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THE SANDWICH – Who the hell puts mayonnaise directly on the meat     

Mustard expert

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Mustard expert – …mustard?  He’s not even confident. The more you know about mustard the more you realize you don’t know about mustard. A…

My salami is still alive –   which SCP is that Salami Containment Procedures      I Have No Mouth and I Must Spin…


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Dog –   Braaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd    Brad’s food adventures are the best. Check out “It’s alive with Brad Leone” for more goofy food science. 


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  Chips   𝒢 𝑅 𝐸 𝐸 𝒯 𝐼 𝒩 𝒢 𝒮 


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Raisinets – This video makes me feel emotion, I love it.  


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Ohhhhh –   People eating and making a face like they just had an orgasm makes me angry for two reasons : it’s either forced…