The 10 Most Bizarre Video Game Collector’s Editions Ever

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The 10 Most Bizarre Video Game Collector’s Editions Ever –



How much do you love video games? I’m willing to bet it’s quite a bit if you’re even reading this right now. Have you ever loved (or thought you would love) a game so much that you were willing to drop hundreds of dollars for a collector’s edition? There are plenty of special edition games that are worth your money, offering DLC and even some genuinely cool collectibles that you can tell your grandkids about while they wait on line for the latest Playstation XLX game.

But what happens when a collector’s edition goes wrong? What happens when a company gives you more than you bargained for? Things you never thought would be paired with a game? Things that people expect to be paid real money for? Well, I found 10 of those, so let’s find out.

1. F.3.A.R. (Fear 3)

                                                                                                                                        WB Games/Day 1 Studios

F.E.A.R. as a series boils down to ‘Men In Black but with ghosts and deathly serious, though this big get might not communicate that well. On top of a comic, steelbox, and in-game weapon called The Hammer, you could be the proud owner of a collectible pregnant ghost zombie figurine. Because nothing screams “desk arrangement” or “nicely decorated living room” like the ghost of a woman forcibly impregnated by a corrupt organization!

2. NBA 2K10

                                                                                                                                       2K Sports/Visual Concepts

The 2K games have been a go-to for many a sports fan, but the collector’s edition of 2K10 gave you the option of taking your fandom to another level. On top of a Kobe Bryant mini-figure, 2K10 came with a foot locker (don’t laugh at that) that you could keep your entire 2K collection in. It pays to not have to add another shelf into your rec room, but don’t even think about keeping anything else in here.

3. Tony Hawk Ride


So you’ve just released a game with an unresponsive skateboard controller that people don’t seem to like. How else can you pique people’s interest? How about a collector’s edition of the same board but in…red? And with an eagle on it?

4. Dead Island Riptide

Dead Island offered gamers a zombie experience that didn’t quite match up to the game’s incredible trailer, but the sequel Dead Island Riptide upped the ante in its own way. The collector’s edition of the game came with a bust, complete with zombie bites and tears, specifically designed for the psycho in your life.

                                                                                                                                                 Deep Silver/Techland

5. Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad

Saints Row IV is a game of big ambition and big rewards for little price, but there was even more if you were willing to spend the dough. The game’s Super Dangerous Wad Wad edition was a rare package, complete with a life-sized replica of the Dub Step Gun,. a 7-night stay in a royal suite in Dubai, two different cars, and even your very own hostage rescue experience; all for the price of…$1 million. Marketing is marketing, no matter how you do it.

                                                                                                                                                    Deep Silver/Volition

6. Halo 3 Legendary edition

                                                                                                                               Microsoft Game Studios/Bungie

Replica. Master Chief. Helmet. Cool but for only the most hardcore of die-hard fans.

7. Dying Light

                                                                                                                                                  WB Games/Techland

When it comes to the collector’s edition of Dying Light, you could play the game or you could just live it for yourself. For 250,000 British pounds, you could live the My Apocalypse experience in your brand new zombie-fortified house with parkour lessons, in case the CDC’s predictions actually came true. You would also get a life-size zombie statue and your face placed in the game, most likely on a zombie that you’ll shoot and not think twice about.

8. Catherine


Any game that comes with a set of boxers might be a little on the extra side, and Catherine is no exception. The regular special edition came with just an artbook and soundtrack, but the Love Is Over Deluxe Edition comes packed with those, a steelbox shaped like a pizza box, lithographs, Travis’ pink polka dot boxers, a t-shirt, and your very own love pillow. Because Atlus knew exactly who they were marketing this game to.

9. Call of Duty Black Ops III


NBA 2K10 might’ve given you a new place to put your games, but Call Of Duty isn’t willing to be outdone. The Juggernog edition of Black Ops 3 came with a replica of the Juggernog refrigerator, which could hold up to 12 cans and would play sounds from the game, because war sounds are what you want to hear while reaching into your fridge for a tasty bev. It also came with coasters, to cover all the corners.

10. Sorcery Saga: Curse of The Great Curry God Hot and Spicy, Everything Nicey Limited Edition

                                                                                                                                   Compile Heart/Aksys Games

Some games offer you replicas of iconic aspects in their limited editions, but I promise that few go as far as Sorcery Saga: Curse of The Great Curry God did. The game’s Hot & Spicy & Everything Nicey version doesn’t come with much outside of a very small (but cute) plate and a bib. It’s both not a lot and a lot all at the same time. All your bases are covered when you’re dealing with the Curry God.

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