Mueller, arrest me –   there also that guy that said if he did half of what Hillary did he would be in jail,…

Cone cat

10/18/2019 0

 Cone cat – He’s got style, he’s got grace He’s got a cone around his face.

The blunt has been hit –     That guy was like 2 steps away with coming up with the plot of Jurassic park …

Toto heads out

10/15/2019 0

  Toto heads out –   hahahahahaha it’s funny because MINECRAFT the new “funny cause loud”  tOtO eNdS iT aLL from r/PeopleFuckingDying


09/26/2019 0

  woo –   So much relief for so little exertion.  

Happy Birthday Nick –  We also have honorable mentions such as Hugh Jass Mike Hunt Ben Dover Jenna Tools   59:10 FOR A GOOD…