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WWE 2K19: 15 Most WTF Glitches (So Far) –



WWE 2K19 has been out for a bit now, and though it’s actually reviewing surprisingly well so far, it’s to the surprise of absolutely nobody that this year’s entry is once again rife with mind-boggling, insane and hilarious glitches.

It’s a staple of the WWE 2K franchise to the extent that many fans actually believe Yuke’s and Visual Concepts include them intentionally for the sake of easy viral marketing. Stranger things have mostly certainly happened in both the gaming biz and WWE.

Fans have wasted no time at all posting their most dementedly funny glitches to social media, of course, and it goes without saying that even more buggy insanity is sure to emerge in the coming weeks and months as players figure out how to truly break the game.

As enjoyable as WWE 2K19 is, it still feels scarcely held together by duct tape, and as these ridiculous glitches prove, at just about any moment it’s liable to throw all semblance of gameplay logic right out the window…

15. Strowman Vs. The Invisible Man

If you thought the invisible wrestler glitch from last year would be fixed this time around, you clearly don’t play enough of these games.

Countless players have already reported encountering this bizarre bug yet again, where during a rivalry cutscene in Universe Mode, you’ll see your wrestler beat down on an invisible opponent.

It’s hard to know exactly which in-game conditions result in the glitch, but at least it’s freaking hilarious watching a superstar wailing away on thin air with all their might.

14. The Camera Goes Rogue


In WWE 2K19 even the damn game camera can go into business for itself, it seems. During this backstage brawl, one player began to glitch out, at which point the game awarded said player control over the game’s camera, allowing them to travel through the various backstage environments at will.

One has to assume from the above footage that the game’s camera can somehow be forced to lose track of the player, but because the game itself doesn’t realise this, the camera continues to move around in response to the player’s button inputs anyway. Freaky.

13. Jinder Is Trash

If you were concerned that 2K might’ve fixed the weapon clipping glitches famous in previous games, fear not: it’s very much back in full force.

This hysterical footage proves everything we all suspected: Jinder Mahal is literal garbage, as his body becomes hopelessly intertwined with an actual can of trash.

Because one glitch isn’t good enough, it also seems to force the game’s camera to freak out, until the player can randomly disentangle the garbage can.

The fun’s not even over then, though, as Jinder’s character model then starts clambering around the screen like someone removed its skeleton. Lovely.

12. An Unfortunate Position


Pinfall glitches of all varieties are back with a vengeance, with small packages and roll-ups proving especially prone to bugging out this time around.

In the above clip, an otherwise innocent roll-up ends up looking just a little bit naughty when the animation freezes in place while the referee refuses to count the fall.

Extra points to Sheamus for trying to break up the love-fest and only making Roman’s butt jiggle provocatively in the process.

11. Get The Ref An Exorcist

Some glitches are nothing but hilarious, while others are straight-up creepy, as is the case where this post-match celebration sees a referee sink down into a pile of contorted flesh while John Cena watches helplessly.

The methodical nature with which the poor ref appears to become possessed by…something makes this the eeriest glitch we’ve seen so far.

10. Big Heads Don’t Like Turnbuckles



One of the most entertaining additions to this year’s game is the inclusion of Big Head Mode, allowing players to compete with WWE superstars who effectively resemble bobble-heads.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this added gameplay wrinkle has a tendency to throw off the game’s glitch-free integrity, which is admittedly already hanging by a thread.

In this instance, a big-headed Kairi Sane runs to the turnbuckle, yet her giant noggin confuses the game code, leaving Kairi running endlessly into the corner rather than climbing it as per usual.

9. Batista Loses His Legs

The Backstage Brawl mode in WWE 2K games is ripe for glitching as we’ve already seen, and sometimes the game will just give up entirely and drop one of the wrestlers through the floor.

In this clip, Batista ends up looking like a levitating amputee as he takes the low-ground and battles Roman Reigns a few feet below him.

Things get weirder when the two try to slam one another, though, with the two characters models clipping together and creating some very, ahem, awkward visuals indeed.

If you ever wanted to see what Roman giving birth to Batista might look like, now’s your chance.

8. The Pinfall That Wouldn’t


Glitches in these games rarely get more frustrating than the ones that impact the referee during a pinfall or submission attempt, and lo and behold, it’s possible for a pinfall animation to randomly jerk around for no reason at all.

A sound effects plays as though the pinfall has been interrupted by an attack, but clearly that’s not the case at all. Thankfully in this instance everybody worked out their issues and the ref eventually counted the 1-2-3.

7. Ghostly Interference

Though outside interference from a friend or foe has been a common feature in these games for years, 2K19 introduces the prospect of a little paranormal assistance if you’re so lucky.

In this instance, when one wrestler gets slammed into a barricade, his leg remains inexplicably glued to it, as though an unseen force is holding it there while the opponent continues their assault. That’s one hell of a way to avoid a DQ.

And to top it all off, the affected wrestler then randomly teleports inside the ring, because reasons.

6. Move Preview Gone Mad

Even the game’s move editing suite isn’t safe from an epic glitch, it seems, as if you’re lucky/unlucky enough, the game will make Superstar 1 and Superstar 2 convulse around, sink through the floor and maybe even teleport from the roof of the arena downwards.

It’s honestly a bit headache-inducing after a while, but did those final few seconds totally remind you of Loki falling through Doctor Strange’s portal in Thor: Ragnarok or what?

5. All Tangled Up

Steel Cage matches are always a reliable vector for weird bugs, and this year is certainly no different. This tag team cage bout between the Usos and the Wyatts is normal for all of five seconds before Jey Uso teleports across the ring and his head suddenly appears at odds with the rest of his body.

It doesn’t look healthy at all, and while Bray Wyatt and Jimmy Uso are happily battling to the side, Daniel Bryan also appears to be tangled up in the ropes behind Jey.

Some say Jey’s head is still like that to this day…

4. Fan Clips Through Barricade


We all know what happens to fans who jump the guardrail, though this fan found a bit of a loophole, by somehow phasing through the rail as he took a bow, because why not?

Could the Big Head Mode be throwing off the game’s delicate equilibrium yet again, or can Yuke’s not even code basic collision detection for totally scripted, near-stationary aspects of the environment like fans?

We all know the shameful truth, but at least it’s an entertaining glitch that doesn’t impact the in-ring action.

3. Absolute Insanity

With some glitches you can at least see what the game was trying to do, but in others? There’s just no explaining it at all. Quite what sent Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole and the steel ring steps into an insane death spiral is anyone’s guess.

The fact that nobody else, from the wrestlers to the ref, the fans and the commentators, reacts to it at all makes it that much more ridiculous.

2. The Ropes Won’t Do The Job

The ring ropes are, of course, a vital component in any wrestling match, and as this glitch proves, things can quickly go haywire if they decide they don’t want to behave.

For his sins, Kevin Owens encounters a rope that clearly doesn’t want to adhere to the rules of basic physics, clinging to his body until he’s eventually able to make it phase through him. Right.

1. Rusev Day…Kinda?


And finally, we have a very specific and very, very WTF glitch. If you tinker around in the Create-A-Wrestler settings, select a pre-existing wrestler who has a voice clip and then also give them the Rusev Day entrance, they’ll still use their own entrance clip instead of Aiden English’s expected shtick.

The results speak for themselves: a peculiar car crash of non-existent lip sync and dialogue that’s very nearly drowned out by the bombastic tones of Ru-Ru’s entrance theme.

What a wonderful, surreal mess this game is.


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