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The 15 Most Graphic Sex Scenes in DC Comics History –

DC Comics has more censored and less sexy scenes than their adult Vertigo line, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some graphic DC sex scenes sprinkled throughout their publishing history. The sexual tension among heroes, and among villains, even between heroes and villains, builds to some of the most graphic love scenes in DC comics.

Many superheroes knocked boots in some hot, heavy, graphic DC sex, leaving nothing to the imagination. However, oddly, some graphic sex scenes in DC comics left everything to the imagination, too. Even though most DC comics are written for a mainstream audience and don’t feature hardcore, fully-nude hanky panky, many scenes can still get you hot and bothered despite strategic censorship. Take a look at our list of some of the sexiest, oddest, and most overall graphic DC comics sex panels.


Batman And Talia, Beloved Be Lovin’

Photo:  DC Comics/Amazon/Fair Use

This small panel from the Damian: Son of Batman story “Bethlehem” showcases Damian’s conception. While there have been depictions of Talia Al’ Ghul and her “beloved” Bruce Wayne making love in the past, none showed this much skin. The forms of both Bats and the heiress to the League of Assassins is more than readers usually see in mainstream Batman books.

Green Arrow And Black Canary Sleepin’ Together in Seattle

In Green Arrow vol. 2, #34 (1990), Ollie and Dinah have their own tumble in the hopes to conceive a child. Seeing the two then-Seattle-based heroes entwined is moving and tender, but very graphic as readers get a glimpse of Black Canary’s bare bottom and her breast as Ollie makes love to her. This isn’t the typical “post-coital with bed sheets covering their private parts” panels in comics from that era.

Ravager And Robin Keep Hearts Throbbin’

Overcoming hormones for regular teens is hard enough, but overcoming them as a Teen Titan can be even harder. In Teen Titans vol. 3 #35, Robin is still reeling from his failed attempt to clone his passed friend Superboy, and Ravager is intoxicated. The unclothed Ravager throws herself onto Robin in this scene. Before DC could get into morally questionable territory, Kid Devil bursts into the room, which breaks up the tension quick.

Twilight Lady And Nite Owl In Bed

The critically panned Before Watchmen series wasn’t the most popular DC series, but it did serve up some titillation in this scene in Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #3. Twilight Lady and Nite Owl team up to investigate a missing women case, but then ended up sharing their real identities and physicalities.

Dick And Kory’s Ongoing Love Story

Nightwing and Starfire are arguably the most open sexually couple in all of DC Comics. The on-again, off-again duo are a mix of innocence and prudishness as the free-spirited Koriand’r and disciplined Dick Grayson have shared a bed many times for over 20 years. In Titans #16, we get to see the fullness of their connection, both emotionally and physically.

Batman And Catwoman’s Rooftop Romp

When this scene ended the first issue of The New 52 Catwoman, controversy erupted among comic fans. While both Batman and Catwoman are clothed, this issue displayed kisses, touching, and this final image of the two merged into a knot. Not only was this coupling controversial in the general audience sense, but because Catwoman forced herself on the resistant Batman. Many argued that this scene undercut Catwoman’s feminist ideals as well.

Oracle And Nightwing’s Fling

Nightwing Annual #2 showed the ups and downs between the two Batman protégés Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson. In between Robin and Batgirl getting smitten with each other and the failing engagement of Nightwing and Oracle, we see a passionate love scene. While the two are mostly covered, this a little bit saucier than most superhero lovemaking scenes.

Harley Quinn And Deadshot Get Hot

In the DC Universe Rebirth Suicide Squad #3, Deadshot sets his sights on Harley Quinn, and the two take a torrid tumble. Harley also makes a clown-car remark that nearly ruins the mood before they are interrupted by a call from Amanda Waller. While both anti-heroes are clothed, the spontaneity and roughness make this one of the more graphic scenes in the modern DCU.

Tali And Chantinelle Go Through Heaven And Hell

Angels and demons clash, but not in the way you usually expect in Hellblazer #60. A member of the Heavenly Host named Tali and a succubus from Hell named Chantinelle put aside their ideologies to sleep together. This union eventually produced a child and created much heartache for the star-crossed lovers.

Batman And Black Canary Get Down As Their Enemies Burn

What’s graphic about the lovemaking between Batman and Black Canary in All-Star Batman & Robin #7 is the provocative positions the characters along with the setting. Batman and Black Canary hook up on a pier outside in the rain as their enemies burn in a building.

Scandal And Knockout Live Up to Their Names

Gail Simone and Dave Eaglesham’s Secret Six is one of the few main DC titles that normalized homosexual and bisexual relationships in modern comics. While this casual scene between lovers Scandal and Knockout in Villains United is post-coital, two unclothed women sharing a bed in DC’s usually heteronormative atmosphere was considered taboo for many conservative readers.

Silk Spectre II’s Threesome With Dr. Manhattan And Dr. Manhattan

In the classic Watchmen graphic novel, Silk Spectre thought she was being caressed and pleased by her lover Dr. Manhattan, but then she realized more than two hands were touching her. Dr. Manhattan used his reality altering powers to create clones of himself so he could satisfy her while simultaneously working on other tasks. Silk Spectre was horrified and upset. Also, it’s pretty risque and rare to see threesomes in DC comics, even if one-third of the trio is a clone.

Phantom Lady And Black Condor Leap Into Action

While the Freedom Fighters aren’t as well known or as popular as the Justice League or Justice Society, they still know how to hook up. In Freedom Fighters #6, we see the Phantom Lady pounce onto her fellow teammate Black Condor. Given Phantom Lady’s reality manipulation powers and Black Condor’s enhanced strength, that table in the panel has its work cut out for it.

Swamp Thing And Abigail Arcane’s Psychedelic Experience

While there is little human-to-human lovemaking imagery in Swamp Thing #34, fans argue that it is one of the rawest and most primal depictions of lovemaking in comics. Since Swamp Thing cannot biologically make love with Abigail Arcane, he grows a tuber that Abby can eat. After consuming the growth, Abby has a psychedelic experience, seeing the world as the Swamp Thing sees it. The result is graphic, raw artwork of organs, vegetation, human silhouettes, and other suggestive imagery that is as passionate as any traditional love scene.

Superman And Batman Cry At Tentacles Mating

In World’s Finest Comics #289, Batman and Superman are driven to tears by an alien mating ritual. The Kryll tentacle species within Superman’s Fortress of Solitude need to leech human emotions, mate, and then perish. What is depicted in the panels is very blunt, weird, and graphic imagery that looks more like hentai than a superhero funny book.

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