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The 16 Most Intense Video Game Sequences Will Shake You To Your Core –

What makes video games such an absorbing medium, is the fact that it’s me that’s making those choices. While a movie is being told to me, and a novel is already written and you can kinda skip ahead to see who lives or not, a game is built for you to make certain choices. Sure, there’s an over-arching plot and direction, but youmake the little choices to get you there.

Despite that, most game developers know exactly how you’ll interact with a level or connect with a character, then they’ll pull the rug out from under you and change your experience.

These ones were some of the best examples that I’ve come across, but there’s plenty more out there, just waiting to be experienced.


Watching your own execution
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
This one is intense. At the midpoint of the game, you’re captured and taunted by the villainous Irene Engel. The whole scene takes place through your POV, and you’re led out in front of the whole world, branded a terrorist and decapitated. Everything goes white, you gargle and then that’s the game, right?

Nope, you wake up with your head attached to an all-new Nazi Supersoldier body and you continue.

Holy shit.


No Russian
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
This scene pretty much came out of nowhere, and it’s a startling as they come. Within the context of the game, it makes sense that the main character pretends to be a terrorist to maintain his cover in a Russian gang, but the level takes things too far.

You actually get to participate in a terrorist attack in an airport, and have the option to sadistically take aim at innocent lives, if you chose. Hopefully, no one exercises that option.


Sephiroth turns into a villain
Final Fantasy VII
Considered one of the best villains in gaming history, he wasn’t always. He started off on the side of good, until he realized that he was an alien lab experiment.

He then burns a village that welcomed him with open arms a few hour prior, to the ground, and becomes a full-fledged villain.

That’s cold.


That final escape
Super Metroid
You don’t need modern graphics and stereo sound to make gamers nearly shit themselves with anxiety; you just need this game.

You spend the game diving deep down to the heart of Zebes to find Mother Brain, then you have mere minutes to use all those upgrades, your memory of the best route out, and all your skills to get away before the bomb blows you to shit.

This literally gave me a heart attack as a pre-teen.


The door vs. Theseus’ head
God of War II
Frankly, all of the boss battles in this franchise are epic, brutal and far to intense for the casual gamer. But this death… man, it’s pure dickatry.

At the point when Kratos gets Theseus down to enough health, he puts his head into a door frame and a prompt appears to ask you if you want to slam that door.

You can go as hard and fast as you want, resulting in a bloody pulp.


Storming Omaha beach on D-Day
Medal of Honour: Frontline
There’s nothing more intense that reliving D-Day from the perspective of a soldier landing on the beach.

The level starts off with the sound of waves and the worried comments of soldiers. Then it’s all gunfire, explosions and screams – no music.

It’s a jarring and sobering experience, that’ll shake you up.


Setting off a nuclear device
Fallout 3
A RPG game that lets you do whatever you want, is a dangerous game. This game starts off with a moral choice. You can disarm a latent nuke at the centre of the town of Megaton, or you can talk to a guy to learn how to arm it, then let it go.

If you choose to blow the city to hell, then what? You’ve killed a large population of people, just out of curiosity. How do you live with yourself? I dealt with it by knowing I at least tried to eradicate Moira Brown’s existence.


The Bloody Baron makes amends
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Based on how macabre and tragic this is, it needs to be on this list. There’s a complicated story behind this, but what you need to know is that the Baron is an abusive alcoholic, so his wife looks to flee and it results in a miscarriage. She buries the body and moves on. But, in the world of the Witcher, nothing stays dead.

To avoid the body from turning into a monster (it’s already turning into a goblin-like thing), the Baron has to reconcile with what he’s done and show love to his child.

Words can’t even describe it.


The Evil Moon
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
The first time I saw this guy, it stuck in my head forever; he’s fucked up. In fact, the whole game is pretty nightmarish, but this guy makes it worse.

Definitely won’t be sleeping after seeing him.


Being asked to kill a child
Telltale’s The Walking Dead (Season 1)
This game was a slam-dunk for Telltale and is easily the best Zombie game out there. Especially for this scene.

You’re asked by the parents of a slowly zombifying kid to decide his fate. You can refuse and make the parents do it, or you could, but the longer you wait, the more you hear his breath slowing as he begins to change.

It’s brutal.


Breaking the fourth wall
Assassin’s Creed II
The specifics of the game are already pretty muddy, with genetic memories and whatnot. But this moment, where Desmond is being addressed by both the goddess Minerva and his ancestor Ezio is a huge mindfuck.

Easily, one of the best moments in one of the best games of all time. Nothing tops the Ezio Trilogy, in my books.


Escaping from a symbiotic Doc-Ock
If you’ve never played this game, you’ll never know how intensely terrifying this fucker was.

Between the music and sound effects, it was the way he moved, combined with the destruction of the base around you, that made this sequence so intense.

The cutscene if and when he catches you, is brutal as he rips you apart.


The Warthog Gauntlet
Halo 3
This was the culmination of all the games in the series, the final chapter. And it delivered.

The finale is essentially a big Hollywood action movie stunt course, where you pilot your Warthog, as the Halo ring is self destructing. All those jumps, power-slides and that final leap to safety, keeps your heart in your throat the entire time.


Fighting Ornstein & Smough

Dark Souls
Of all the boss battles across time and space, this one is the fight that results in the most smashed controllers and torn couches than any other.

There’s just no way in winning this battle easily. The bad guys move faster than you and if you focus on one, the other will kill you. Mis-time an attack, and you’re toast. You pretty much have to memorize every attack pattern and get lucky.

Fuck you Dark Souls


Sarah’s Death

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of the most legendary games out there – it’s emotional, engaging and beautifully rendered. But that opening scene between Joel and his daughter Sarah, will kick you in the feels.

It’s not the horror games that make me live my own worst nightmares, it’s this one. As a parent, this, this fucking scene is the worst.


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