yes, it appears in cutscenes. Have fun with that!

6. Story-Specific Costume (Spoilers)


For the sake of spoilers, we can’t actually mention anything about this suit – at all, really. It’s story-specific, so to discuss anything about it would be to ruin the story!

Seeing as how we’re not in the business of spoiling Insomniac’s Spider-Man, you’ll just have to take our word for it that it looks great.

5. Parker Industries


Ever wondered what would happen if Peter Parker managed to achieve the same level of wealth and success as Tony Stark? What about if he used those sorts of funds to create a brand new Spidey suit of is own?

That’s where the Parker Industries suit comes in, and while that particular storyline was divisive, one thing everyone loved was the costume, which embodied the best of both worlds in retaining the classic look of Peter’s original outfit, while combining it with the high-tech armour-plating of the Iron Spider.

It looks beautiful in-game, and it’s really where the amount of detail Insomniac put into these costumes first becomes apparent.

4. Big Time


There are a lot of costumes from Dan Slott’s Spider-Man comics in this game, so it should come as no surprise that the most famous – the stealth suit featured in Big Time – makes an appearance too.

Designed so that Spidey can outmanoeuvre a resurgent Spider-Slayer program, the Big Time suit looks pretty much how you’d expect Sam Fisher’s version of the Spidey outfit to look like.

Slightly antithetical to its stealthy roots, but stunning all the same, when equipped at night, players will notice a green glow coming from the suit’s highlights – yet another example of Insomniac’s incomparable attention to detail.

3. Scarlet Spider


The bad boy of nineties Spidey comic book-dom, Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider outfit makes yet another appearance in the medium in Insomniac’s game. It’s just as brilliantly nostalgic as you remember it, and though Kaine’s outfit is nowhere to be seen, the studio made the right decision to go with the more iconic version.

The Clone Saga may have been tragic from start to finish, but at least the spirit of Ben Reilly lives on.



Unlocked for completing all of Black Cat’s stakeouts, this Dark Suit has been specially made by Felicia Hardy for her favourite web-slinger, and looks to have been modelled on Black Widow’s outfit, with the Widow’s symbol adorning the palm of each glove.

The trailer for the upcoming Heist DLC didn’t feature the suit, which comes complete with cat-like claws, but it wouldn’t be surprising given the resolution if Peter is forced to wear it in at least one mission.

It might not be the Black Suit, but this Widow-inspired costume is one of the best designs to have emerged from Insomniac’s tenure with the Spider-Man license.

1. The Advanced Suit


Insomniac’s Spider-Man redesign is one of the best going, and one that’s sure to influence further incarnations of the wall-crawler further down the line.

The white spider is bold, and the athletic look of the costume itself provides a modern uplift to Ditko’s eternal concept. The narrative basis behind its design is refreshing, the eyes are super expressive and the look in general is just superb. The only thing that’s missing are some good old fashioned web-wings, but even that’s just a minor gripe in what’s otherwise a superb update to the classic Spidey costume.

This will be the image fans think of whenever someone mentions Spider-Man in the gaming medium, and while it’s not the biggest achievement the PS4 exclusive has accomplished, it helps intimate just how significant an event it is in the superhero and gaming calendars.

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