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The 15 Greatest Half-Human Hybrid Characters In Anime –



One of the most interesting tropes that pop up in anime are half-human anime characters. What that means exactly can vary from show to show, but here’s the basic run-down: hybrid anime characters possess both human DNA and DNA from another species. In most cases, the non-human species is a mythical one, like demons, elves or angels. Half-human hybrids are typically born to one human parent and one non-human parent, but some are fused with another species later in life, often violently. Half-human characters are typically found in demon anime and shounen anime.

Being a hybrid can mean enhanced magical and physical abilities, like it does for Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki Ken and Gohan from DBZ. In some cases, like with Gojyo from Saiyuki, it means facing discrimination. In other cases, like with Eina Tulle in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, the character’s hybrid nature has basically no impact on anything. Take a look at some of the best half-human hybrid characters and vote up your favorite.



Rin Okumura – Blue Exorcist

Photo:  A-1 Pictures

Rin Okumura, the protagonist of Blue Exorcist, is the son of a human woman named Yuri Egin, and the lord of all demons, Satan. Yuri died while giving birth to Rin and his fraternal twin brother, Yukio. Shiro Fujimoto, who had been ordered by Yuri’s father to kill her and her devil babies, ends up taking pity on the newborn babies and letting them live.

Instead of killing them, he seals their demonic powers and raises them as normal humans. Despite his alleged “full humanity,” Rin’s headstrong behavior still gets him labeled “a demon child” in school. Eventually, Rin is unable to continue living a “normal” life, and has to start using his powers. While there are plenty of stories about the so-called anti-Christ, few of such characters exist in anime, and even fewer are as complex a character as Rin Okumura.

Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Photo:  Studio Pierrot

Tokyo Ghouls Ken Kaneki started out entirely human, but that changed after ghoul organs were non-consensually transplanted into his body. He became a “one-eyed ghoul,” or a half-human, half-ghoul. This grants him extraordinary powers and an almost mythical status within the ghoul community. However, it also means he has to get used to the physical and moral implications of his newfound hunger for human flesh.

Inuyasha – Inuyasha

Photo:  Sunrise

Inuyasha is one of the most famous examples of a half-human, half-something else hybrid. Inuyasha was born to a human mother and a dog yokai father. This results in some serious problems with his full yokai older brother, Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru looks down on Inuyasha for his “tainted” heritage and resents him because their father gives Inuyasha a more powerful sword.

Gohan – Dragon Ball Z

Photo:  Toei Animation

It’s difficult to chose just one half-human hybrid from Dragon Ball Z. There’s Trunks, Bulla, Gohan, Marron – the list goes on. Gohan, a half-human, half-Saiyan, deserves special mention for a few reasons. First of all, he’s the only half-human, half-Saiyan to display significantly greater power than his full-Saiyan equivalents. That’s just cool.

Second, we get to see how him navigate completely different expectations from his human mother and Saiyan father. Chichi, his mother, really just wants him to do well in school and get a good night’s sleep. Goku, his father, wants him to use his strength to help defend the Earth from its enemies.

Emilia Justina – The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Photo: White Fox

Emilia Justina, the main female protagonist of The Devil is a Part-Timer!, is half-human and half-angel. She defeated Satan and banished him to Earth, then followed him there in order to be rid of him completely. Unfortunately for Emilia, the move to earth eliminates her angelic powers and she’s reduced to working at MgRonald’s (one of the most awesome fake brand names in anime), along with the aforementioned Satan.

Despite her angelic origins, Emilia is basically entirely human, and has to try and figure out how to function as such.

Shinichi Izumi – Parasyte

Photo: Madhouse

Shinichi Izumi, the main character of the terrifying Parasyte, wasn’t always a half-human hybrid. His completely human nature changed when an alien parasite ate his arm and merged with his body. At first, Shinichi is understandably horrified, but he soon learns to work with the parasite, who he calls Migi, to defend humans against the rest of the parasites who are ravaging humanity.

The ability to do anything other than shriek in horror and just straight up chop off your own arm is impressive enough in this situation. (To be fair, he does try to chop off his own arm.) Shinichi manages to actually collaborate with the parasite and becomes a true human-parasite hybrid, which is flat-out amazing.

Ryuko Matoi – Kill La Kill

Photo: Studio Trigger

Ryuko Matoi of Kill la Kill is a half-human, half-life-fiber hybrid. Life fibers are basically sentient fabric from space, and no, they don’t typically breed with humans. Ryuko was born to Ragyo Kiryuin, a megalomaniac who scientifically engineered multiple babies, infusing their bodies with the aforementioned life fibers.

