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Take a look at our picks for the most unsettling Pokémon fan art, and afterwards, you can decide whether or not you still want to catch ’em all. To be honest, these creations look like they’d catch you first, from beneath your own bed. Rather than carry these actual monsters around in your pocket, be content to just carry them around in your head, and nightmares.


Photo:  David Szilagyi/ArtStation

Finally ending the debate on which Generation One starter is the best, here we find David Szilagyi‘s Charmander eating a Bulbasaur salad and some Squirtle soup.


Photo:  David Szilagyi/ArtStation

David Szilagy’s take on everyone’s favorite electric mouse is nothing less than unsettling. Bravo.


Photo:  David Szilagyi/Patreon

With two additional sets of arms and a bevy of skulls, David Szilagyi’s Machamp is undefeated and wears his opponents torn limbs as trophies.


Photo:  JR Coffron III/Deviant Art

Maybe the best ad ever created? Weezing went from kind of derpy to down right terrifying thanks to JR Coffron III’s efforts.


Photo: SoupAndButter/Deviant Art

Who knew gingivitis could be so terrifying? Oh wait, SoupAndButter did, and he decided to give to a troll doll.


Photo: Vincent-Covielloart/Deviant Art

Oof. Vincent-Covielloart’s Chansey will slam the illness out of you, with a gut-punch to your good taste.


Photo: DefiledVisions/Deviant Art

Thanks to DefiledVision‘s staunch research, we now have scientific proof that prolonged fermentation of berry juice can lead to gastric issues in the Shuckle species.


Photo: Truduss/Deviant Art

Oh look- it’s Aunt Dorothy and she wants a hug. Thanks to Truduss, we get to relive Thanksgiving every other day of the year with this image, but without the appetizing parts.


Photo: JRCoffronIII/Deviant Art

Because sharks weren’t enough of a reason to stop swimming in the ocean. Thanks for solidifying the totally rational fear of open water swimming, JR Coffron III.


Photo: SoupAndButter/Deviant Art

A zit popper’s dream come true in Pokémon form. Thank you SoupAndButter, really, thank you.

Mr. Mime

Photo: Wednesday Wolf/Deviant Art

He just wants to play, right? Right, Wednesday Wolf? No foul intent at all…


Photo: VanessaGiratina/Deviant Art

Jirachi, the wish Pokemon. My wish: that VanessaGiratina would stop corrupting my childhood memories of adorable event Pokemon right meow.


Photo: TheDarkHell/Deviant Art

Nope, we do not like Mudkips. Not anymore, at least thanks to TheDarkHell.


Photo: SoupAndButter/Deviant Art

If the word “moist” was a Pokémon, SoupAndButter’s Poliwrath would be it.


Photo: Miranda Leek/Ringling College of Art + Design

The creepiest part of this redesign stems the level of emotion artist Miranda Leek manages to incorporate into Mewtwo’s facial features.


Photo: Twarda8/Deviant Art

If Mew looked like this in the Pokémon universe, you would have to ask yourself why on Earth anyone would even consider cloning it, including artist, Twarda8.


Photo: ZSparky/Deviant Art

It’s like Heath Ledger’s Joker and the Happy Mask Salesman had a baby. Cheers to ZSparky for making everyone ever super uncomfortable.


Photo: David Szilagyi/Patreon

Drawing materials from what looks like shrapnel, David Szilagyi’s take on Graveler provides a grim look at the aftermath of a skirmish.


Photo: BlakkFox/Deviant Art

Zombies and maggots, oh my! BlakkFox manages to make Gyarados even more terrifying with this take on the creature.


Photo: SoupAndButter/Deviant Art

Good lord. SoupAndButter’s take on Jigglypuff looks disgustingly human, and kind of like a certain politician with super tiny hands that wants to make Kanto great again.


Photo: Wednesday Wolf/Wednesday Wolf

D’awww… kind of. Wednesday Wolf’s beautifully watercolor Pokémon achieve a happy medium between something cuddly and carnivorous.


Photo: Psykhox/Deviant Art

Psykhox’s grim piece on Ampheros poaching is enough to make anyone’s stomach churn.


Photo: Jesse Riggle/Jesse Riggle

Aww, poor guy! Jesse Riggle taps into his audience’s own issues, applying human troubles and fears to many of his creations, but especially this Psyduck.


Photo: GreaseMuffin/Deviant ArtSomewhere between that guy on the subway and that guy that won’t take a hint at the office, we find G

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