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Get ready for some seriously amazing Legend of Zelda cosplay. These fans of the classic Nintendo adventure game went above and beyond to bring their favorite characters to life with fabulous fabric, makeup, wigs, and more! They rock their Link cosplay, they flaunt their Zelda cosplay, they even deck themselves out in full-on body paint for their Ganondorf cosplays. If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan, then keep scrolling to see some profoundly wonderful cosplay from the beloved franchise that indubitably capture these characters. Remember to vote up the ones that you think are the best of the best, and vote down the ones that need to go back to the drawing board.

If you just can’t wait until the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch, hopefully, this list of beautiful cosplayers should be a treat to tie you over for a while.

Skullkid – The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Photo:  reneks/DeviantArt

Alegnis Hurtado‘s Skullkid cosplay from Majora’s Mask is seriously from another realm. Photography by Kevin Boada.

Ganondorf And Puppet Zelda

Photo:  seifer-sama/DeviantArt

Puppet Zelda (seifersama) and Ganondorf (ericvirgin85) make a more than impressive duo, they absolutely nail their cosplays!

Sheik Legend Of Zelda

Photo:  its-raining-neon/DeviantArt

Its-raining-neon shows modeled and shot this awesome Sheik cosplay.

Zelda: Marin By The Beach

Photo:  adella/DeviantArt

Adella‘s Marin embody’s her beauty like no other! Amazing shot taken by KJphoto.

Midna: Twilight Princess

Photo: fiathriel/DeviantArt

Fiathriel captured this glorious shot of LolainProgress as Midna.

Zelda From Skyward Sword

Photo: layzemichelle/DeviantArt

This stunning real-life Zelda from Skyward Sword is LayzeMichelle. Shot taken by Andre Pezzino.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Ralis

Photo: minus10gradcelsius/DeviantArt

This absolutely beautiful Ralis cosplay by Minus10GradCelsius was made and edited by her as well.

Twilight Princess – Dark Link

Photo: kuraiofanagura/DeviantArt

Neandi captured the perfect moment of kuraiofanagura‘s already magnificent Dark Link cosplay.

Sheik – Legend Of Zelda III

Photo: fiathriel/DeviantArt

MishellyArt shows of her beautiful Sheik cosplay, shot fantastically by fiathriel.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Photo: ubeeamadare/DeviantArt

This breathtaking shot of RubeeAmadare as Zelda from Twilight Princess by aKami777 is really something to behold.

Great Fairy

Photo: rachel-nycole/DeviantArt

RACHEL-NYCOLE shows off the overwhelmingly beautiful Great Fairy from Ocarina of Time cosplay she made, photographed by Rico Tam.

Legend Of Zelda – Ganondorf

Photo: trollforce/DeviantArt

Felippe Otaviano models a truly detailed and captivating Ganondorf cosplay, photo taken by Rei-Suzuki.

Princess Ruto Cosplay

Photo: 2dismine/DeviantArt

This absolutely epic Princess Ruto is the beautiful 2Dismine.

Midna – Zelda Twilight Princess

Photo: genimonster/DeviantArt

Complete with amazing head props, GeniMonster makes a beautiful Twilight Princess Midna. Stunning photography by Pyro911.

Kuroks Group

Photo: negativedreamer/DeviantArt

Drona (silvver), Elma (negativedreamer), and Makar (Keyon) seriously take it to another level of cosplay with their Kuroks group! Photo taken by BellaVoce4.

Link’s Search For Zelda

Photo: margoiiia/DeviantArt

MargoIIIa’s radiates in this killer Link cosplay. Photo by aKami777.

Portrait Of A Princess

Photo: akuriko/DeviantArt

Akuriko does an amazing job at showing off the beauty of Princess Zelda. Captured by LJinto.

The Legend Of Zelda – Fi

Photo: jennyjinya/DeviantArt

JennyJinya‘s Fi from Skyward Sword is stunning like no other, photography from CainAndrew.

The Legend Of Zelda: Fayore

Photo: elysiagriffin/DeviantArt

FenyxDesign makes a truly enchanting Fayore from Zelda. Wonderfully taken by elysiagriffin.


Photo: dtrreu/DeviantArt

This awesomely fierce Ghirahim cosplay is dtrreu.

Zant – The Unmasked King Of The Twilight

Photo: plastic-anime/DeviantArt

Zant’s character really shines with the help of plastic-anime‘s awesome craftsmanship. Photo shot by Pouncy.

Ganondorf – Wind Waker

Photo: negativedreamer/DeviantArt

Ganandorf looks like a terribly fearsome foe brought to life by negativedreamer.

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