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The Internet Is Already Going Hogwild With Soul Calibur VI’s Character Creator –


Soul Calibur VI is out – and from the looks of things, people like it a whole lot more than its lackluster predecessor. But there is one aspect of Soul Calibur V that made it through to this edition – the character creator. And now, with even more options (including 16 different races!), people are going completely hogwild with pretty bonkers character designs – but mostly recreating other characters in the realm of Soul Calibur, no matter how terrifying they look.

The game itself is fun ‘n all, but the stuff we’re REALLY interested in is this – here’s just a small sample of what people are making:

Ms. Pac-Man


Papyrus (Undertale)



Sans (Undertale) and Ainz (Overlord)



Ronald McDonald, Sans, Thanos, and…Pistachio Disguisey (in his Turtle Club disguise)



Solaire (Dark Souls)



Marth (Fire Emblem)









Ryūko, 2B, and Ciri



Shirtless Kylo Ren



Freddie Mercury


Carly Rae Jepsen



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