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The 15 Weirdest Abilities in Anime You Probably Wouldn’t Want –

While most anime feature characters with amazing superpowers that you’d totally want to have, not all powers are so enviable. Some anime abilities are just plain bizarre. While many viewers of My Hero Academia would absolutely accept the incredible “One for All” quirk if given the chance, not everyone would want, for example, Minoru Mineta’s “Pop-Off” quirk, which lets him pull sticky purple spheres off of the top of his head and throw them at people.

Some weird anime abilities are just not useful in most situations. Whether or not you’d actually like to have one, the weirdest anime powers can make a series much more interesting. After all, there’s only so many times you can watch a character breathe fire before it gets old. Once in a while, you just want to watch a girl hypnotize people into developing a glasses obsession like Ai Mori does in The Law of Ueki.


Melona’s Corrosive Milk – ‘Queen’s Blade’

Photo:  ARMS

Melona, of Queen’s Blade, shoots corrosive milk when her chest is stimulated by hand-shaped, gooey hair extensions. Yes, it’s exactly as weird as it sounds. While some people probably find Melona’s abilities fascinating, they’d be pretty terrible to have in real life.

Human milk isn’t just ready to go at all times; it appears after pregnancy and childbirth. To be able to do this continuously, Melona would have to have like a billion kids. Plus, her chest probably hurts constantly.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo’s Nose Hair – ‘Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo’

Photo:  Toei Animation

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo has countless moves that make use of his luxuriously long nose hair. There’s Nosehair Snake Fist, which involves driving a long, stiff nose hair into someone else’s nostril. There’s the Nosehair Festival – a move using his boogers to go after his enemies. There’s also the Hell Nosehair Drop, which involves grabbing one’s opponent by their nose hair and slamming them into the ground.

Nose hair can be used for peaceful means, too. The Nose Hair Bridge is a rainbow bridge that people can cross, made out of (you guessed it) nose hair. Hey, no one ever said that anime had to make sense .

Warcry’s Tear Magic – ‘Fairy Tail’

Photo:  A-1 Pictures

Warcry, an otherwise aggressive character from Fairy Tail, gets incredibly emotional during clashes. Why? Because he uses a type of caster magic called Tear Magic. The harder he cries, the more powerful he becomes.

While it does invoke incredible strength, it’s got to be pretty difficult to force yourself to cry on command – and those big puffy, stylized tears look like they hurt coming out.

Toyohiro Kanedaichi’s Super Fly – ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’

Photo:  David Production

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has so many ridiculous magical powers that one could dedicate a full list to just them. That being said, one particular ability really stands out as the weirdest of the bunch. Toyohiro Kanedaichi uses a Stand – a supernatural power – called Super Fly, which is a quasi-sentient radio tower that traps its user inside it. Toyohiro’s only real hope of escaping is if he convinces someone else to take his place.

Toyohiro has no control whatsoever over Super Fly’s actions. Despite the obvious disadvantage of being imprisoned, however, the radio tower offers an incredible defense system.

Ai Mori’s Power To Change Her Opponent Into A Fan Of Glasses – ‘The Law Of Ueki’

Photo: Studio Deen

The Law of Ueki’s Ai Mori’s incredible ability involves brainwashing people into becoming obsessed with glasses. Once they’re salivating over her intoxicating eyewear, she destroys their dreams by destroying the beloved glasses. She can also force her opponents to obey her by threatening to break the glasses.

Unfortunately for Ai, her abilities are limited by the fact that she has to somehow convince her opponent to pose with their fists under their chin and one leg popped before her glasses ability activates. While potentially powerful, and certainly unexpected, this limit makes her powers hard to use.

Minoru Mineta’s Pop-Off Quirk – ‘My Hero Academia’

Photo: Studio Bones

Basically everybody in My Hero Academia has some incredible abilities, but few of them are quite as unusual as Minoru Mineta’s “Pop-Off” quirk. The kid has a nearly infinite supply of sticky round balls attached to his head, which he can pluck off at will. The bounciness makes them useful as a trampoline, and the stickiness can be used for… sticking to things.

However, if he takes off too many, he risks dangerous bleeding. While he has been able to use his quirk on the field, it doesn’t have a lot of obvious practical effects.

Koenma’s Pacifier – ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’

Photo: Studio Pierrot

Koenma, the heir to the throne of Yu Yu Hakusho‘s Spirit World, has a magical item that grants him incredible powers. It allows him to resurrect remains, temporarily paralyze humans who touch it, create powerful barriers, and seal demons. It also stores a metric ton of spirit energy.

What makes it so weird is that the item in question is a pacifier. You know – the thing that dentists would rather that babies not suck on? It is, undoubtedly, the most powerful pacifier in all of anime.