Initially believed to be a failed experiment, Ryuko was discarded at birth and grew up not knowing that she wasn’t entirely human. When she finds out, she first has an existential crisis, then realizes that she can use her unusual body to stop her mother from letting life fibers take over the world.

Akihito Kanbara – Beyond The Boundary

Photo: Kyoto Animation

Bound The Boundary‘s Akihito Kanbara is a half-human, half-youmu. Youmu are mysterious creatures who roam the human world causing chaos and destruction. Because of his youmu side, Akihito can heal rapidly from injuries. On its face, this sounds like a positive thing, but it causes people to fear and despise him.

Because he can lose control of his youmu abilities when he’s seriously injured, he’s a potential hazard to those around him. When he receives a fatal injury, he unleashes something called Beyond the Boundary, which can take over his body and attack others even when he’s in a coma. Akihito’s youmu side stresses him out to the point where he’s actually willing to help a seemingly incompetent youmu-slayer named Mirai get rid of it. In the process, the two become close friends.

Sha Gojyo – Saiyuki

Photo: Studio Pierrot

Sha Gojyo of Saiyuki is a hanyou, or a half-human, half-yokai. Hanyou routinely experience rejection and discrimination from people who deem them “unclean.” His stepmother also severely abuses him for reasons that include his half-human status. Years of being treated like he’s inferior have turned him into a sarcastic person who does and says whatever he wants, because he doesn’t expect to get along with people anyway.

Eina Tulle – Is It Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Photo: J.C.Staff

Is It Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?‘s Eina Tulle is half-human, half-elf, and all adorable. Eina is a receptionist at the Guild, an organization that provides services for adventurers, including lengthy “lessons” that go on for so long that hardly anyone sticks around to listen to them. What’s unique about Eina is that her half-elf status actually doesn’t give her any magical abilities or really change anything for her.

This might not seem like something to celebrate, but when you consider how many other hybrid characters are unnaturally powerful, Eina’s averageness is like a breath of fresh air.

Ai Astin – Sunday Without God

Photo: Madhouse

Ai Astin of Sunday Without God is half-human, half-gravekeeper. While the name “gravekeeper” might sound morbid, they’re actually heavenly beings who were sent to Earth by God to help bury the dead and make life easier for the living after God abandons the world. Gravekeepers do not experience emotions, but as a half-human, half-gravekeeper, Ai has a lot of feelings.

This makes it much harder for her to fulfill her duties. This is an interesting contrast to the common belief that appears in other anime, that a hybrid nature makes you stronger.

Zelgadis Greywords – Slayers

Photo: E&G Films

Zelgadis Greywords, AKA that character from Slayers whose name no one ever spelled right in their 1995 fanfiction, is one of the oldest examples of the partially-human hybrid trope. Zelgadis was born a human, but his great-grandfather Rezo turned him into a chimera who was 1/3 golem, 1/3 blow demon (a type of magical goblin), and 1/3 human.

Rezo didn’t do this for Zelgadis’ benefit – he did it because he wanted to test out his ability to create chimeras and basically tricked his great-grandson into it. Zelgadis has mixed feelings about his new body – he simultaneously sees it as a disfigurement and as a powerful form.

Nina Drango – Rage Of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Photo: MAPPA

As you may have surmised from her name, Nina Drango from Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul is half-human, half-dragon. While she usually appears completely human, this changes when she sees a handsome man. Upon such sightings, she gets flustered and red-faced, and ends up transforming into a dragon. It’s later revealed that she loses control of her abilities like this because handsome men remind her of her father, who was killed by Bahamut. Turning into a dragon and going on a rampage helps her avoid painful memories.

Nina Tucker – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Photo: Studio Bones

Most anime fans are familiar with Shou Tucker, widely known as one of the worst parents in anime. While FMA fans write justifiably full-page rants about how horrible he is, less attention is paid to one of his primary victims, his daughter Nina Tucker. Shou fused his four-year-old daughter’s body with that of the family dog, effectively creating a half-human, half-dog hybrid.

Unlike most anime hybrids, Nina couldn’t survive for long in this form, and was actually fairly terrifying. That said, she deserves credit for being a lovely little girl – and dog – who deserved better.

Setsu – Mushi-Shi

Photo: Artland

Setsu is a minor character from Mushi-shi. What makes her so interesting isn’t so much who she is as an individual – it’s more about what she reveals regarding the strange and beautiful world of the anime. Setsu is half mushi, half human. Mushi are the building blocks of life, and they can be anything from virus-like vectors of disease to rainbows that control people’s minds.

In Setsu’s case, a treelike mushi impregnated her mother. To survive, Setsu has to drink the water produced by the mushi. Unfortunately, drinking the water makes her totally unable to leave the forest where she lives. This reveals humanity’s dependence on, and vulnerability to, a supposedly “lower” form of life.

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