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The 10 Darkest Episodes of Spongebob Squarepants –


heyheyshaney — Yeah, definitely unexpected from a kids show.

When Spongebob and Mr. Crabs tried hiding a body of a man they thought they killed.


carb-queen — That old lady wasn’t so nice after all.

The episode when Gary runs away and lives with that nice old lady who feeds him cookies until he finds that huge pile of dead snail carcasses in her closet


emgeegole — I’ve had gorilla beating nightmares ever since.

Still not as weird as the one where Spongebob breaks his butt and becomes a recluse, causing Patrick and Sandy to stage a scenario in which Sandy is attacked by Patrick (who is wearing a gorilla suit), to lure Spongebob outside to help. Gorilla-suit-Patrick starts fake attacking Sandy, and Spongebob isn’t falling for it. Then non-gorilla-suit-Patrick shows up and everyone is confused. Non-gorilla-suit-Patrick unzips his Patrick suit to reveal a “real gorilla” (a live action person in a gorilla costume) that proceeds to beat the ever loving shit out of Patrick and Sandy until Spongebob comes out to help and ends up getting literally torn in half. Once Spongebob asks aloud, “What’s a gorilla doing underwater anyway?,” the gorilla gets sheepish and rides away on a pantomime horse. The camera then zooms out to a live action family watching this episode on TV looking disgusted and confused.
Edit: Also not as weird as the one where the punchline to the entire episode is a complete non-sequitur use of a 1920’s German Expressionist film character


Larjersig18 — Sometimes the trippy episodes are the best.

Spongehenge as well. It wasn’t scary, but it was extremely unnerving.
It was the episode when SpongeBob built large statues of himself thst made music when the wind blew through the holes. It ended with SpongeBob returning to the Krusty Krab but being distraught when he sees that it’s been abandoned. Final shot is a slow zoom on the face of the statue while SpongeBob laughs in the background.
Weird shit, dude


AGoodSourceOfFibre — Squidward’s family has no luck.

Or the episode where Spongebob and Patrick are kidnapping Squidward’s mom, in which it seems they stuff her in a bag, put her in the trunk, and beat her with a shovel to get her to fit.


cigripper27 — As long as it was funny, it’s worth the mindfuck.

Or the one where they keep the Krusty Krab open 24/7 and they all go crazy. Funny ep but always a little scary


W334 — Uh yeah I think that qualifies as dark as shit.

Or the episode where Squidward realizes he has no happy memory and attempts suicide multiple times


Home_Builder — Gotta rewatch this.

A dark episode that is often overlooked is “Born Again Krabs”. It’s an incredibly dark episode for a kid’s show and I didn’t even understand it until more recently.
Mr. Krabs eats a rotten krabby patty after he cannot sell it to anyone. He ends up hospitalized and is visited by the ghost of the Flying Dutchman, who tells him that the time has come for Mr. Krabs to go to Davy Jone’s Locker. For those of you who don’t know, Davy Jone’s Locker was a sailor’s term referring to the depths of the ocean where ships would sink. In other words, a sailor’s graveyard. Of course, in the show they play it off as a literal locker where David H. Jones stores his gym socks. Mr. Krabs starts sobbing and begins to beg the Dutchman for his life, promising to be a better and more generous man, and the Dutchman agrees to those terms.
Meanwhile, Squidward and a teary-eyed in-denial Spongebob are in Mr. Krabs’s office ready to move out his things (under the impression that Mr. Krabs is dead). When Mr. Krabs miraculously comes back seemingly from the dead and ready to turn a new leaf. He re-opens the Krusty Krab with incredibly generous sales, thinking it’s all a nightmare. When he realizes he’s awake, he has a fucking mental breakdown where he almost rips off a guy’s arm over a penny. The Dutchman witnesses this and comes to take Krabs back to the locker. However, Spongebob sticks up for Mr. Krabs, and makes a bet with the Dutchman that Krabs would never sell out his beloved frycook, only for Mr. Krabs to immediately sell out Spongebob’s life for 62 cents.


evixir — As one should, if you have poisoned someone.

The one where Squidward thinks he’s poisoned Spongebob and spends the whole episode wracked with guilt.


Trippyy_420 — Existential dreadddd. Why have you brought this upon us, Spongebob episode?

The fucking FUUUUUTUUUUREEEE one where squidward ends up trapped in limbo alone forever.

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