Mio Kusakai’s Hypnosis – ‘Keijo!!!!!!!!’

Photo: Xebec

Keijo!!!!!!!! features an abundance of totally outlandish abilities, all of which utilize chests and rears – it’s a show about a sport in which girls try to knock each other into the water using said assets, so weirdness is to be expected.

One of the strangest abilities is probably Mio Kusakai’s hypnosis. By swinging her chest, Mio can completely paralyze her opponent and force them to obey her every command

Motojirō Kajii’s Lemon Bomb – ‘Bungou Stray Dogs’

Photo: Bones

Bungou Stray Dogs is a show about a detective agency where everyone is named after a classical Japanese author and everyone has some type of magical ability. These detectives can spontaneously generate poetry and transform (against their will) into gigantic, man-eating tigers. While all of their abilities are weird, Motojirō Kajii’s Lemon Bomb is on another level.

This ability makes Kajii immune to the effects of detonation devices, which sounds awesome except for the fact that it only works if the devices are shaped like lemons. While this does allow him to use such items to his heart’s content, it’s still a pretty limited ability. It likely originated from a short story by the real world author by the same name, Lemon.

Tohru’s Stain Removing Spit – ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’

Photo: Kyoto Animation

Tohru, the dragon maid from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, has several incredible abilities, including flight, regeneration, traveling between dimensions, and other things one would expect from a dragon. She can also clean stains out of clothing using her spit.

While this strange ability is pretty useful in her role as a maid, her employer/girlfriend Kobayashi is understandably less than thrilled by the idea of having her clothes cleaned inside a dragon’s mouth.

Kaku’s Giraffe Devil Fruit – ‘One Piece’

Photo: Toei Animation

One Piece has so many characters with bizarre abilities that it’s hard to pick just one. The Devil Fruits, which grant the main character Luffy his signature stretching ability, can also bestow an array of other powers. Some of these are totally cool, but others, not so much.

Kaku, a swordsman hoping to increase his fighting prowess, eats a Devil Fruit…and it turns him into a giraffe, for example. In a world where people can control the elements, manipulate people’s hormonal levels, and do other amazing and useful things after eating a Devil Fruit, Kaku can turn into a giraffe. That said, he seems to really love giraffes, and it does improve his swordsmanship (somehow); so, maybe it’s not all bad.

Tadayasu Sawaki’s Ability To Speak To Microorganisms – ‘Moyashimon’

Photo: Shirogumi

Moyashimon features Tadayasu Sawaki, a freshman at an agriculture university with the ability to communicate with bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. He can also see them, and while they appear as cutesy shapes with faces, it can still make for some disgusting experiences. Despite being acutely aware of the germs surrounding him, Tadayasu doesn’t seem especially freaked out.

He also never really does anything with his ability; he makes some sake – that’s about it.

Majin Buu’s Candy Chocolate Beam – ‘Dragon Ball’

Photo: Toei Animation

Majin Buu’s Candy Chocolate Beam is one of the stranger abilities in the Dragon Ball universe. Despite its name, the beam can be used to turn anything into anything. He turns Chichi into an egg, turns a Goku and Vegeta fusion into a coffee-flavored jawbreaker, and turns several people into clay to build his house.

In Dragon Ball GT, he uses it on Pan and Dr. Satan so that he can eat them and keep them safe inside his body. Majuub, a fusion of Majin Buu and a little boy named Uub, uses it to turn everyone on Earth into chocolate to keep them from interfering with a fight.

Knuckle Bine’s APR Nen Ability – ‘Hunter x Hunter’

Photo: Madhouse

Knuckle Bine of Hunter x Hunter can use nen – a technique used to manipulate life energy – in an unusual way. He creates an adorable mascot which imbued with a numerical quantity representing Knuckle’s aura (basically his life force). This number is counted down on a screen on its forehead. Until the numbers run out, every hit Knuckle takes is absorbed by the cute little mascot.

This ability might be cool (instead of weird) if the mascot didn’t look like a baby Mr. Mime and talk like a kindergartner.

Sage Mode – ‘Naruto’

Photo: Studio Pierrot

At first blush, sage mode sounds pretty reasonable, but it’s Naruto, so things gets weird pretty fast. In sage mode, the user must sit perfectly still in order to accumulate natural energy. Natural energy increases the user’s strength, speed, dexterity, stamina, etc. It also allows the user to sense chakra around them and mold the energy to their will. However, too much natural energy, and the user will turn into stone or into the animal that taught them sage mode.

To bypass these negative effects, users can, for example, place one toad on each shoulder to gather energy from them. That’s what Jiraiya does, and it’s by far his strongest – and weirdest – ability.

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