The 18 Greatest ‘My Hero Academia’ Ships

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Kyoka And Denki

Photo:  nurBAW/DeviantArt

An electrifying ship, Kyoka and Denki are simply adorable. The two appear frequently around each other, accompanied by their constant banter. Viewers know Denki’s electricity packs some surprising power, one that comes at a cost; he’s usually wiped out by the end of it. Kyoka enjoys providing commentary on this fact, and a lot of fan art on the two recently helped this ship to float.

User nurBAW, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Toru And Mashirao

Photo:  Koharun/DeviantArt

While you can’t see her, Toru is always the life of the party at school. Her hard-working spirit and wonderfully bright personality make her a pretty cute fit for someone like Mashirao. While he always comes across just a little bit embarrassed by her, Mashirao possesses the kind of attributes that would make a very cute coupling with his equal dedication to being a hero and good student.

User Koharun, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Eijiro And Katsuki

Photo:  Renimesis/DeviantArt

In a bromance of the century, Eijiro emerged as perhaps the only one Katsuki could ever tolerate. With his explosive personality, Katsuki has been one of the most challenging characters in the series. While his classmates merely tolerate Katsuki, Eijiro appears to be the only one who actually cares to befriend him. He even goes on a rescue mission with his friends to make sure Katsuki gets back safe. God love ya, bros.

User Renimesis, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Fumikage And Tsuyu

Photo:  Ilovekidbuu

Tsuyu and Fumikage make a decent ship, especially after they took their exams together. Having to fight as a hero team, the two work relatively well as a pair; both are cool-minded and always think ahead. After Tsuyu and Fumikage each save the other from a tough situation, it became clear to see why people put them together in a ship. Besides, it’s likely that Dark Shadow ships this behind Fumikage’s back.

User Ilovekidbuu, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Izuku And Ochako

Photo: Locke3K/DeviantArt

As the lead character, Izuku gets shipped with a lot of people, but Ochako remains one of his constant companions since the entrance exam. Viewers see these two together everywhere, and as the series progresses, it becomes clear they both share feelings for each other.

Through fighting together, supporting each other, and being the best of friends, Izuku and Ochako form a ship that is simply pure.

User Locke3K, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Shoto And Momo

Photo: Kami98leonardo/DeviantArt

This couple looks rather made-to-be in the My Hero Academia world, at least from what’s released of the series thus far. Momo feels second to Shoto and carries a lot on her shoulders; she admires him, but also feels she’s not good enough to compete with him.

During their exams and when they’re paired up together, Shoto reveals to Momo his vote for her to be the class representative. The amount of motivation, confidence, and similar backgrounds that these two share makes them a ship that just might sail.

User Kami98leonardo, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Mt. Lady And Kamui Woods

Photo: Ravencourse/DeviantArt

Are they dating or are they not? During the Hero Billboard Chart JP event, Mt. Lady is asked by the press whether she’s dating Kamui Woods. She just answers, “No comment.” Since she neither denied nor confirmed these rumors, fans can speculate that their must be something going on between these two. Especially since they work on the same team now, it wouldn’t be surprising that they end up together.

User Ravencourse, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Izuku And Shoto

Photo: PrincessEster/DeviantArt

Shoto used to be a little like Katsuki in that he wanted to best Izuku and make it to the top. The connection between All Might and Izuku was clear to him from the beginning, and much like his father, Shoto felt he could not come in second at any cost.

Izuku displays his interest in Shoto and even challenges him to utilize both sides of his power. This makes for wonderful shipping material and is part of the reasons they’re one of the greatest My Hero ships out there, whether or not it’s platonic.

User PrincessEster, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Mirio And Tamaki

Photo: sochie626/DeviantArt

Ever since these two best friends were introduced in the series, fans couldn’t help but love their strong bond. This ship isn’t surprising since they are childhood friends who have always motivated each other to become the best pro heroes. Tamaki’s backstory proved that he found the courage and inspiration to make it into The Big 3 because of Mirio. Their personalities are also polar opposites which makes this pair a dynamic duo.

User sochie626, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Eraserhead And Ms. Joke

Photo: StarGureisu/DeviantArt

Although Ms. Joke only makes a brief appearance in the “Provisional Hero License Exam Arc,” she makes quite the impression with her cheerful and outgoing personality. Upon introduction, she openly flirts with Eraserhead and even asks him to marry her. Even if it’s only a joke to her, fans can’t help but point out that they’d make a great couple given their stark differences. Her bubbly optimism would make up for Eraserhead’s stoic and cold exterior.

User StarGureisu, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Himiko And Dabi

Photo: Nelsie98/DeviantArt

Villains need ships, too! Himiko and Dabi operate as part of the League of Villains, where both of them want to show the world what they’ve got. While Himiko can be a little out there as a character, Dabi presents herself as much more level-headed, making them a very difficult team to beat. Power aside, they both share similar goals and they don’t look half bad together.

User Nelsie98, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Mina And Eijiro

Photo: TheApatheticKat/DeviantArt

Viewers see Mina with Eijiro all the time. Particularly, they see these two get together making up exams and training harder to offset their failures. The two clearly struggle in school, but as a ship, at least they can struggle together! Both have exciting personalities that make them adorable for one another and entertaining for you, the viewer.

User TheApatheticKat, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Tsuyu And Ochako

Photo: Suwaiya/DeviantArt

Tsuyu would be a wonderful girlfriend for Ochako. While she may be a little awkward, Tsuyu proves herself to be fiercely loyal to those she cares about; Ochako, meanwhile, shares a very similar kind of dedication. Both are extremely kind-hearted and usually considered the big waifus of the My Hero series. It makes sense why people ship this; it’s just too cute!

User Suwaiya, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Izuku And Katsuki

Photo: GEVDANO/DeviantArt

Perhaps not the most healthy ship out there, Katsuki and Izuku is definitely a ship people enjoy. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to ship the two polar opposites of a series. Since Katsuki and Izuku are natural enemies, despite one of them clearly not wanting it to be that way, they make for the great “Foe Yay” ship.

Plus, it’s not your usual enemy ship since they play on the same side, and Izuku genuinely looks up to Katsuki, making it a unique pairing with possibility to grow as the series progresses.

User GEVDANO, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Katsuki And Ochako

Photo: Jaquiekuro14/DeviantArt

This pairing falls more on the taboo side, considering people love to see Ochako with Izuku, but who doesn’t love an angsty person with a bubbly partner they soften up to? These kinds of ships are certainly popular, so the idea of Ochako with Katsuki isn’t really that far out there.

Viewers watch these two battle against each other in the sports festival, but what feels most endearing is Katsuki’s acknowledgement of Ochako’s strength.

User Jaquiekuro14, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Izuku And Tsuyu

Photo: MurPloxy/DeviantArt

Tsuyu boasts a strong running for waifu of the century; people simply adore her. Much like Izuku, she’s usually shipped with a lot of other characters from the series. So, of course, it follows to ship her with the lead! They’d make a good couple considering some of their best attributes: leadership skills, caring for other people, wanting to be a hero to save lives, and overall work ethic. It feels so obvious you can’t not see it!

User MurPloxy, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Eraserhead And Midnight

Photo: BlueWolfArtista/DeviantArt

The teachers need love, too! Eraserhead, otherwise known as Aizawa, is always a little moody, but wouldn’t Midnight be perfect for cheering him up? Nemuri clearly takes an interesting approach on being a hero, especially when it comes to her outfit and personality.

Also in her favor, she’s always been a cheerful teacher. Viewers see these two always working close together and, honestly, it’d be hilarious to see Aizawa get embarrassed.

User BlueWolfArtista, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.

Kyoka And Mina

Photo: skariz/DeviantArt

Throughout the series, viewers see these two as best friends. They’re always around each other and attend school functions together. Besides being so close, their personalities mix together really well, too. Kyoka gives off a rough exterior, but the extroverted Mina could help her break out of that.

At the same time, Mina could probably use some help with getting her head out of the clouds – and Kyoka might be just the person to do it!

User skariz, whom you can find at DeviantArt, created the above artwork.


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